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Chapter 45

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 45: Give and Take (2)


Jennis was absolutely furious. What a disgrace! How dare Louie tell her to show her panties to him like she was one of his slave knights? No matter how much power he wielded, he had clearly crossed the line.




What if that was a sign from Louie?


What would Louie have done if she showed him her panties?


It was difficult for her to imagine. Unlike these girls in Louie’s knight order, she had much to lose. She could bring herself to ruin with a single wrong decision, and it wasn’t like she could’ve asked someone for advice. It could start a sick rumor about the relationship between her and Louie.


Damn it all!


Louie had gone through a drastic change, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, producing an heir is an important matter.


“What if he really tries to impregnate me?”


Jennis must make a decision if she were to get pregnant.


She can either ally herself with the Kingdom and be rewarded for giving them a Permarten child, or she can ally herself with Louie and live as a Queen in Permarten. No matter her decision, Jennis was in a position to change her circumstances for the better by carrying Louie’s child.


But it meant she had to cut her ties with either the Kingdom or Louie.




It is much too early to think about it.


Jennis was jealous of Louie’s women, especially Laura. She could freely join Louie’s side because she had nothing to lose, and she now spends every waking moment having sex with Louie.


Could she be pregnant?


I can’t be sure if she’s pregnant since it hasn’t even been a month, but Louie has creampied her no less than a hundred times according to the head maid. I’m sure she’s just exaggerating, though. How would that even be possible? If Louie had been that starved for sex, why has he started acting like this just now?


“Could it be…?”


Jennis’ face turned pale.


“Could it be the Curse of the Infinite Labyrinth?”


She couldn’t be sure.


But Louie had changed, and she had to make her move.


“Head maid.”


“Yes, Countess.”


“Bring me the clothes I ordered last time.”


“Last time? Do you mean…?”


“Yes, that one.”


While Jennis couldn’t help but think about what the head maid would think of her, it’s something she had to do.


“I would like to see if Louie’s gone crazy over the bunny girl outfit or if he has an ulterior motive.”




“Aren’t you curious? Even though I’m his stepmother, and we aren’t related by blood, I’m still his mother. If he tries to rape me, it’ll prove that everything he’s been talking about producing an heir is a bold-faced lie. He’s just lost his mind for that outfit.”


“I understand, Countess. I will get it ready.”


“I hope the underwear isn't black or gold…” Jennis muttered to herself.




“Haa… That was amazing.”


I made Yurdias and Laura pass out from sex yet again. I laid them down side by side after cumming in them three times each.


“How’s that, Astarote? They must’ve gotten much stronger now, right?”


“It’s hard to say exactly how much stronger they’ve gotten, but I can say for certain that their mana increases every time you cum in them.”


“That’s what I wanted to hear.”


Sex magic is truly incredible. I can train my knights with my dick!


“Maybe I can make them strong enough to clear the 50th floor before they even step a foot inside the Labyrinth.”


“It is theoretically possible.”




“A man’s sexual energy naturally recharges over time, as long as he is healthy. If that energy enters Laura and Yurdias day after day…”


“They could accumulate enough mana to clear the 50th floor?”


“In theory.”


Could a character that’s been leveled purely through items be used in real gameplay? Of course! A character’s level is all that matters.


I’m sure on-field experience could become an issue, but it’s only a matter of time until that’s resolved.


“I’m truly pleased to hear that I can train my knights without putting them in danger. It’s all thanks to their talented teacher. If there’s anything you want?”


“If it isn’t too much for me to ask…”


Astarote peeked outside the room to make sure no one could overhear what she was about to say and timidly whispered in my ear.


“May I conduct a research on your sperm?”




“I just wanted to see if there’s anything in your sperm that may serve as a clue to undoing my curse.”


Is it really about her research?


I was curious, but she sounded too nonchalant for me to ask. She seemed nervous, but it could’ve been because she was worried about the maids overhearing her request.


My sperm can’t be taken outside because it is technically possible for a woman to impregnate herself with it and produce an heir without me ever knowing about it.


That’s probably why she wants to conduct her research here.


“I don’t mind, but that means I’ll need to shoot a fresh load.”


“Oh, would you mind if I did it for you?”


Is she serious?


“This is unexpected. You want to do it yourself?”


“Yes, I need to follow a proper research methodology. I will never bring any of it outside. I’ll do all my research here.”


“I’ll allow it. I know I can trust you.”


I leaned back on the couch with my legs open. I noticed Astarote grabbing something from the inside of her robe.


“Is that a glass bottle?”


Unfortunately, it was far too small for my cock. Not even my dickhead could fit in that.


“Excuse me, Scion.”


Astarote wore white latex-like gloves and kneeled in front of me. She proceeded to cast a spell on the bottle.




The bottle began floating freely in the air, and it swayed to match the movement of my dick.


“Pardon me.”


Astarote’s tiny hands could barely wrap themselves around my cock. Her hands started pistoning up and down in a stiff, mechanical manner.


“Please let me know when you’re about to cum.”


“Do you really think I’ll cum from this?”


Wait, I think I’m going to cum?!


The realization that I’m experiencing something that could never happen in real life got the better of me.


Fap fap fap.


There’s not even any skin-to-skin contact since she was wearing gloves, but just the way she was putting a concerted effort into the handjob was really getting me going.


I wanted to try and figure out a way for me to fuck her, but she was so fixated in her goal that I had to decide against it.




The quality of her handjob isn’t important at all. The important thing is that she’s holding my dick. Whether it’s for research or whatever, she went from being an observer to a participant.


It’s no fun if she gives it up right away.


I want to fuck her so badly, but I’ll have to be patient. I know she’ll want my cum more than anything in the world after she turns into a succubus.


“I’m going to pick up the pace.”


“Okay... Ahhh…”


Fap fap fap.


She locked her fingers together and pumped my cock. It somehow made me hornier that she was treating my cock like a tool. It was like she was forcing the cum out of me.


This makes me feel in a way that I’ve never felt before… 


“I think I’m going to cum.”




“Hey, I came six times today. I didn’t even get much rest either.”


I am honestly so fucking turned on right now. I want to cover her face with my cum as she looks up at me in that indifferent, apathetic way, as if she’s doing something completely normal.


“I’m cumming!”


Fuck it, I’m letting it all go!




A big load shot out of my cock. Astarote lifted up the bottle in a hurry, but the tension of the moment raised my cock ever so slightly.


Spurt, spurrrt.




Only half of it went into the bottle.


The other half ended up on Astarote’s bangs.




She calmly wiped the cum away with her hand. She observed the liquid with scholarly interest as it stretched out between her thumb and index finger.


“It’s amazing how this can be transformed into mana…”


“Are you okay?”


“What do you mean, Scion?”


“It’s all over your hair.”


“It’s fine. It’s no different than when a potion gets on my hair during research.”


Phew. I’m relieved.


I know how furious women can get when cum gets on their hair, but she seems fine with it.


“I’m just wondering, do you really think this is the best way?”


“What other way is there?”


“Well, instead of trying to place a bottle in front of my cock…”


I hope she responds well to what I’m about to say.


“Why don’t you hold it in your mouth and spit it out?”




It looked like she had a small epiphany.


I’m not suggesting this because I want to cum in her mouth. This is purely a method for her to obtain as much sperm as possible.


“I never even thought of that.”





Astarote looked over at Laura, still passed out on the bed.


“She always swallows.”




Come to think of it, I may have shown her all the wrong examples…


“I’ll prepare… a larger bottle next time.”


“What for?”




She opened her mouth wide in front of my cock.


“It won’t fit.”




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Chapter 45

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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