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Chapter 6

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 6: I’ll Pick My 3-Stars (1)

After drinking with Louie, Jennis Permarten could not shake off the uneasiness.

“Haa… What am I doing…?”

What is this uneasiness?

The uncanny feeling from Louie’s sudden change?

The fear from Louie pressuring her to decide if she was a Permarten or not?

Or, is an attraction to a man showing his aspiration?

One certain thing was that version of Louie Permarten is no longer that scoundrel from before. 

“The Kingdom was always uneasy before… This will make them uneasy in a different way.”

The Kingdom has been on the lookout for a woman to be the next Permarten’s wife since the previous Earl died. 

To put it bluntly, Jennis failed to produce the insurance, or a second successor, that the Kingdom desired. 

Specifically, the previous Earl had died even before Jennis arrived at Permarten, and the Kingdom’s plan to have Jennis take control over the city was effectively dissolved. 

Because Louie was so hopeless.

We must secure a new Permarten, and kill Louie.

That was the line of reasoning of the Kingdom.

Strictly speaking, Jennis was a servant of the Kingdom, more so than Permarten.

She’s the current sovereign of the city through circumstance, but ultimately, she was sent by the Kingdom to monitor and keep Permarten under their influence. 

A spy, if you will.

“...Is he asking me to decide? Whether to live as a Permarten or return to my hometown?”

Jennis didn’t carry the Permarten blood. 

Her life or death has no effect on the Infinite Labyrinth’s existence.

Jennis may have been the one to visit Louie to see what was happening, but ultimately, she was the one who received the ultimatum. 

Permarten or the Kingdom? I’ll make Permarten akin to the Kingdom. Will you be the mother of a king? Or a regular citizen of the Kingdom?

“...That’s only if he succeeds.”

If success was guaranteed, she would’ve chosen to be the mother of the king in a heartbeat. 

She was a maiden past her prime who got sold off to marriage to someone more than 20 years older than her. Doesn’t she deserve this at least?

Things are a bit awkward at the moment due to the unexpected death of the previous Earl, but Jennis still has aspirations. 

She intends to rub it in the faces of her family by living extravagantly as a Permarten.

She was going to use her role in the family as a way to continue that, but…

She didn’t expect Louie to suddenly step up like this.

“He won’t accept me if I come to him once he succeeds… He wants me to choose now… Haa…”

Louie intends to look for a wife starting from tomorrow.

She could probably interfere and guide his decisions as his mother, but would she be able to fully control him?

The Kingdom wouldn’t care either way. As long as he isn’t completely out of line as the previous Earl was. 

“Ugh…! Why did that kid suddenly have to change?! No… Is this good? Compared to him being a complete degenerate… Haa… But is he serious about all that Kingdom talk…?”

The Permarten Kingdom. 

If he succeeds, he would have accomplished a feat no other Permarten has ever achieved before. But if he fails, he will be imprisoned and kept barely alive, just enough to maintain the labyrinth. 

The Kingdom allows the Permartens to exist as they do because they are technically under their influence.

The Empire wishes for the Permartens to enter its own sphere of influence. 

Whichever side they choose, the Permartens will continue to live under another power, and if they somehow manage to anger both of them, then that’ll be the end of the Permartens. 


What if the Permartens somehow find a way to neutralize both sides?

What if the Permartens successfully establish their own kingdom?

“The mother of the king…”


Jennis saw something in Louie she hadn’t seen before. 

A thick mire of immoral desire under a barely hidden pretense of aspiration.

As someone who once roamed the earth as an adventurer, Jennis was already familiar with the concept of ‘desire’.

“...Mother to the king.”


Jennis threw her head back. 

“If this goes well… I will be the mother to the king… Wait. Wh-what am I thinking…?

Badump. Badump.

“...It was quite large.”

She recalled the humongous ‘desire’ that was clearly visible through his pants. 

Jennis caressed her wine glass.


“This morning wood is something else.”

I woke up in the early hours to see my dick shooting straight up through the covers. 

“This is my cock…”

I’m surprised once again.

Who would’ve thought Louie’s dick was so big?

He’s a 1-star with the dick of a 5-star. Did he invest all his stats into his dick or what?

As shitty of a character Louie is, he’s not terrible once you fully level him up and max his stats.

It’s just that, to get there, it takes many more resources and effort than any other character, and even then, he doesn’t reach the same potential as the other 3-stars. 

But I can become strong.

A maxed out 3-star.

If I had the body of a 3-star, I wouldn’t only have a large dick…


I poke my index finger into my blanket.


Nothing happened.

It had such little force behind it that my dick would’ve made a bigger indent by thrusting. 

“Damn, it’s like all my stats were used on my dick.”

While others are channeling mana through their body to launch fireballs or ice spears, I’m gonna be squirting out sperm from my ballsack.

But I’m still in a fantasy world, so shouldn’t I at least learn how to shoot a fireball?

Maybe if I get a teacher–


I’ve got an idea.

“Yeah, I need to get a magic teacher. Swordsmanship… can wait while I train my body.”

A good 3-star magician.

Someone who is available right now…


Magic by day, sex by night?

No, not yet.

I’m still not sure if she’s truly on my side.

Even if she is on my side, it’ll be difficult, especially since she’s technically Louie’s mother. 

She is hot though.

Just as you’d expect from a 3-star character. With a figure like that, if she had an Instagram account, she would’ve attracted thousands… No, tens of thousands of followers instantly. 

Honestly, she’s hot as fuck.

All I want to do is rip her dress off, grab her tits, and fuck her where she stands.

But she’s 10 years older than me.

“…All right, let’s look for a teacher.”

Doesn’t that old Korean saying go, “If they’re the same price, go for the one with better quality?”

Our ancestors aren’t wrong.

If they’re the same price, I should go for the virgin. 

I’m just following the wisdom of my ancestors.

And Jennis…

It’ll suck if I’m about to fuck her and it turns out she’s not a virgin.

If I make Jennis my partner and she turns out to be experienced, then what’s the point?

Jennis is an ambitious woman.

If a virgin Jennis fully commits herself to me, then all is well. However, the drunk Jennis I spoke with yesterday still hasn’t made up her mind.

Will she live as a Permarten?

Or will she live as a rat of the Kingdom and be banished?

Whatever happens,

it’s her decision to make.

Either answer won’t hurt me in the slightest. 

Even if she isn’t a virgin, Jennis will make a fine sex partner if she decides to remain a Permarten. 

I swear, the next time we get in the mood, I’ll show her what it feels like to be fucked by her stepson.

I just need to make sure Jennis’ ambitions don’t run wild by keeping her close. 


That's my decision then.

Now to put it into action.

Ring ring~

“Did you summon me?”

“Yes, I’ll take a walk outside the castle before breakfast.”

“R-right now…?”


“N-no, it’s just…”

Amy’s eyes wandered to my lower half, before meeting my eyes.

I knew what that meant, but…

“Just get the shower ready.”


Amy hurried off to the bathroom and I took a moment to steady my breath as I took a sip from the glass on my table.


Am I… seeing things or did Amy’s skirt get shorter…?


If… My intuition is correct...

“Is she trying to seduce me or what…?”

Sex practice with a maid?

If I wanted to fuck, I probably could, but my dick carried too much political weight to be swinging it around wildly.

So I need to find that woman quickly. 

Regardless of whether she wants the Permarten's power, wealth, or just my dick. 

Someone who only loves me.

Someone who only pledges her loyalty to me.

And someone who is able to let go of everything for me.

I can want something like that, right? I’m basically the king of Permarten anyways.

…And someone who’d be okay with me sticking it in her even while she sleeps.

Someone who’s to be my wife should be able to tolerate that.

Someone who lets me fuck her senseless before marriage, but goes sexless as soon as she carries the Permarten name?


So, in that case…

“I hope she’s a good fuck, but a virgin.”

I have a lot of candidates.

All the 3-star female characters in Permarten.

I don’t know if a virgin-bitch is a thing, but a 3-star must be 3-star for a reason.

“It’s ready, Sir.”


The gentle splash of water.

Thankfully, the facilities of this world aren’t different. 

“...I wonder who’s here right now.”

As I rinsed my body with the warm water, I made a mental list of the 3-star characters. 

It doesn’t have to be a 3-star.

There were a few 1-star characters who had limited events where they dropped as 3-star’s with different costumes.

So even if I took a 1-star in, maybe I can induce an event to get her to limit-break to a 3-star… right?

I wonder where they are right now…

If the main story hasn’t started yet, they’ll most likely be…


“A-are you done already?”

“Dry my hair quickly and send word to my knight. I’ll be going to…”

The adventurers guild.

I’ll NewDeulBak (NDB) her.*

Any woman would go crazy from the max-level grind under the might of the Permarten wealth and influence…

Is what I thought while making my way to the adventurer’s guild.

“Fuck, I’m hard.”

There should be a beautiful blonde girl there, perfect for NDB.


*TLN: Shigan: Move from One Piece where people basically poke something with a finger really hard.

*TLN: NewDeulBak is a Korean slang term that combines two concepts. New (referring to newbies) and DeulBak (Korean slang for Full Nelson Position) By combining the two, you are forcefully helping out a newbie whether they want it or not.


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Chapter 6

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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