Chapter 51

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 51: To Drink is to Have Sex (2)

Alcohol makes it hard to think properly. It betrays logic and decent decision-making.

I think I’m drunk enough to ask a girl out on a date by screaming a love poem through her window.


It’s hard to cum. It feels like I have delayed ejaculation.

“Haa… Master…”

Damn, Laura is hot as fuck even when I’m drunk. They say everyone looks hotter when you’re drunk, and Laura was no exception.

“Fuck me with your big cock… Fill me up with your cum…!”

“You obscene whore.”

I clutched Laura’s waist.

“Fuck, do you really like my cock that much?”

“Yes, Master! I’m in love with your cock!”

I was pummeling her pussy with her ass barely resting on the edge of the table. A thick white liquid began dripping down as we continued in Missionary.

“Look at how dripping wet your pussy is. You can’t live without my cock, can you?”

“That’s right… I’m a slut who can’t live without your cock… Please kiss me.”

“You dare ask to be kissed? You better squeeze your pussy around my cock—I’m about to cum.”

A woman calling herself a slut isn’t attractive sometimes. Laura telling me I’m everything she’ll ever need is a different story, though.

“I have no choice but to cum since you won’t let go of my cock. Although, I might accidentally let out something else since I’ve been drinking so heavily.”


Laura frowned momentarily, seemingly considering her options.

“You can, if you’d like…”

She flashed me a smile of acceptance. There was a bit of nervousness on her lips, but I pinched her cheek in response.

“I’m too busy filling your pussy my cum—I’ve no time to do anything else.”

“Ahh… Please cum in me, Master. Please fill me up with your cum!”

“Don’t waste my cum by letting it drip on the ground, then.”

I grabbed Laura by her throat.

“All this time learning sex magic, and you can’t even keep my cum in you?!


Squelch, squelch.

My sperm is dripping out with every thrust. This is strange—my sperm should be transformed into mana almost instantly.

“Your master is giving you his precious cum, and you can’t even take it?”

It’s still dripping down.

“You can’t even use sex magic properly. How could you call yourself the captain? Is my cock the only thing on your mind?”

“Yes… I love your cock, Master.”

Laura buried her face in my shoulder. Her ears were bright red from being so drunk. She would’ve held me tight if her arms were free.

“Master, Master…”

She would probably leave her nail marks all over my back if I freed her arms right now.


“What are you laughing about? You can’t even take my cum properly.”

I climbed on top of the table and assumed the Missionary position with my knees on either side of her ass.

“A few drinks turns you into a slut. Your nipples are so hard they’re practically stripping the bunny girl outfit off by themselves.”


“Stay still.”

I poured wine all over her tits. I followed the path of the wine with my tongue as it made its way down her cleavage and around her ample tits.

“Ahh! Wait, not there! It’s—”

“Shut up.”

I shoved the wine bottle onto her lips and stuck my tongue in the deep valleys of her armpit.


It didn’t taste sour or anything. In fact, it’s as good as a pussy for me.

“Mmph… Haa…”

I snatched the bottle away from her. Wine rained down the sides of her mouth as I licked it away with my tongue.


Laura moaned in pleasure. She was in such deep ecstasy she couldn’t continue acting the part of a woman forced to have sex anymore.

“Master, I’ll…”

She slowly licked the wine off my body, making her way up to my face. As she was about to begin licking my lips, I grabbed her tongue with my fingers.

“Who gave you permission to kiss me?”


“Know your place.”

I pulled her tongue towards me and bit down on it with my lips.


I longingly stared into her eyes.

Her drunk, half-closed eyes indicated she was moments away from passing out, and I shoved my tongue deep into her mouth.

She’s such a great fuck.

I gave Laura one last kiss as she passed out.



I have to finish in her even after she passes out.

Astarote told me sex magic works by the recipient absorbing the life force stored in the sperm. That being said, my sperm is leaking out of Laura. She must be so drunk she’s unable to use sex magic.

What a waste.

I’m sure eventually there’ll be a day when Laura is able to fully take my cock.

I reached for Laura’s bunny tail. Hidden inside the white, fluffy tail resting just above her buttcrack was a gem.

“It would be a waste to let it drip. Help yourself to the feast.”

It was Laura’s new weapon—a circular gem not yet confirmed to be the Legendary Stone.


I placed it inside Laura’s pussy.

I thought it’d be a waste of my cum to let it drip onto the ground, so I just wanted to use it as a plug.

I’m sure the Legendary Stone will be happy. Even if it’s a cum plug, at least it’s a cum plug for the future goddess.


I had an audience, didn’t I?

The post-nut clarity hit.



She was fast asleep while holding tightly onto a bottle.

I completely forgot about her halfway through having sex with Laura.

She was surrounded by no less than ten bottles of wine. It looks like she drank much more on her own than with me.

After the utter debauchery with Laura, I could finally think clearly. My body may be tired, but my mind was as sharp as ever.

“Are you asleep?”


No answer.

How fucked will I be if I get caught? What happens if I just do it right now?

Wait, no, this is her fault. There’s no such thing as a free show.

She’ll need to pay for the show she just watched.

Much like Yurdias, I’m sure Serika was aware of the potential for sex at the very least. 

Is this… my opportunity?

I need to be certain.

If I make a mistake, I could lose Serika. I’ll never get her on my side if she says I raped her.

She could also lie and tell everyone I raped her.

But if that happens, I could make her life miserable too.


I cleaned up her messy bangs.

“Get up or I’ll fuck you.”


She didn’t get up.

I see.

I suppose it is an honour to lose your virginity to me.

Louie Permarten is a real man.

He doesn’t run when an opportunity presents itself.


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Chapter 51

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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