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Chapter 57

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 57: To the Labyrinth! (3)

Four days ago.

I was worried about entering the Labyrinth because magic signals might become unreliable once my knights moved deeper into the Labyrinth.

“Barvas, the Master of the Magic Tower, is here, Scion.”


“She’s here with Astarote.”

Astarote usually shows up around this time, but no one told me anything about Barvas. I was worried that she might be here to file a formal complaint about how I rubbed my cock on her ass last time. Or maybe she’s here to complain about how I’ve been sexually harassing Astarote. Even though I’m the Scion, I need to make sure not to piss off the Master of the Magic Tower too much. I took a deep breath to mentally prepare myself before greeting the guests.

“It’s been a long time, Scion.”

“It has, Master of the Magic Tower.”

Barvas [Grandma] was still in her old form.

If Laura wasn’t busy sparring Serika, Barvas the Granny would’ve seen my cock.

I shuddered at the thought.

“I came to visit because there was a breakthrough in our research.”

Barvas isn’t here on some official business with the Permartens, she’s specifically here to see me. This probably has something to do with what Astarote’s been working on.


Barvas placed a metallic object in front of me.

“This is living armour. It can carry a portion of your consciousness through a magical seal on the inside of the armour. Many parties use it as a mercenary.”

“But I thought this was impossible.”

“Astarote and I succeeded in finding a solution. Let me explain how it works.”

Quick summary: 

1. I can control the living armour in my office through a golem controller.
2. The living armour will receive the magic signal through multiple sets of relays as I suggested.
3. They found the most effective material for sending mana.

“What is this mana-sensitive material?”

“Your sperm.”


I was too caught off guard to say anything.

“What are you going to do with my sperm?”

“We’re going to use Astarote’s sex magic. Through it, your mana will be sent across magic relays all the way into the Labyrinth.”


“From what we’ve found out, your sperm loses its ability to impregnate once it’s exposed to air.”


“It’s because of the Permarten curse. The moment your semen is exposed to air, all the sperm inside is destroyed.”

This is shocking.

“Are you telling me I’m impotent?”

“No, Scion. You can impregnate women. It’s just—”

“Just what?”

“The conclusion we came to after extensive research of all the members of the Permarten family is that your penis needs to be so tight inside the pussy that there isn’t any room for air to seep in.”

“So my sperm is safe as long as it’s inside a pussy?”

“Yes, the vagina will protect the sperm. This is just a theory, but the sperm could still be destroyed if the size of the penis isn’t suitable for the vagina in question.”

“I see…”

I realised Louie’s large cock might be the result of the desperation of the very DNA that wished to be passed on to the next generation, since vacuum sealing a woman’s vagina is the only way to produce a descendent. 

“I was wondering why no one in history had successfully impregnated themselves with stolen Permarten sperm, so that makes sense.”

It wasn’t due to lack of trying, I can tell you that.

“Anyway, can I control the living armour with my sperm?”

“Yes, you can control how it moves, and even speak through it. But…”


“You’ll need Astarote’s support until you get used to it.”

Barvas put her hand on Astarote’s shoulder with keen excitement in her eyes.

“Please take good care of her, Scion.”

That’s how I’m controlling the living armour. 

I still don’t really understand how it works.


Back to the present.

First floor of the Infinite Labyrinth.

[We’re at the mine. Captain, Yurdias, you should put your coats back on.]

“Of course.”

Both Laura and Yurdias put their coats back on to cover themselves up. You could still see their figure because of the tight bodysuits underneath their coats, but they weren’t as revealing as when they were with me.

Serika kept her coat on the entire time, so she didn’t need to put it on again. Her coat looks very similar to Laura’s, but what she was wearing under her coat covered substantially less skin in comparison.

She’s wearing a bathing suit! I fucking convinced her to enter the Infinite Labyrinth wearing a bathing suit!

[Don’t you feel like you’ve gotten stronger?]


[Don’t you feel like you’ve found a renewed source of strength?]

“If wearing a bathing suit made people stronger, every single knight on the entire continent would already be wearing one.”

[Right. Then, I’ll consider outfitting every single Permarten knight in bathing suits. What do you think, Captain?]

“That’s a good idea, but what good are bathing suits if there’s no water?”

“Actually, there is.”

Yurdias pointed downwards.

“Floors 21 through 30 are vast, natural landscapes. There are forests, fields and lakes.”

“Oh, really?”

Laura responded in a stiff, robotic manner.

The Infinite Labyrinth isn’t like the outside world. It changes into an entirely different world every ten floors.

The first ten floors are themed as a normal cave, followed by a fantasy dungeon theme, and between the 21st and 30th floors are vast landscapes of nature.

Yurdias must be talking about that. Of course, it’s going to be a while until we make our way down there, and I have no intention of rushing down there even if I could.

I need to carefully investigate every floor. Hidden messages and secrets could be waiting to be uncovered.

There are many different types of gamers out there. Some are driven by the main story, others are hellbent on getting 100% completion, and others try again and again to beat the final boss with nothing but the starter weapon.

But I’m not like them. I don’t care about stupid gimmicks. I focus on the main story while doing everything I can to level up my characters to defeat the bosses.

You never know where you might find a legendary stone. If I knew where legendary stones were going to be, I would’ve poured all the resources I had to find them.

I should start by checking the obvious places.

[Looks like the miners began working first thing in the morning.]


The sound of metal breaking stone apart.

“This is the magic stone mine.”

[I know Laura hasn't, but have either of you worked here before?]

“I have.”

To my surprise, Yurdias spoke up.

“You can make a decent living working here. It isn’t something you should spend your entire life doing, but it’s not a bad place to work for a short time.”


“Yeah, it was like a part-time job.”

Bam. Bam. Bam.

The miners are busy slamming the rocks away with their pickaxes.

The majority of the people living in Permarten Castle make a living as miners. These people are the basis of the economy.

Of course, the magic stones from deeper in the Labyrinth are worth much more, but the ones from this mine provide the city with much more consistent income.

[Once the Infinite Labyrinth disappears, they’ll all lose their jobs overnight. They might even starve to death since they probably don’t know how to farm.]


Laura shut her eyes.

[But… it’s none of our business, is it?]

I pat her on the back.

[Let’s go. We’ve got a long way ahead of us.]


Suspicious men approached us.

“Why don’t the three of you babes party with us? There’s three of us, too.”


Laura didn’t even let me speak a word.

“No. We don’t party with men.”


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Chapter 57

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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