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Chapter 52

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 52: To Drink is to Have Sex (3)

You should never touch a sleeping woman—you’ll end up getting yourself into all types of trouble for not having consent.

Although, it’s fine with Laura.

Laura will instinctively welcome my cock even if she’s unconscious because we built our relationship through sex. But it’s not the same for Serika. What I’m about to do might result in the worst possible outcome.

I’ll have to be very careful.

I won’t put a blanket over her, or sing her a lullaby. I’m a real man, after all. 

I’m going to start by thrusting my cock deep inside her.

There’s nothing I need to worry about—I’m the ruler of this city. 


Serika quietly protested as I pulled the bottle away from her. 


I threw my cock on her tits. 

I rested a bit of my weight on her waist, half sitting on top of her.


No reaction from Serika.

I carefully wiggled my cock in her cleavage.

Fuck, she’s even bigger than Laura. 

I’ve seen her tits many times in-game, but I never realised they would be big enough to bury my cock under.

No wonder they jiggled so much whenever she used her ultimate.

Her breast physics are second to none.

I spent many hours admiring her jiggle in her special swimsuit event.

“Holy shit…”

I reached out to grope her tits… They’re so big they’ll never fit in one hand. Not only are they big, but they’re also soft and perky. Once I peeled the shoulder straps off of her…


Her pink nipples were finally revealed, but that was expected. What surprised me was… 


I could see the pink hue of her areolas, yet the stars of the show were not ready to be seen just yet. Her boobs had a healthy pink hue from all the drinking, while her nipples were too shy to reveal themselves.

I began teasing Serika by nudging her nipples from top to bottom with my index and middle fingers. 


There’s still no reaction from Serika. I’m not sure if she’s awake or not, but she might as well be begging me to fuck her at this point. If she makes a fuss after waking up, then I’ll make a fuss about how she baited me.


I’ve only been teasing her nipples, yet my cock is getting rock hard sitting in her cleavage. I wanted to shoot my load all over her tits, but I was determined to save myself for what’s to come. When you come across tits like these, it is your sworn duty to suck on them.

Knowing that I might never get to do this again is making me try everything I ever wanted.


They are getting hard, slowly but surely…

I can’t believe she was hiding those beauties.

I brushed my cock against her face. Having confirmed she was still asleep after sniffing my cock, I got off of the couch to get myself ready.

I shouldn’t change our position—I can’t risk waking her up.



Serika shuffled onto her side. She turned her body to face the back of the couch as she tucked her knees in.

Look at this slit on her dress.

The dress slipped down either side of her legs, and I could see a flash of her panties

Purple! She’s actually wearing purple lace panties.

It’s unbelievably racy for someone like her who spends a good chunk of her time fighting monsters in the Infinite Labyrinth.

She has to have worn them specifically to have sex with me.

Hmm… It might be tough to take them off. It looks like they’ll get stuck on her hips.

I guess I’ll have to do this…

I dragged her panties to one side.

Her pussy matched her nipples in its hue, and I reached inside her to see how aroused she was.


She’s wet.

It may not be enough, but I don’t think she’d wake up screaming in pain.

It sucks to have a giant cock at times like these.

She may not even realise I fucked her in her sleep if my cock was normal size.

Hey, did you finger me when I was sleeping?

Huh? Umm… 

Hmm, why is your cum dripping out of my pussy? Did you creampie me while I was asleep? Wait, was that your cock?! I thought it was your finger!

I could get away with it much easier if I had a small cock, but I would never want her to confuse my cock with a finger. Seeing as how my cock is as big as a woman’s forearm, it’s impossible not to feel it. 

Wait, if she doesn’t wake up, I guess that’s a sign she wants it?!

She’s practically begging me to fuck her. 

“It isn’t too late to say no. This is your last chance.”

I put my cock less than an inch away from her pussy. If she gets up now, I’ll have to redirect my sexual vigour to Laura.



Serika threw her legs towards the backrest of the couch. Her legs spread a bit wider, making it a bit easier for me to fuck her.

She wants me to fuck her!

Her pussy made a squelching noise as I pushed my dickhead in her pussy. It made me nervous to feel how tight she was.

Why am I being so nervous? I’ve never been this gentle when fucking Laura. I know I can go deep inside Serika using half the strength I used when fucking Laura.

Her pussy was tight like not even a finger had been inside it before, but it was now slowly making room for my cock.


This is it. I got the hang of this feeling as I took two girls’ virginity in this world.

Are you seeing this, the developers of Prince Archive Order? You were right. Hot, virgin, female characters who can fight will make people shell out ludicrous amounts of money.

My wallet may have suffered, but I’m being rewarded for all the pain I’ve endured.

I’m fucking a virgin while she sleeps!


I grabbed a wine bottle next to me.

I chugged what little wine was left in the bottle, and found the right angle to squeeze my cock inside her.

It feels like I’m using an onahole much too small for me. It reminded me of the time when my cock was too big for a pocket pussy and I ended up pushing out the silicone by force.

But I’m fucking a woman right now.

She may not be moaning, but I know she’s only pretending to be asleep.

I got you.

I can feel her pussy quivering with every thrust. Her lips twitched when I got her nipples hard a few moments ago, and her body is repeatedly tensing up.

I know the difference between fucking a conscious and an unconscious woman thanks to Laura, and that’s how I knew she was actually awake.

I caught on to the fact that she was giving me the chance to fuck her.



She’s trying to make it sound like she’s mumbling in her sleep, but I can tell she’s actually moaning.

An innie nipple is always extremely sensitive, so let me try this.

It would be a crime not to suck on her nipples.

I put my arm behind her to support her weight while I leaned forward.


Ah, this is somehow much more exciting than putting my cock inside her.

I’m dying to see how she’ll react every time my tongue brushes on her nipples.

But what if I’m wrong? What if I’m just raping her right now? What if she’s just clumsy or drunk enough to be fucked like this?


It was only for a moment, but I noticed her eyelids twitching as I licked her nipple.

I saw a flash of purple in her eyes.

Let’s just see how long you can keep this up.

I continued to shove my dick in her pussy as I teased her nipples with my tongue. 

“If you don’t wake up now, I’ll fuck you until I cum inside you.”


Serika remained asleep.


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Chapter 52

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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