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Chapter 56

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 56: To the Labyrinth! (2)

In the Infinite Labyrinth located under the old Permarten Castle, horrid monsters await adventurers.

At the break of dawn, ladies in peculiar outfits gathered to enter the Labyrinth.

“Captain and Miss Hania, I need to tell you this now,” Serika said in a commanding voice.

“You need to get behind me when you’re in danger.”

What she said would’ve sounded impressive if it wasn’t for her outfit.

“Miss Serika.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Did you have to wear that?”


Serika furrowed her brows upon noticing Laura’s bunny girl outfit under her black coat.

“May I remind you that you’re wearing a bunny girl outfit to the Labyrinth?”

“It’s fine, I won’t get hit. After all, I’m an archer.”

“What about you, Miss Hania?”

“Well, I’m a thief, so…”

Yurdias was in a skin-tight bodysuit that only seemed suitable for hardcore bondage sessions and seemed to offer very little protection in battle.

“I can just dodge all the attacks, right?”

“Do you have any idea how many people died thinking that?”

[Don’t worry.]

A deep voice from behind Serika let itself be known. The voice undoubtedly belonged to Louie Permarten.

[I’m here.]


[I’ll shield you, so you have nothing to worry about.]

The empty shell of armour was being controlled directly by Louie Permarten.

[Laura, I forgot to tell you this earlier, but you need to call me Horn E. Mann, not Scion.]

The armour pointed towards itself.

[My name is Horn E. Mann.]

“Why did you name yourself that?”

[There isn’t any meaning behind it, I just wanted to hide my identity. It’s better than a sad attempt at using an anagram, don’t you think?]

“You’re right. Thieves like me would figure out an anagram right away.”

[No one will ever guess I’m actually Louie Permarten. Instead, they’ll just think of me as a bodyguard for you three.]


The living armour smashed its fists together upon noticing a monster in the distance.


[I, Horn E. Mann, will protect my women.]

Boom. Boom.

The hunk of metal sprinted towards the goblin.

[Scion Smash!!!]


The metal fist crushed the goblin’s face. It crashed onto the floor as blood dripped off the living armour’s fist.

“Um… Captain?”

“Yes, Miss Yurdias?”

“Doesn’t he seem a bit different? Also, he’ll give himself away if he shouts ‘Scion Smash’ every time he punches a monster.”

Laura shrugged.

“Let him have some fun. I’m sure he’ll learn over time.”

“Are you sure?”

“Everyone needs to blow off steam in their own ways, right?”

Serika pulled her coat shut. She couldn’t hide the slight blush on her face after being reminded of what she was wearing underneath.

“And it’s not like he’s going to hurt himself. After all, the living armour is just a shell—we can always buy a new one.”

Laura smiled.

“He’s sending his spirit here to protect us because he can’t come in person! Isn’t he really cool?”

“The living armour is from the Magic Tower, and it’s being supported by Astarote’s powers, right? I can tell from how well it moves.”


The armor thrusted its fist forward, striking the goblin in the stomach. It flew backwards and crashed against a wall.

[Wait, I’ll give myself away if I yell ‘Scion Smash’ every time I attack.]

“He’s just excited. I’m sure he’s going to get better as we make our way down the Labyrinth.”

Laura reached into her coat and grasped onto the gem.

“We can’t let him do all the work for us.”


The very moment the gem transformed into a golden bow, Laura pulled back on its string.

“Why don’t we show him what we’re made of?”

The arrow grazed the living armour’s side and buried itself between the eyes of a goblin mid-strike.

[Great job, Laura! Wait… I shouldn’t call you Laura.]

Clunk. Clunk.

The living armour stopped itself from petting Laura’s head and gave her an awkward thumbs up instead.

[That was a great shot, Captain.]


I’m supposed to be a member of the knight order, so I shouldn’t call her by her name.

The knight order easily made their way onto the first floor of the Labyrinth.


“The armour is working perfectly.”

It’s been a week since Serika joined us. I’ve made every preparation I can, including the living armour. Astarote said it was impossible, but thanks to Barvas’ help, I was able to control the living armour directly from my office.

Astarote, a potential future Labyrinth party member, was sitting so close to me that we were practically stuck to each other.

“I’m sorry, Scion.”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about. I can only ask so much of my instructor.”

Astarote bowed in apology. She was not yet ready to overcome her succubus curse. In other words, she was too afraid to enter the Labyrinth.

“I’ll do my best to assist you in other ways, Scion.”

“Thank you. Let’s do our best to control the living armour Barvas sent us.”

Astarote and I need to work together to control the armour. She sends her mana by making physical contact with me, and I use a special, magic “gamepad” to manipulate the armour.

I’m calling it a gamepad out of convenience, but its proper name is ‘Golem Controller’.

There’s even a 3-star character like that, actually: The Golem Master.

The Golem Master is a game character made to appeal to Mecha fans, but it was never used because of its subpar performance. Thanks to that, though, I can control the living armour as easily as I’m doing now.

“I’ll send word of my appreciation to Barvas. I should invite her over for a meal soon.”

“What are you planning to do to someone old enough to be your grandmother?”

“Hey, hey!”

I’m not interested in ‘Barvas [Grandma]’.

“I’m just going to invite her over for a meal to show her my appreciation. Only young and beautiful women can have sex with me.”

I’m interested in fucking the real Barvas, Astarote’s sister.

“Eventually, I might have to reach out to her to ask for her help in clearing the Infinite Labyrinth. You never know what might happen, so I might as well maintain a good relationship with her.”

I really hope I can fuck the sisters together one day.

“I understand…”

Astarote grasped the joystick.

She put all her attention into sending her mana into the joystick, which reminded me of a fighter jet pilot.

“What is it?”

“Please let me know if you’re going to cum.”

“I won’t cum from sticking my dick between your legs.”

The joystick Astarote is holding onto?

Yeah… That’s my cock.


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Chapter 56

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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