Chapter 8

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 8: I’ll Pick My 3-Stars (3)

The player character.

I did set my character as a male to fully enjoy the harem experience, but there were quite a few players who chose to be a female character. 

This happens often when the female character has a far better design than the male, but the male character wasn’t that bad in PAO.

He looked cool in his own way, and the female character had her merits. 

But once you lock your choice, you can no longer change your character’s gender. However, those who had all the time in the world had a different account per gender. 

I wasn’t one of them.

But the female character, the player, the one who ends up taking this entire city for herself, is right in front of me. 

“So, your name?”

“My name is Laura!”

Such an energetic bright smile, even in front of someone of power. 

Her lively voice and bright face radiate positive energy… Like a golden retriever. 

Someone whose sole existence just shines and warms the hearts of those around her. 

With a kind heart and disposition, she’s the textbook example of a hero. 

More than anything…

She’s the only character who has the potential to become a 6-star. 

While the others are limited to 5 stars, the playable character is the only one that can progress to 6 stars. 

Obviously, with this being a gacha game, the cost to take someone from a 5 star to a 6 star is enough to increase 20 other 3-star characters to 5 stars. But for a playable character, once they become a 6-star, they’re basically a god. 

How good are they?

Good enough to fully clear the entire Infinite Labyrinth with a level 1, 1-star Louie. 

The playable character becoming the new owner of Permarten isn’t a result of the companions they collect, but the power they possess.

They’re someone powerful enough to single-handedly wipe out the entire Kingdom or the Empire. 

Well, I’m sure the game would’ve planned to add more 6 stars with future updates, but my gaming career ended with the failed gacha pulls. 

“Um, excuse me…”

This future god was looking at me like a puppy waiting to be adopted.

“...Yes, Laura. So, what happened?”

“Oh. Um… So I went into the labyrinth with my party members, and I was suddenly sucked into a portal by myself…”

“By yourself?”

“Yes… I barely managed to escape with someone else’s help, but all my equipment was destroyed…”

“A random gate…”

A random event like that occurs in the dungeon every so often. 

The labyrinth is formed like an infinite rogue-like RPG and different portals sometimes lead to hidden treasures, or traps and foes. 

Laura was just unfortunate to stumble on the latter.


“What about your party members?”

“Uhm… Well… That’s…”

She’s hiding something.

She’s not incapable of speaking up… Rather, she’s hesitating as if she’s trying to carefully choose her words. 

She got scammed by her party members and she’s still trying to protect them, or just thinks it’s not worth telling me. 

I don’t know the details.

I don’t need to know the details.

What matters is that I’ve met Laura. 

“Do you have a place to stay?”

“I was… going to request emergency assistance from the guild to start with. I’ll mine for magic stones on the first floor to save money and eventually buy a sword to venture deeper.” 

She’s capable of handling herself.

The only reason why she was squatting outside the guild was probably because it wasn’t open yet.

I did visit really early.

It is approximately 8:20 in the morning. 

Technically, the guild shouldn’t be open either.

It was my presence that required the guildmaster to pop out and greet me. 

An appointment?

An agreement to meet?

You don’t need those for the guildmaster to run out in his pj’s if you’re a Permarten. 

...I should send someone ahead next time.

“Venture deeper… How good are you with a sword?”

“I-I’m not bad! Though I got separated, I managed to get to the third level with my team!”

Level 3.

The levels in the Labyrinth are akin to the levels of the characters.

The max level is level 100.

Most consider the 100th floor of the labyrinth as a full-clear. Especially since there’s nothing to do past that besides farm the 100th floor. 

Anyway, Laura may only be a meager level 3 right now, but she can eventually become powerful enough to solo clear the entire Labyrinth.

I can’t let her go.

Her stats and abilities aside…

Such a huge turn-on.

I’ve already got a raging hard boner.

Under her white robe was her simple adventurer’s tunic, through which I could make out her perfect body.

She had ample, yet moderate breasts, with a perfectly sculpted waist and hips. 

Now… How should I make this woman mine?

What do I need to do to NDB her and drag her into my bed?

“Alright, Miss Laura. You’re hired.”


“I’ll employ you.”

I sat up straight and crossed my arms. 

“I intend to hire adventurers directly under the Permarten banner.”


Now it was the guildmaster’s turn to be surprised.

“What do you mean by that, Sir Scion?”

“I’d like to run a party of adventurers under the Permartens.”

The Infinite Labyrinth isn’t exclusive to the Permartens.

There are way too many monsters for one family to deal with, and due to the pressure from other countries, it became somewhat of a public property managed by the Permartens.  

People may complain that the Permartens sending adventurers directly might be crossing the line.

Currently, the Permartens take a small percentage of all profits made from the labyrinth, while also taxing all the transactions made within the city. 

And thus far, there are many restrictions placed on the Permartens regarding military power.

If the Permartens gain power, then they’ll have the labyrinth for themselves.

That was the general consensus. 

Because of the other nations’ influence and interest in the labyrinth, the Permartens held a pitiful amount of physical control for being so wealthy. 

It’d be unfair to have a private army on top of such wealth. 

It’s such a hassle to even hire a single knight. 

Even if money isn’t a problem.

If we do hire some external muscle, it’ll be someone like Jennis. Someone whose loyalties don’t truly lie with the Permartens. 

Most of them would be taking orders from the Kingdom, and even if they weren’t, they’d be a part of the Empire. 

Creating a personal knight order or directly hiring adventurers could cause a lot of political turmoil.  

“It’s nothing difficult. I just want to collect some gemstones. You just need to work towards that goal.”

And so.

I could use the image of this idiot scoundrel. 

“The order will be called Bunny Girls.”


“Bunny Girls.”

Laura’s face turned red and Bernhardt’s face furrowed. 

“...By bunny girls, do you–?”

“If you were going to ask if I was talking about those bunny girls from the gambling dens, you’re correct.”




That’s the expression I want from you.

“Obviously, I won’t dress them up as the bunny girls. I’ll have the suits enchanted to enhance defensive power. I’ll also research new magic to make them suitable for combat. Aren’t there magic stones that allow clothing to withstand the strongest bomb blasts? I’m sure we can find something like that as we progress through the labyrinth.” 

At this moment, everyone would think the idiot Permarten is trying to fuck around, but within a year, I’ll make them a fighting force to be reckoned with.

“What do you think? It’s not a bad job for you. You’ll receive a monthly stipend and guaranteed safe passage through the labyrinth. It’s better than mining for stones. “

“I… have a question…”


“…Would I really have to wear a bunny suit?”


Laura [Bunny Girl] ☆☆☆

When she was released as a separate character, she was the leading cause of empty wallets. 

I wasn’t able to get her.

Because I ended up with a limited edition male character.

…I really didn’t expect them to release a male [Bunny Boy] character…

But it’s different now.

The one standing in front of me is definitely a woman. 

As long as it doesn’t end up becoming a futa situation, she’s the perfect person to wear a bunny suit.*

“So, what will it be?”

Just wear the bunny suit. I’ll take care of the rest.

Because I’m a Permarten.

“Th-then… What do you want, Sir Scion? Just… bunny girls?”

“No. Bunny girls are just an interest of mine. What I really want is different.”

I lowered my voice.

“Personally, I want to explore the ends of the labyrinth.”

If there was a way for me to return to the real world, this was most likely it. 

“What treasures await us at the final levels of the labyrinth? Is the Infinite Labyrinth truly infinite?”

Do I return as Louie?

Or would I return with Louie’s dick?

Or maybe this is all a VR simulation, and clearing the labyrinth will finally wake me up. 

“I cannot enter the labyrinth, but I want to know more about it. So.”

Or even if it’s not that, I want to live here as the Overlord of Permarten.

“Work for me, and become my bunny girl.”


*TLN: Futa is a Japanese term that refers to hermaphrodites, or someone who possesses both the male and female genitalia. More colloquially, it refers to females who have penises.


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Chapter 8

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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