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Chapter 68

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 68: Having Sex for Mom (3)

“Maybe we shouldn’t have been so secretive about the whole thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“No one would’ve touched us if we just let everyone know who we were.”

Not using my authority was a mistake.

“We were too afraid of gathering unwanted attention that we forgot there’d be pathetic losers trying to fuck us over.”

Celebrities have to deal with paparazzi and annoying fans, but hardly anyone tries to rape them.

The same goes for the Infinite Labyrinth.

“Being a high-profile figure is the key…”

I faced Laura.

“I think I kept you in the castle too long—no one outside of the castle knows who you are.”

“Well, the maids know the size of my tits and the shape of my pussy.”

For a moment, I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic from how dry she said it, but I was soon convinced she was being serious after seeing her expression.

“And they also know that you own me!”

“Yes, that’s the attitude. But no one outside knows you’re the head of my knight order. In fact, they might not even know anything about the knight order at all.”

It’s not something I should shout out from the rooftops, but I figured I needed something to discourage random thugs from approaching us.

“I’ll follow my original plan. I’ll let everyone know you’re working for me even though it’ll mean foregoing anonymity.”

“Are you going to tell everyone we reached the 5th floor? You’ve already given credit to someone else though, haven't you?”

“Yes, that’s what I did last time.”

Since no one witnessed us destroying the raging Obelisk, we could quietly leave the scene of battle.

“I know Serika is still shy about it, but I guess I could just hide her from the public or something.”

“What about me and Yurdias?

“It is what it is...”

I held Laura’s shoulder.

“You’re certainly going to be naked in front of the public. We might even have to…”

“Have sex?”

“Not just any sex, but hardcore and violent sex. I’ll try not to let them see it, but…”

“That’s fine with me.”

Laura held my hand still on her shoulder and nodded.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to clear the Infinite Labyrinth.”

“Thank you, Laura.”

“It’s nothing. Wait, there’s something you can’t do.”

Laura firmly shook her head.

“You can’t let other men touch me, or show me off like a piece of meat.”

“Of course not. You’re mine. I won’t let any other man touch you. Although…”

My eyes glided down her body.

“I can’t do anything about their erections.”

“Do you get excited at the thought of other men getting hard over me?”

“No, I’m not into that, it’s just that you make me so horny.”

Laura shyly averted her gaze at my crude comment.

“Why do you think I recruited you as soon as I saw you? Especially when you were naive enough to be betrayed by your party members and lose everything on the first floor.”

“Is it because I’m pretty…?”

“It’s because you’re hot and I wanted to fuck you.”

“You’re saying I was chosen based on my looks.”

“Your appearance is a part of your assets, especially if you’re as pretty as you are.”


No amount of praise is too much.

It only takes a few words to make her like me better, and it’s not like it costs any mana.

“If you’re ready, it’s time to take action.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.”

I’ve tried it once before becoming Louie, but never since.

It’s possible that Louie’s already done it and I don’t know about it, so I’ll just lie if anyone ever finds out.

“Laura, you should know that I’m not into these things, nor am I trying to show you off like a piece of meat.”

“Of course. What do you want me to do?”

“Put this on.”

I pulled something out from my box of toys—a choker with a decorative black heart.

It had a loop to hook a chain onto. I put a chain leash on it.

“Why don’t we go for a walk?”

“Do you want me to crawl on all fours in front of everyone? Umm… Master Louie… Or Scion…”

She’s thinking.

I can tell this is difficult for her, but it also seems like she’s trying not to show me that she wants it.


Let’s start off with baby steps.

“I’m not asking you to go out for a walk right now. I’ll set everything up, and you just have to decide whether you agree or not.”

“And you won’t force me to do it if I say no?”

“That’s right.”

We have the privacy of the sex room right now. If she says no, I can always find another way to let the public know about her. But the reason why I’m so hung up on using sex as a main method is…

Because sex never failed me.

Sex is the answer.


Laura licked her lips and pointed at her face.

“Do you mind if I wear a mask…?”

Hell yeah.


Later in the day.

“Louie, what are you saying?”

“I would like to go for a late-night walk, but I don’t want to see anyone in the park.”

“So you’re asking me to shut down the entire park?”

“Yes, Mother.”

There was a rather bitter expression on Jennis’ face that I’m sure wasn’t from the black tea.


“It’s for a late-night stroll with my little bitch.”

Jennis recoiled at me pulling Laura’s leash.

“You’re going to take Miss Laura out on a walk?”

“Yes. I would like to have public sex out in the park while taking in the cool night air.”


“I want to avoid all possible awkward situations at the park, Mother.”

Even though I’m governing the city as the Scion, the authority over soldiers is with Countess Jennis.

“Won’t you approve?”

It’s going to be hard to pull off without getting Jennis on board. If she says no, all I can do is fuck her in the halls of the Permarten Castle.

“Why would you want to have sex outside…?”

“It seems fun.”


“You can think of it as training.”

I pointed out the window with my chin.

“This is just practice for when I have a garden that puts the Empire’s to shame. I’ll have sex with my wife in it while being under the gentle moonlight.”

I remembered seeing a fan post about putting a leash on a powerful female character to take her for a midnight stroll, only to fuck her in the end.

By the way, that post was about Jennis.

I want to try that with Laura.

It’s also a way to get people to recognise her.

I’m sure the public will slowly but surely begin to recognise her.

Isn’t she the Scion’s plaything?

Shh! Be quiet! She might be the Scion’s fucktoy, but she’s strong enough to clear 50 floors of the Infinite Labyrinth by herself!

Why would someone like that kneel in front of the Scion and voluntarily suck his cock?

I don’t know. Maybe the Scion’s cock is more powerful than she is.

Yes!! That’s so exciting!

A hoard of women as beautiful as the goddess herself falling over my cock.

It’ll only solidify my authority.

“Mother, I’ve never asked for something like this before. Please give me your approval.”


“If you’d like,”

I walked up to Jennis and held her chin in my hand.

“I’ll take you out for a private, naked walk.”

Jennis pulled away, blushing, but didn’t show any signs of resistance besides glaring at me.


I reached out to Jennis once again.

“You know what’ll happen if you don’t approve, don’t you?”



Every crevice of the park is covered in darkness.

Soldiers have locked the park down, with only a white magic stone’s faint light breaking up the darkness.


The sound of the chain on her leash cuts through the silence.

I can barely hear her breath through her mask.

Looks like no one’s here.


Not a word from her.

“Take it off.”

Laura unbuttoned her coat and pulled it off her shoulders.


What words could I possibly use to describe the way she’s looking at me?


I looked over at the bush next to me with my eyes, and the horny bunny girl led the way.

“Let’s do it.”

“Yes…” She nodded.

Her voice was barely audible.


Oh, this beautiful park…

I’m going to fuck her in it.


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Chapter 68

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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