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Chapter 54

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 54: To Drink is to Have Sex (5)

It's morning.

I awoke to the gentle touch of soft skin… Then I remembered who was sleeping next to me.

I’m fucked.

Serika Valencia.

She was a knight who was bestowed the surname of Valencia by the Empire, yet she cast it aside to become an adventurer.

It’s an enemy!

Sir, I’ll kill it first, then ask questions later!

She had more than enough talent to become an excellent adventurer, but her problem-solving tended to rely too heavily on cutting down her opponents.

I can’t believe I let my dick do the thinking! As a matter of fact, my dick is still inside her!

Something about Serika was off. It’s as if she was trying to hold something back without me noticing.

It suddenly dawned on me.


“Yes, Scion?”

“Did I fall asleep like this?”

“You asked me to hypnotise you so you could fall asleep in that position.”

“I don’t remember anything after that. Did I actually sleep after that?”


It looked like Laura had already taken a shower. She was in her bunny suit, waiting for me to wake up from my slumber. She must’ve been satisfied with the sex we had last night as she wasn’t begging for more first thing in the morning, but I can tell she’s disappointed by not being able to give me a morning blowjob.

Wait, I hope I didn’t piss…

I jolted up from the bed with sudden anxiety washing over me.

Sure, I had hardcore sex before, but I’m not crazy enough to piss in one of my knights, especially after just having taken her virginity.

Vaginas should only be filled with a white liquid, not yellow.

But given how much I drank last night… 

I carefully pulled my cock out of Serika.

I mentally prepared myself for the worst, but there was no foul odour.


Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“What’s going on? I know I shot my load in her last night…”

“If you’re talking about your cum, then it would’ve been absorbed into her body.”

“With your sex magic?”

“Yes—I cast a spell on her.”

Laura smiled as she framed her face with her hands.

“I did great, right?”

“Uhh, yeah. You did.”

Wait, I don’t need to piss.

I drank so much last night, but I don’t remember going to the bathroom.

While I’m afraid I may have pissed in or on her, I’m fairly confident no urine touched her body.

Something seems wrong with Serika, though.

Maybe it’s because I was lying on top of her the whole night, but she was noticeably trembling. 

Almost like she’s holding something back.

I realised what she was doing and reached for her, realising there was no need to act any further.

“Get up, Serika.”


“Get up, I said.”


She slowly opened her eyes. She seemed exhausted… like she didn’t get a minute of rest.

“Umm… How did I…?”


What should I say? I have two options—

Option 1. Tell her the truth.

Option 2. Pretend not to know anything.

We’ll end up being great partners if she understands my intent.

“You had to change last night because you spilt wine on your dress, and I brought you here because you didn’t have anywhere else to stay. Don’t you remember?”


“It seems like you don’t remember a thing. Oh, Laura ended up cumming all over your dress too.”

“What? I—”

Having unexpectedly gotten dragged into this, Laura rolled her eyes at me.

“I’m sorry, Serika…”

“Scion, you’re not wearing any pants…”

“I was preparing for my morning sex with Laura.”

If she was really asleep the whole time, she should be questioning my every word. After all, why would you trust the rapist, pervert Scion after waking up naked in his bed?

I’m fucked if she seems sceptical. But, if she plays along…

“I see. Thank you for your hospitality, Scion. I can’t remember anything that happened last night.”

Serika bowed.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to be naked in front of me?”

“It seems like you’ve already seen everything, and it’s not unusual to be exposed like this inside the Labyrinth.”

As a player of PAO in the real world, you can visit the Labyrinth multiple times a day. But, that’s not the case in this world… It often takes multiple days to fight your way down the Labyrinth, meaning it’s possible for others to see your naked body. In a makeshift shower, for instance.

That’s why I’m only accepting women in my knight order.

“Scion… may I wash my face?”

I guess she can’t hold it any longer. 

I pointed towards the bathroom.

“Take your time. I’ll have sex with Laura in the meantime.”

“Yes, Scion…”

Serika waddled over to the washroom. She squeezed her legs together, thighs rubbing against one another as if she were holding back the flow of a great river.



I winked at Laura before she could say anything.

“Just go with it. I’ll reward you by fucking the shit out of you after she leaves.”

“Well, if you put it like that…”

This is why I love Laura.

“Are you only going to fuck her while she’s asleep?”

“Be quiet! What if she hears us?”

“I think it’s fine even if she does. Unless the sex is fully consensual, she could always claim you raped her.”

“You’re right, but don’t you think that would be fun too? See, every time she agrees to drink with me, she’s basically asking me to fuck her.”

“Are you into that…?”

“What do you mean?

“Raping sleeping women…”


I petted Laura’s head.

“I’m into women who squeeze their tight pussy around my cock, just like you.”

“Aww, Scion…”

“Just a moment. I need to clean all this off my dick.”

While I remained seated on the bed, Laura walked up to me and got herself into the cowgirl position in one smooth motion.

“Let me get rid of the evidence for you.”


“I’ll wipe away Serika’s vaginal fluid with my pussy. I can absorb it with sex magic so nothing will be left afterwards.”

“But there’s still some of that “evidence” in Serika’s pussy.”

“We can just tell her she must’ve gotten wet watching us having sex.”

“So, you’re saying I never raped Serika in her sleep.”

“That’s right.”

Laura must be a genius.

“What if she betrays me later and tells everyone I’m a rapist? What if she testifies against me in court?”

“If that happens…”

Laura looked at me with a longing gaze.

“I’ll kill that bitch and save you, even if it kills me.”

She’s right. Who else could I possibly trust more than Laura?

She can take care of everyone who betrays me, and I’ll just accept my fate if she ever turns her back on me.

She’s the only person I can rely on in this cruel world. 

She’s my goddess.

“Um, Laura?”


“I need to go to the bathroom too.”

Laura grabbed my shoulder and stuck tightly onto me. 

“Carry me to the bathroom. I’ll squeeze your cock so your pee doesn’t leak.”

“Why don’t you wait here? It’ll only take a second.”

“No! What if…”

She even surprised herself with how adamant she sounded. She buried her face on my shoulder and murmured.

“What if Serika turns you on, so you rape her?”

“Come on, that’s something even I wouldn’t do.”

“What if she tries to rape you?”


Yeah, that makes sense.

I carried Laura to the washroom.


There is only a single bathroom in Louie Permarten’s sex room. It has a shower booth with glass walls, a large bathtub that could easily fit four people, and a toilet.

Serika became lost in thought under the relaxing warmth of the shower.

“What should I do…?”

I can’t change the fact I was drunk and naked, but what about everything else that happened? I pretended to be asleep, and he fucked me repeatedly. I lost my virginity, and I had to lay down with his cock inside me for hours.

Should I just tell him I was awake the whole time?

I mean, I already had sex with him. 

Although she was initially afraid of having sex, she had to admit it was actually kind of nice. She witnessed people getting raped by monsters in the Labyrinth, but having sex with Louie was nothing like that.

Since Louie pretended not to know anything, he must be planning to rape me in my sleep every time he gets a chance.



Someone came in.

“Haa… Haa…”

Louie walked in fucking Laura in a standing full nelson position. 

Louie sat down on the toilet, pulled his dick out of her, and pissed into the toilet.

Serika told herself that nothing happened last night. If anyone asks, she’ll tell them she’s still the Sword Virgin— No, the Sword Maiden.


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Chapter 54

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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