Chapter 44

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 44: Give and Take (1)


BDSM can be more hardcore than most people think.


Both parties involved need to have a thorough conversation in order to carry out an act where one has complete control over the other.


Most men want to be in control.


Oppa, I bought a new dildo today. It attaches to my panties.


Umm… Why would you need that?


Can I fuck you in the ass with it?


It’d be really rare for a man to agree to that, but if a woman can find one who does, she better hold on to him.


But in this world, things are different. There's a class system where owning slaves is legal, leading to the creation of devices for sexual dominance over said slaves. I only needed to go to the basement of the castle to find such a device. Being able to suffocate Yurdias in a tight leather outfit reaffirmed my power and authority.


I'm unsure of her sexual preferences, but one thing is clear: her current outfit isn’t as sexy as the official skin from the game.


I need a bodysuit, like Catwoman’s.


Although I’m not into hardcore leather stuff, I think it’s what suits her the best. Her bodysuit would need a zipper down the middle so I could easily unzip her down to her belly button. Unfortunately, such a design doesn't exist here. The best I could do was have Amy sketch the suit based on my description.


Why isn’t there a bodysuit when they have bunny suits?


“Are you embarrassed?”


“No… I’m not…”


“Come closer.”


She hesitated for a moment. It seemed like something was bothering her.


“Turn around.”




“Don’t make me repeat myself.”


Yurdias finally turned around.




Her butt was completely exposed.


The chastity belt was designed in such a way that it didn’t cover the person’s butt, so her ass ended up being exposed in this outfit.


If I don’t make her wear something over it, she’ll be known as the ‘Open Ass Pervert.’ On top of that, she can’t even wear panties because of the chastity belt. 


“Would you like me to give you a tail?”


“Yes, Scion? What did you say?”


“You said yes.”


“Wait, no! I mean, umm… What do you mean by a tail…?”


“It’ll be some furry thing attached to your anal plug. I’ll think of it as a sign you want to be fucked whenever you wag your tail.”




I wish you could see her face when I said that.


Good, she better be scared of me. I need my maids to underestimate me by thinking of me as degenerate trash.






“Why are you wearing that?”



Laura was left speechless.


While Yurdias was covered in dripping leather bands resembling a spider web, Laura was wearing… the letter ‘T.’


Essentially, it could be described as something that only covered her nipple and pussy and, therefore, was not an actual article of clothing. I had never even seen a skin like that.


“I don’t recall ever telling you to wear something like that.”


“I thought it would be nice for me to wear something that matched her outfit…”


“Take it off. Actually, change into your normal costume. I think you look the best when you’re wearing the bunny girl suit.”


“Yes, Scion…”


She gathered her clothes in her arms and walked towards the bathroom, accepting her defeat.


I thought I noticed her quietly laughing to herself on her way to the washroom.


What a crazy girl. I can see that she’s enjoying this whole thing.


But what's most important for me is that she remains a bunny girl. It feels like she would no longer be a 3-star if she wasn’t in her bunny girl outfit.


Yurdias doesn’t have anything like that, though…


Unlike Laura [Bunny girl] or Serika [Bathing suit], Yurdias was never released as a limited edition character. Instead, she got a new skin.


It was her in a black bodysuit, like a secret spy or an assassin.




Should I make one for her?


I’m sure a designer could make a great outfit based on my description of her skin. It could be refreshing to change up their costumes once in a while.


I need to switch it up and try a bunny girl, a bodysuit, a maid outfit, a bathing suit, or a magical girl… You get the idea.


It’s only for my eyes to see, of course. I don’t even let any man see me have sex with my knights. Why would I let those random men see them in slutty outfits?


I’d rather make them wear full-body plate armor.






“Does the advisor have to wear these kinds of outfits as well…?”




Panicked, Astarote frantically scanned Yurdias from top to bottom.


“Would you like to?”


“I’d rather not…”


“Would you rather wear a bunny girl outfit, then?”


“I’m sorry, Scion… I’m just not comfortable with exposing that much skin…”


Astarote averted her gaze.


Not comfortable, my ass. You’re well on your way to becoming a succubus. You’ll end up exposing way more skin than Yurdias. Oh, Astarote, you’ve no idea how silly you sound right now.


“It’s just too much for me…”


“I’ll make a note of it.”


I don’t know what she’ll be wearing when she enters the Labyrinth, but I’m just happy to see her becoming more accepting of my knight order.


Everything's coming together. Even though the maximum allowed number of party members is six, a five-man party is still viable.


Louie Permarten, Laura [Bunny girl], Astarote, Yurdias Hania, and Serika [Bathing suit]


God, I want Serika so badly.


It would be the perfect party.


The bathing suit knight leading the way, the bunny girl DPS and bodysuit thief in the middle, all backed by the succubus mage.


And I…



This is giving me a headache. I’ll think about this tomorrow.


“There’s something else I would like you to do for me.”


“Are you going to make all your knights learn sex magic?”


“You read my mind.”


I groped Yurdias’ ass and pulled her close.


“Don’t you wonder how effective training through sex could be?”




A transparent liquid dripped down her leg as soon as I unlocked her chastity belt.


“You should be able to pick up sex magic while having sex, right?”




Laura hastily darted back in small, rapid steps after changing back into her bunny girl outfit.


“It’s important to be concentrated while learning sex magic, and I think your cock would be a huge distraction.”



“While Yurdias learns sex magic, I will keep your cock company in her place!”


“Is that right?”


“Yes, Scion!”


Laura is so considerate… Or maybe she just wanted to get fucked.


“Then I’ll…”


Yurdias didn’t say a word but spread her asscheeks open, with her arms tied behind her back.


No way. How could she possibly be asking for anal after I threatened her with it?


I’m sorry, Laura.


I pulled Yurdias down on my dick.


“Haa… Haa…”


Laura was thoroughly disappointed.


“Can you cast a sex spell on her before teaching her sex magic?”


“Is it for mana absorption?”


“That’s right. She might have an easier time learning if she experiences it firsthand.”


What a lucky girl Yurdias is.


“Ahhh! It’s all the way in!! Ahh!”


She’s making her way to the Guild Master’s seat by getting fucked.




Meanwhile, a woman came down to the dungeon where the thieves had been locked up.


“Listen, all prisoners.”


The thieves recognized her since she’d been here before with Louie.


“Your master has been executed. If you wish to avenge his death, we’ll swiftly send you off with him.”




“The law demands your execution alongside your master. However, the merciful Scion, influenced by your vice-master's desperate plea, has offered a different fate.”


“What would that be?”


“One person will be freed per three creampies.”


The thieves let out a collective groan.


Amy continued, undeterred by the thieves.


“Four of you will be released today.”


“Wait… It’s only been a day since we got arrested.”


“The Scion must’ve taken a liking to your vice-master.”


“Miss Hania… I can’t believe it…!”


“She’s so brave to have sacrificed herself!”


“We won’t ever forget this, Miss Hania!”


Will the thieves remember this and stay loyal to Yurdias Hania, accepting her as their Master? 


No one knows.


But Amy knew, at the very least, that Permarten didn’t make an enemy out of all these thieves. It would be a thing of a tactical genius if Louie’s plan of buying the thieves’ loyalty through sex worked out.


“Oh, I made a mistake.”




“Five of you will be released today.”




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Chapter 44

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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