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Chapter 50

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 50: To Drink is to Have Sex (1)

“Guild Master! Something terrible has happened!”

Guild Master Bernhardt noticed true horror on the young adventurer’s face as he ran through the door.

“Sertra was kidnapped by goblins on the 28th floor!”

“Give up.”

“Guild Master!”

“She was lost the moment she was kidnapped. She should’ve been saved within the hour. It’s already too late.”

The man collapsed on the spot upon hearing Bernhart’s dry voice.

“You told me she was kidnapped on the 28th floor. Goblins down there are even more brutal and violent than the ones on the 18th floor. They murder the men and kidnap the women. They’re going to—”

“Stop! I can’t bear to hear it!”

“They’ll rape her and force her to give birth to more goblins. Those goblins will grow up and try to find women for themselves. If they can’t, they’ll go back to the woman who gave birth to them and—”


The man screamed in despair. Blood slowly dripped down his face as he ripped clumps of his hair out. Bernhardt couldn’t do anything but close his eyes to the horror of the situation.

He has seen many who share similar stories to this young man. Many become adventurers for the profound sense of discovery and the romance of adventure, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, for adventurers exchange their sanity for income. Death is the least of their worries. They could be eaten alive by a cannibal, or get captured by a plant monster and spend the rest of their days getting their blood sucked out of them, or become bewitched to live the rest of eternity as an undead monster, or in this case, get raped every day for goblin reproduction.  

This is the true face of the Infinite Labyrinth.

“The only saving grace is that the goblins from the 28th floor are smarter than those from the 18th floor.”

“How could you say that?”

“That’s the truth. The goblins from the 18th floor would’ve raped and eaten her. They’re too primitive to think about anything else. But the ones from the 28th floor would keep her alive for future use.”


“I’ll organise a rescue party immediately. You can come if you’d like, but you must realise she won’t be the same. I can help you hide it from others if she’s been… disgraced… by the goblins.”


“You must marry her.”

“Are you telling me to marry a woman who’s been raped by goblins?”

“I am. Does she mean nothing to you?”


“I see... It’s up to you to decide what happens after we rescue her.”

Bernhardt muttered these words to himself, but loud enough for the young man to hear.

“You should’ve made sure this didn’t happen in the first place.”


Damn, this is some crazy backstory.

Apparently, Louie Permarten made it look like the women who were raped by monsters in the Labyrinth were raped by him. Obviously, it’s much better for someone to be raped by another human than a monster, especially if you want to live amongst humans.

Thank you, Scion! I would’ve never been accepted by society if they found out what really happened!

It was only my duty as the leader of this city. Be grateful towards your husband—he’ll have to carry the burden with you for the rest of your lives.

Thank you so much, Scion!

…Is that what really happened? Is Louie actually a good guy?

I tried to find any record the original Louie might’ve written down, but he wasn’t the type to keep a diary or a record.

I guess this is what I deserve as a player who skipped through his entire story.

Do the maids know? Does Astarote? Is this the reason why some people are disgusted by me using droit du seigneur while others don’t seem to care?

Ugh, fuck it.

I need to act based on what I know is true. It doesn’t matter what the original Louie did, I just need to do what’s in my best interest.

This is what happened so far.

1. Serika reacted positively to my offer to hire her as a technical advisor.
2. Serika doesn’t mind me being a pervert in front of her.
3. Serika wants to see me have sex with Laura.

I don’t know what’s going on, so I’ll just get to fucking.


I cleared my throat.

“Lay down on the table.”

I pushed all the empty bottles aside to make room for Laura.

Laura laid down in the middle of the round table. Her belly naturally protruded towards the ceiling because her arms were tied behind her back.

“Remember, it’s you who wanted to see me have sex.”

“I know, Scion.”

Serika reached for yet another bottle with a revitalised focus in her eyes.

Before I knew it, she cleaned up all the bottles on the table and sat on a chair much closer to us.

I untied Laura’s legs and threw the leather binds on the floor.

I pulled her by her legs so that her ass was barely hanging over the edge of the table. Coincidentally, the height of the table matched perfectly to my cock, enabling me to thrust comfortably.

It’s as if it was custom-made for just that purpose. Wait…

I pulled down both my underwear and my pants in one swift motion.

“It’s… quite large.”

Surprised, Serika’s mouth gaped open.

I’m happy she’s impressed by the size of my cock, but I really hope I get to stick my dick in that pretty mouth of hers.


With her hand on the neck of the bottle, the tip wet her lips as she took another sip. I found myself staring at it stupidly, imagining that it was my cock in her hand instead.

Shit, am I drunk?

No, I can’t be. I think hearing the story of droit du seigneur has thrown me off

I just need to focus on the pussy in front of me.

“Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had your pussy on this table, Laura.”


Laura frowned while repeatedly glancing at Serika.

“Could you please put the blindfold and mask back on?”



Oh, I see.

“No, I’ll give you this instead.”


I shoved my fingers in her mouth to secretly write down a message on her tongue.

I want to look you in the eyes while we have sex.


Before I knew it, her tongue was all over my fingers.

I’m sure showing her orgasm face to Serika is too embarrassing, but I couldn’t hold my writhing cock back anymore.

“Let’s get started.”

With my other hand resting on the table, I began thrusting.


Her tongue wrapped itself around my fingers and began squeezing it like a pussy.

I leaned over her and met her playful look with a whisper.

“Show our new technical advisor how good you are with a sword.”

Perhaps that was the exact motivation she needed—she began driving her hips onto my cock while my fingers remained in her mouth.


Laura effortlessly moved her hips back and forth like a wave.

“This is amazing…”

I took a sip of the wine and leaned over Laura to feed her directly from my mouth.


Her eyes widened like a full moon.

I could almost hear her whisper this to me:

If we were in the sex room, I would’ve wrapped my legs around you so you couldn’t pull your dick out of me. You should be glad I’m acting the part of an innocent girl getting raped.

She’s an incredible actress.

She gulped down the wine and looked up at me with hazy eyes.

“Scion… I feel tipsy…”

“Just from that? Don’t you see how much Serika and I drank?’


Serika crossed her legs as she moaned under her breath.



“May I suggest something as your technical advisor?”


She took the job.

“What is it?”

“I would like to see Miss Laura drunk. There are monsters capable of such magic in the Labyrinth.”

She opened another bottle.

“Why don’t you test how much of your spear Miss Laura can handle while drunk?”


“Your member is too large and impressive to be called a sword.”

“Serika, you’re a genius.”

I snatched a bottle.

“Time to stick this down your throat, Laur—”

“Master Louie…”


Laura looked up at me with tears pooling in her eyes.

“Fuck it. I’m getting fucked up tonight.”

I gulped down the wine I intended to get Laura drunk with.

I’m sure an opportunity to fuck Serika will present itself as I fuck the shit out of Laura.


I raised the bottle high over my head.

“You’re fucked.”


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Chapter 50

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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