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Chapter 63

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 63: Pieces of Last Night (1)


I fucked Jennis.


I don’t know what happened, but I fucked her.


This whole situation is so shit.


Is it because I’ve introduced an unknown variable into this situation? Or is it because Jennis might use this as an excuse to overthrow me?




I want to remember how I fucked her!


How did I rape my mom?


How did her virgin pussy feel?


I need to remember everything. I might actually cry if I don’t.


Fucking Jennis without being able to remember it is like me NTRing myself.


Although we never had sex, I warmed her up to the idea by getting her to stroke my cock.


I was saving her for later, but I ended up ruining it for myself.


“Umm, Jennis?”


I called her, but she remained motionless. Not being able to wait any longer, I gently shook her shoulder. 




I was half-convinced she was dead. I wanted to see if she was still alive, so I checked her neck for a pulse.


I lied. I actually groped her left boob.


The moment I held her tit in my hand, totally to check if she was alive and not because of an ulterior motive, a memory of last night flashed in my head.


“Ahh, Scion…!”


Last night, I fucked Laura in doggystyle while groping her tits from behind.


It was before I left the room, and I surely creampied her while playing with her tits like a stress ball.


But what happened after that?


After checking Jennis’ heartbeat, I laid her down on her back and got on top of her.


How did I grope her?


I’m not sexually harassing her, I’m just trying to piece together what happened last night. I’m not a pervert.




I groped both of her tits with my hands.




Jennis has a great pair of tits. She has the biggest tits out of everyone I’ve groped in my life.


She is definitely worthy of being a key character in the ‘Last Child’ storyline of P.A.O.


I knew it’d be too big to hold with one hand, but seeing it for myself makes me feel that much better.


Maybe it’s even bigger than Laura’s ass?


My memory is becoming clearer the more I grope her. I can’t believe I’m putting together what happened last night by groping Jennis. Am I addicted to sex?




“Ahh! It’s so big, Scion! Ahh!”


I started fucking Yurdias in doggstyle, just like how I fucked Laura. The only difference is that I’m treating Yurdias like a fucktoy.


“Your weight is suffocating me! Ahh! This feels amazing!”


And that’s how Yurdias was introduced to a new world of hardcore sex. Maybe it’s because she lost her virginity while being tied up.


“Scion, could you take me from the back?”


“I’m already doing that, you perverted bitch.”


“Ahh! But I meant the other hole…”


“Shut up, and tighten your pussy.”


Yurdias is probably open to the idea of anal because of me, but I don’t think I mustered up enough courage for it when I was drunk.


“What the fuck was wrong with me?”


How does it make sense for me to be too scared to have anal sex when I’ve already raped my mom?


Dear Brain,


Please remember how I took Jennis’ virginity. I’ll reward you by anal fucking Yurdias.


Sincerely, me.


“Ahhh! I’ll do better, Scion! Please punish my ass-pussy!”


“Shut the fuck up, you pervert!”


“Oooh… That makes me feel so good… Please call me that again!”


“Fucking bitch!”




“I told you to shut the fuck up! Your pussy is good as fuck already. I’ll only fuck you in the ass if you can satisfy me with your performance, you obscene whore.”


That’s all I remember, but I feel like I promised Yurdias I’d fuck her in the ass if she continues to do well.


I got so carried away by the excitement of our successful expedition that I ended up promising the girls a bunch of stuff.


But I still can’t remember anything about fucking Jennis.




Maybe I’ll remember it better if I grope her some more?


Damn, they really are huge.


I’m teasing her pink nipple with my left index finger while gently pulling on the other one.


I want to tiddy-fuck her.


Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever tiddy-fucked anyone…


“Wait, I have.”


Was it like this?


I placed my knees on either side of her torso and squished her tits onto my cock.




This feeling is indescribable. The way it completely covers my cock is like nothing else.


Oh, I just remembered something. I tiddy fucked Serika last night.


After I was done with Laura and Yurdias, I noticed Serika asleep on the couch in the exact same way as last time.


She had a bottle stuck between her tits.


I interpreted this as a signal that she wanted me, and I shoved my cock in her cleavage.


There was something on her face when I was done. Did I cum on her face after fucking her tits?


A sense of pleasure and achievement shot throughout my body and I quivered like I just came on her face again.


Even after all this, Jennis is still asleep—






Our eyes met.


Her drowsy gaze gradually became clearer. 




“Good morning, Mother.”


Jennis frowned.


I guess most people don’t want to be tiddy-fucked first thing in the morning.


But who cares? She’s not my biological mother anyway. I need to be bold in this situation. I can’t pretend like nothing happened when I took her virginity.


“Mother,” I leaned forward.


“I want a good morning kiss.”


I’m sure it’ll help me remember what happened last night.


“Louie, you…”


She’s trying to say no.


I can either concede and stop, or push through like I did with her hymen. Seeing as I already took her virginity…


I pushed down on her pillow.


“Kiss it, right now.”




Jennis looked up at me with disdain in her eyes and…




Started kissing my cock.


Just like this, I’m going to piece together what happened last night.




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Chapter 63

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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