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Chapter 7

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 7: I’ll Pick My 3-Stars (2)

We have a phrase in Korea, called NewDeulBak (NDB).*

DeulBak is obviously an NSFW term, but it’s often used differently within the gaming context. 

(Hello, why can’t I farm the mobs here???)





(I’m. An. NPC.)

(Wtf is that skin? I thought this was a mob)

People who have seen the end content in the game without doing anything go crazy when they see a newbie join their game. 

They don’t actually get hard-ons for them, but they are often filled with an overwhelming desire to help the struggling player. 

They either drop items into their inventory, teach them how to beat a boss, or directly bring the newbies with them into raids to leech EXP.

These experienced players get secondhand enjoyment out of watching the newbies grow.

I’m one of those experienced players.

And in this world are many 3-star characters that have barely started out their lives.

I’ll take care of all of you.

There are many ways that come to mind. 

If I utilize all of them, it’d be easy to bring any character’s performance akin to a 5-star character.

(Everything I am up till now is thanks to you, Louie. I pledge my loyalty to you forever.)

(Ah, Ahhnng…! I-I need to be the one paying you back… but I’m the one feeling good instead…! Ahh, I feel bad…!)

(While we’re together… Can I call you… honey?)


Just thinking about it is giving me an erection.

Imma go NDB some noobs right now.

I’ll grow them properly before enjoying the fruits of my labor. 

I have the power to do so.



Once people see me, they automatically get out of my way. 

I mean, I’m bringing quite the entourage with me, but seeing people visibly recoil doesn’t sit well with me. 

This Louie bastard… Just what the hell did he do for people to react like this?

There should be some limit to the assholery a person can commit, but people are avoiding me as if I’m some sort of sex-crazed plague. 

The only thing I’ve done personally is ask my maid to lift up her skirt. 

This sucks.

Is it because of my new hairstyle?

Do I look like a delinquent asshole?

I’m still wearing the white suit Louie usually wears…


Of course.

This society is divided into social classes.

I, a Permarten, am basically on the highest possible tier of society here, so it’s natural for everyone else to get out of my way and lower their heads. 

I need to remember this is a medieval society.

A medieval society where the social classes are the highest priority. 

I’m not simply a noble, but the highest possible ranked noble in this land. 

There must have been cases where a clueless peasant was simply standing and watching and got punished or executed. 

People aren’t exactly laying flat on their bellies when I pass, but I guess it’s natural for them to move out of my way…




I feel like those bastards who drive loud convertibles and stare down at other hardworking people on the road. 

It does help me gain firsthand experience of what having power is like, but I didn’t know it’d be this bad….

“Sir Scion, what brings you here at such early hours…?”


While I was deep in thought, a hefty man approached while bowing. 

“...Guildmaster Bernhardt?”

He’s a man who’s built like a bear, with white hair, a matching beard, and an eyepatch. 

He’s a 3-star character too, and while not a must-have, he’s definitely one of those characters with a cooler design. 
And the guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild.

“Yes, that’s right. Err… You’ve changed your hairstyle. Did something happen…?

“Ah, yes. I just cha–”


This bastard, how did he address the guildmaster?

“...I just changed it, for a change of pace.”


“What about it?”

First of all, Louie is rude. 

However, the Confucianist inside me doesn’t allow me to speak down on such an elderly man.

“Does it look that odd?”

This is definitely not because I’m scared of his large build, his huge muscles, or his strength to wield a war hammer that could blast a castle wall. 

“N-no. It suits you well. It gives you the air of a valiant warrior.”

Once again, I’m reminded of the power that Louie holds.

This old man always yells at the player day and night, but he’s so polite to me now. 

I need to treat him well.

Adventures are the blood of the Permarten economy. 

Even if I don’t individually assign them to go and explore the labyrinth, they take risks and manage it by themselves. 

Because the guildmaster exists, everything flows smoothly. 

He doesn’t die until the main story finishes, so I’ll keep him close.

It would’ve been better if he was a woman though.

“I just came to look around. I need to make a request to the guild as well.”

“...A request?”

“Yes. A request.”

Everyone’s ears perked up.

The Permarten employees were surprised too, while the guildmaster’s eyes widened with curiosity.

“Just what kind of request is it for you to visit us personally?”

“I’m looking for some gemstones. If someone were to stumble upon a few within the maze, the Permartens would reward them generously.”

Honestly, there’s a lot of risk with openly requesting something from the guild like this. 

(The Permartens are looking for gemstones?)

(Then they must be worth a lot!)

(How much will the Permartens pay? If the Empire or the Kingdom pays more, I’ll sell to them instead.)

Just because I have an interest in it, the gemstone will skyrocket in price. 

Then it might create a situation where negotiations will be difficult because I’m a Permarten.

So, I need to come up with a suitable excuse.

“Whether it’s magic stones or gemstones, I intend to make accessories for my future wife.”


“That’s right. I intend to collect stones that are suitable for the lady of House Permarten.”

At the guild doors, stood an unidentifiable figure huddled up in a white robe.

“Who’s that?”

“Ah… I apologize. She’s been there since last night. Something about losing everything as soon as she entered the labyrinth.”


It’s quite safe within Permarten’s walls.

Nobody really goes around stealing, and lost items often find their original owners.


Not even a goddess can help you if your items despawn within the dungeon. 

Any items left in the Labyrinth will essentially disappear once you step back into the real world. 

You should be able to store items in your inventory in the game, but once again, this shows us this world isn’t a game. 

“But why is she there?”

“She lost all her money so she can’t sleep at the inn, and she lost all her equipment too. She’s staying there so someone could at least hire her as a courier.”


What can a newbie adventurer do once she loses all her items?

If she had at least some money in the bank, she’d be able to buy a short sword to hunt or at least a pickaxe to mine in the Labyrinth. 

I feel bad for her.

You shouldn’t give handouts, but maybe this is an opportunity.

To show people that it is not just a new hairstyle, but that Louie Permarten has changed. 

Wait, Louie doing an NDB…?

She can’t be a great adventurer if she lost her items in the dungeon. 

I won’t go as far as directly sponsoring her with gold, but maybe simple tasks within the dungeon with the payment upfront. That should be enough to get her started again. 

Or I could create a farming squad for her to tag along.

There are many ways to commit acts of NDB.

“Hey, you.”

I walked up to the white-robed newbie.

“What are you doing here?”

“...Who are you?”

A woman’s voice replied.

A voice that sounds strangely familiar. 

I definitely heard this voice while playing the game. Not quite every time I’ve played, but enough for it to be a major character in the story. 

“Louie Permarten.”

“Ah… Huh?!?!”

The woman, startled, quickly rose to her feet.

Her white hood slid off, and my heart sank as I finally looked at her face.

Golden hair, golden eyes.

Her eyes were swollen like she’d been crying all night, but I was still stunned enough to be left speechless by her beauty.

“I-I apologize, Sir Scion!”

“There’s no need for apologies, but staying at the guild doors is a bit…”


“Well, let’s go inside then. Guildmaster, could you set up a table?”

“Ah, yes, of course. Please.”

The guildmaster pointed inside as he opened the doors, and I gestured for the woman to follow while trying to calm myself. 



Those were the only thoughts in my head. 

Thank god.

I found one of my death flags instantly.

Her name is Laura.

A 1-star character, but one that can infinitely progress.

The player character.

The avatar of the player.

…Who is currently a total newbie. 



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Chapter 7

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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