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Chapter 62

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 62: To the Labyrinth! (8)

An emergency response team composed of adventurers and Permarten knights rushed into the Labyrinth.

“They’re making such a big deal about a measly fifth-floor boss…”

“Watch your words.”

“But it’s true! It’s only the fifth floor.”

There was no sense of urgency because even a novice adventurer could reach it without too much trouble. Even if there was a raging monster, it would still be weaker than most regular monsters from the 11th floor. It’s just a huge monster that drops poor loot.

“What if we don’t kill it and let it reproduce?”


“If we let it live, it’ll feed a little and birth new monsters.”

The rest of the response team was keen on hearing this plan out.

“We can wait until the eggs hatch and kill them right after. We’ll be able to farm magic stones much more efficiently.”

“The Permartens gave us the order to neutralise the threat immediately.”

“Tsk, why are they so eager to take care of this monster all of a sudden?”

Another adventurer clapped their hands in realisation.

“Oh! It’s because the Scion doesn’t want his bitches to get hurt!”

“Where did you hear that?”

“I heard from one of my miner friends that three of the Scion’s bitches formed a party and entered the Labyrinth. I’m sure you can imagine what happened to them down on the fifth floor.”

“They, too, are knights of Permarten. Watch what you say.”

“I’m sure we’ll see what happened to them when we get there. Who knows? Maybe they’ve been captured by the raging monster and are being forced to bend over…”

The response team froze upon arriving at the sight of the battle.

“What the…?”

There was nothing there.

Shivers ran down their spine.

There were clear signs of battle, but this supposed raging monster was nowhere to be found.

They noticed a pickaxe with a white cloth tied on it.

There was a single word written in red ink on the flag—


“It hasn’t even been half an hour since we were called… There’s no way someone could’ve killed it in that short amount of time.”

“Who could’ve done such a thing?”

Meanwhile, no one noticed three women and a living armour sneaking out of the Labyrinth.



The five of us clinked our glasses together.

“Hahaha! I never expected us to do this well on our first time!”

“I’m sorry, Scion.”

“There’s nothing you need to feel sorry about. You did your best, Astarote.”

Astarote converted sexual mana directly from my cock and continuously sent it to the living armour, so it’s no surprise she was exhausted.

Just like how electricity cuts out if the converter shuts down, my signal will never reach the armour if Astarote can’t handle my mana.

“Our first steps may have been humble, but we will achieve glory in the end. We reached the fifth floor on our first try. If we continue this pace, we’ll be at the 50th floor and beyond before we know it.”


We shared wine to commemorate our successful first expedition.

“We’ll only face more horrific monsters the farther we go down. I know most of you have seen the horrors with your own eyes before, but it was your first time, Laura.”

It was my first time seeing them in person too.

“But we survived and held back the Infinite Labyrinth from going into a frenzy. We also learned a few things—what we need to improve, what we need to be careful of, and what course of action we should take.”

I took a long look around the room.

“But we can talk about that later. Tonight, we celebrate. We have more than enough food and drink, so enjoy yourselves.”

I prepared a cart full of liquor for tonight.

“Forgive me, Serika. The liquor I prepared for today isn’t as good as what you had last time.”

I brought out my finest wine to have sex with Serika, but it ended up costing a small fortune since she basically drank her weight in wine. So, this time, I ended up buying a few dozen affordable bottles instead.

“But I’m sure you know where the money for this feast came from.”

“It’s from selling the magic stone we got after killing Obelisk, isn’t it?”

“That’s right.”

I sold the magic stone we looted from the raging Obelisk through Amy, and spent every single cent of the profits on this celebration.

“Shouldn’t we have saved some of that money?”

“Astarote, Permarten will make an official inquiry regarding purchasing a new living armour. You don’t need to worry about that.”

I can use Permarten’s gold to buy a living armour since I can expense it under the existing payment I make to the Magic Tower.

“We need to celebrate our first venture into the Labyrinth. We even survived a raging monster! Everyone, loosen up and have some fun!”


Yet another drink.

I sat down with my legs wide open.

“Who wants to taste it first?”

I splashed wine over my cock, and four pairs of eyes became fixated on it.

“What, no one wants a taste?”

“Count me in, Scion!”

As expected, the promiscuous bunny volunteered.

She knelt in front of me, and…


“I’ll lick every last drop.”



I must’ve drank too much last night—I’m extremely hungover.

My entire body is sore and my back stings like someone scratched the hell out of it.

What happened?

Laura isn’t the type to scratch, Yurdias wouldn’t dare touch me, and Serika likes getting sleep-fucked.

Astarote is out of the equation.

Then why do I have these hickeys all over my collarbone and neck?

My head feels like it’s being split in half. Something felt very strange about last night, like my memory of it had been shattered into a thousand pieces.

Could it have been some sort of illusion magic?

Or is it a part of the curse of the Infinite Labyrinth?

I have no idea.

“Ugh… Where am I?”

This isn’t even my room.

It isn’t my office either.

I’m in a guest room. Why did I sleep here?

Did I get sick of having sex with Laura already? Did leave to fuck a different girl?

What the hell happened?

The only thing I remember is leaving my office to get more liquor.


This woman lying down beside me is…


Why is Jennis lying down naked beside me? I can clearly see that a man had his way with her last night.


A white and red stain on the sheets.

This has to be what I think it is.


Different bits of blur from last night began overlapping in my head.

Me, drunk out of my mind—

A bunny girl in front of me—

I knew something was weird, but I fucked her anyway.

“Heh, are you here because you wanted to get raped?”


I covered her mouth with my hand, stripped her clothes off, stuck my dick inside of her, and fucked her doggystyle into this room.


That wasn’t Laura.

The bunny girl outfit thrown carelessly on the ground isn’t Laura’s.

I think…

I think I drunk-raped Jennis.


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