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Chapter 55

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 55: To the Labyrinth! (1)

Early morning.

Under the rubble of what used to be the Thieves Guild, a woman threw her dagger into one of the dilapidated walls.

The dagger missed a man’s crotch by exactly an inch.

“I surrender! Please spare me my life, Master!

He shuddered in fear, barely being able to muster up the courage to say those words.


A dagger playfully danced in Yurdias’ hand. In front of her was a hoard of men on the ground writhing in pain, and those who were still standing didn't dare interrupt her.

“Did you really think you could get away with this just because I got fucked by the Scion?”

“No, ma’am!”

“I sold my body to save each and every one of you, and this is what I get?”


“I get it. This is a dog-eat-dog world, isn’t it?”

Yurdias changed her grip on the dagger.

“So be it.”

A dark blue gleam of mana covered her dagger. It pierced the exact centre of the thief’s throat.

“I belong to the Scion. If you challenge me, you’ll die. It’s as simple as that.”

Yurdias walked over the bleeding mess of a corpse.

“You must decide now. Will you stay loyal, or will you betray me? If you think of me as nothing but a cheap whore just because the Scion fucked me, I’ll send you off to hell with this dagger. If you join me…”

She threw her third dagger. Another thief collapsed to the ground, gurgling blood.

“I’ll show you how incredible it is to be in the Scion's grace. If any of you say anything about how I fucked my way into power, I will personally cut off your tongue. So, what do you say? Are you with me?



“Will we continue to live as we did before? Stealing, selling stolen goods, buying and selling information… Will we maintain our identity as a Thieves Guild?”


Yurdias slowly scanned the room.

“We’ll start doing work for the Scion. You could say we’ll handle some of the “dirtier” parts of his business.”

“Like what?”

“Maybe it’s gangbanging some of the Scion’s women—”


A dagger grazed the man’s throat.

“Is that how you think of him?”

“No! I meant… ”

“He’ll never cast his women aside. I know because he fucked me. Although, what if there was an unfaithful slut who let some other man fuck her after committing herself to the Scion?”


The man who almost got stabbed by Yuridas raised his hand.

“Would it be okay to fuck her as long as she’s a trashy whore who betrayed the Scion?”

“I guess. We’ll still follow whatever the Scion deems fit for her punishment.”

Yurdias shrugged.

“Who would be dumb enough to betray him?”


After getting drunk together, Serika agreed to become my technical advisor.

“You may behave however you wish in this room. You don’t need to think of me as the scion, but as your friend who wants to clear the Infinite Labyrinth with you.”

“Is that really fine?”

“Why don’t you look to Laura as an example?”


Laura was lying next to me in the same way she was when we first met Serika.

The only difference was that Laura was sucking me off to her heart’s content.

“I’m a tyrant outside of this room, but there’s no need to keep up that charade within the confines of these walls.”

“I see.”

“Do you understand what I mean?”

“You’re saying this is the only place where you can be yourself.”


This is what I expected from an adventurer capable of clearing fifty floors of the Labyrinth by herself.

“If you want to have sex with me, you only need to ask. It’s up to you.”

I’m going to pretend like we’ve never had sex.

“I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t drink outside the way I want.”


“I think I could safely drink to my heart’s content within this room, Scion.”

And that’s all she wrote.

She just told me it’s fine to fuck her while she’s sleeping, as long as it’s not outside.

“I see. Let me know when you’d like to drink. Actually, I should bring wine here so you can drink whenever you want.”

So I can fuck you whenever I want.


Laura tried to protest what was happening, but I pushed her head deeper onto my cock.

“Didn’t you say your behaviour in and out of this room would be different?”

“I did, but she likes being treated like an onahole.”

Since she was lying down beside me, the angle of the blowjob was a bit awkward, but Laura was still expertly playing the part of a human onahole.


She loves it too.

“I need to talk to you about something important—about your stolen gem…”

“Yes, Scion.”

“I’ll be honest—I can’t return it to you right now.”

I dug the gem out of the white tail of Laura’s bunny girl outfit.

“That’s not my gem.”

“It changed form because of Laura’s mana. Why don’t you liberate it, Laura?”


With her lips still firmly planted around my cock, Laura grabbed the gem from me.


As Laura’s golden mana began shimmering in the air, the gem transformed into a beautiful bow. Serika let out a gasp.

“It’s a weapon!”

“Yes. I’m not sure if this is what I’ve been looking for, but it’s very close to it.”

“This is what you’ve been looking for…! Your bounty on gems was just a cover to find these!”

“You’re right. I wanted to find a dozen of these gems, so I needed to think of a way to get my hands on them without arousing too much suspicion. I know it wasn’t the most efficient method, but I had no other choice.”

In retrospect, I was too impatient.

“Anyway, that’s the reason why I can’t give you this gem I call a Legendary Stone. I plan to use this as a weapon for Laura, to guarantee her safety.”

“I understand. I think I already know what you want to tell me.”

“What would that be?”

“You plan to give me one of these Legendary Stones once you acquire one.”

“Hmm… That’s difficult for me to say right now.”


“I only give Legendary Stones to women I plan to impregnate.”


She seemed caught off guard.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I am.”

I didn’t even bother asking Laura—I know I can impregnate her whenever I want to.

“Laura is the captain of my order and a woman who may potentially be my wife, as long as she continues to be by my side even after clearing the Labyrinth, that is.”

“Wife? Pregnant? Wait, are these knights actually—”

“They are my women.”

I don’t want to call them my wives just yet.

“It’s fine if they are only after my money or my power. They can use me to undo their curse, to gain fame, or to achieve their personal goals. I’ll be happy as long as they are with me.”

If a woman wants to use a man to get what she wants, spreading her legs is the least she could do.

“I will reciprocate your love. That’s the code I swore to follow as a renewed man.”

We have the necessary personnel now.

“We can enter the Labyrinth with just Laura, Serika, and Yurdias.”

After all, we have someone who has cleared fifty floors of the Infinite Labyrinth by herself.

“And we even have one more person.”

“You mean Astarote, the magic advisor?”

“Oh, that would make two more people actually. I don’t know if she’ll say yes, but I’ll ask.”

If her “preparations” are over, that is.

They are ready. Laura, Serika, Yurdias, Astarote, and…

Louie Permarten.


One week later, in front of the Old Permarten Castle, the current entrance to the Infinite Labyrinth.

A letter arrived addressed to the Permarten knights guarding the entrance.


The Captain of the Infinite Labyrinth’s guards read the letter stamped with the official seal of the Permarten house.

“They’re entering the Labyrinth in the early morning, huh? Let’s see, four adventurers…”

He licked his lips reading the list of names.

“Oh, the Sword Virgin… Wait, she’s not a virgin anymore. Anyway, I guess I won’t need to worry about anything since she’s coming.”

As he made his way down the page, a strange name stumped him.

“Who’s this Horn E. Mann?”

A mysterious adventurer by the name of Horn E. Mann.

“I guess the Scion hired a living armour from the Magic Tower.”

The Captain smirked.

“What choice do I have but to approve when they have the Scion’s letter?”

Bam. He slammed the approved stamp onto the letter.

“Finally, the Bitch Knights are here.”


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Chapter 55

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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