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Chapter 69

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 69: Having Sex for Mom (4)

Having sex in public is a crime under the public indecency act, but everyone tries it at least once, right?

Oppa, do you want to have sex by the Han river?

The Han river…? You mean in a nearby motel?

No, let’s have sex in a tent by the river.

Are you a pervert?

What? Do you hate me because I’m a pervert, Oppa?

No! But we’ll be in trouble if we get caught… Fuck it, let’s do it!

Whether it’s having sex in a luxurious car, or a quicky in a quiet park, or even an emergency staircase at the University, people have sex outside all the time.

…Not that I’ve tried it.

It seems pretty common in porn though.

I’m just trying to get the people to know about Laura a little bit at a time.

I know I can’t change the public’s perception of her—everyone thinks of her as a whore.

Even though they don’t even know who she is, they just assume her to be some slut trying to get her way by spreading her legs for me.

These people are no different than those who leave hate comments on YouTube for no reason.

You can’t survive in Permarten City if you don’t have thick skin.

No, I’m not a whore! I just received support from the Scion, that’s all!

She could spend all day defending herself, but…

Hah! We all know that you got your way by spreading your legs for him!

Tsk, tsk. She looks like a nice girl on the outside, but she’s nothing more than a cheap, perverted bitch.

Damn, I wish she’d fuck me instead.

Most people would respond like that.

I don’t know if the Infinite Labyrinth has influenced them, but the people of this city are vile, sickening creatures.

That’s why I’m trying to play this situation in a completely different way.

Hey, did you hear? Apparently Laura, the Captain of the knight order, had sex here a few days ago.

Really? She’s fucking out in the open? That’s amazing!

It’s actually honourable to be such a proud whore. Fuck, I wish I was born with a pussy!

You’d be a virgin for life if you were born with a pussy. You got anything else to talk about? This Permarten bullshit is boring.

It’s better to focus on your own goals and move forward than trying to appeal to these sick people.

It’s not like I did anything wrong.

Public sex is a crime in real life, but here in Permarten City, I am the law.

It’s not a crime to have consensual sex in public.

If people call me trash, I’ll gladly be the King of Trash.

If people call Laura a whore, I’ll show them the absolute pinnacle of sexiness that is Laura so they can’t even say a word in front of her.

I call it “The Normalisation of Sex.”

I heard the Scion is going to come out to have sex with his wife again.

Let it be, I’m sure he’ll have his fun and go home.

Doesn’t he ever get tired? Do you want to go watch?

Shut up. There’ll be a bunch of soldiers and women waiting for their turn. There’s no point.

I eagerly await the world where it is normal for me to have sex anywhere in the city with anyone in my knight order.

In other words, fucking Laura outdoors is a small step for me, but one giant leap for my plan.

That’s why I’m fucking her here.


I took a deep breath.

No matter how many soldiers are posted, someone’s bound to be watching us at some point.

Someone from the Magic Tower could be watching us with clairvoyance, or a random person could overhear us.

I won’t show them Laura’s pussy.

I’m careful with not showing Laura’s pussy, even within the Castle, so I have no intention of letting anyone see it out here.

“Suck it.”

I leaned against the lamppost and tightened the leash.

Laura carefully squatted down in front of me.

This is actually pretty nice.

I get head all the time in the office of course, but everything feels completely different out here.

“Shall I—”

“Don’t take off your mask.”


“Suck my cock under the mask.”

“Yes, Scion.”

A visible sense of anticipation came over her eyes.

She gently pulled down my pants, and held my cock in her hand with a light grasp.


After pulling the mask up, she began sucking my cock.


She was sucking me off from a different angle than what she normally does.

She’d always kneel so that she was sucking down on my cock, but now, her head was angled up.

I unintentionally tightened the leash every time her head bopped down.

The tip of my cock slid down the roof of her mouth to the back of her soft throat. It almost felt like I had my dick in a pussy.

I unintentionally held the leash extremely tight.

Laura flicked the tight leash with her finger. Even though she couldn’t say anything with my cock still in her mouth, I knew exactly what she meant by it.



She squeezed the back of her throat as soon as I began pulling on the leash. I slowly pulled the leash higher and higher, and her head had no choice but to follow the pull.


The lips were stuck to suck my cock like a vacuum, making a wet, slapping sound. Laura then began resisting my pull.


She hesitated for a bit, then placed her tongue under my cock and started taking it deeper.


Her tongue moved as smooth as a snake.

It moved forward, then slid down, and then stretched itself out and back up.

I wrapped the leash around my wrist and grabbed her head.

Laura smiled, looking up at me.

I lost it.

I clutched her head, fixed it in place, and thrust my hips forward to shove my cock in her face.

The chain of the leash clanked on endlessly as my hips moved back and forth. Laura welcomed my cock with an open mouth.



I pulled back too far and my cock accidentally slid out of her mouth and went underneath the mask, rubbing itself on Laura’s lips.

This felt kind of awkward, like when your dick falls out of a pussy in the middle of having sex.


She came even closer to me, her hand on my pubic bone. She kneeled on my feet and pushed her face on my cock.


My cock’s hard as hell now.

Laura pulled the mask so that the tip of my dick popped out from under the mask, and gently massaged the base of my cock with her tongue.

It feels like she was trying to tickle me with her tongue.

She licked from the base of my cock to the tip, as if begging me to cum on her face.

I could feel her breath on my cock.


The tip of my dick disappeared under the mask.

The stiff fabric of the mask was a bit uncomfortable against my cock, but the feeling subsided with it back in Laura’s warm and soft mouth pussy.


She barely managed to get my dick in her mouth again by cocking her head back as far as it could go.

“Oh, my god…!”

She started rolling her tongue around my cock like it was a popsicle.

Once to the left, once to the right… Her tongue swirled around my cock, focusing on the head. She was being much rougher than usual.


I tightened the leash as much as I could, and jerked her head back.


The mask landed back on her face. A thin line of saliva stretched between her mouth and my cock.


She’s telling me she didn’t like what I did by saying only half of our safeword. She’s annoyed that I didn’t cum in her mouth, but I know how to shut her up.

“Get up. I want to fuck you. ”


I knew it.

Laura’s eyes are almost twitching in anticipation.


I dragged her up by pulling hard on the leash.

“On your feet.”


I grabbed one of her legs and pulled her close to me.

“I’m going to fuck you standing up.”


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Chapter 69

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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