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Chapter 43

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 43: This is how the Scion Recruits (7)


As morning dawned, Serika was released.


She isn’t completely off the hook, though. She still needs to come see me at Permarten Castle tonight. 


Hopefully, we’ll see eye to eye on what we have to discuss.


I’m sure she doesn’t expect me to stop at just having wine together. She’ll expect me to spike the wine or something, but I know none of that’ll work on someone of her caliber.


I wouldn’t be able to make her mine even if I threatened her with a permanent Labyrinth ban. There are other ways to make a living after all. 


Serika was a talented swordsman. To be honest, her skills were too good for her to be the technical advisor of my knight order. If she joined the Kingdom, she could easily become the vice commander of their army. She would likely be promoted to Commander with some more experience under her belt. Her prowess was beyond reproach.


She was still subjected to sexual harassment in the past, but she dealt with those people appropriately. She just took it a bit too far this time.


“I’m back, Guild Master.”




A wide-eyed Bernhardt greeted her.


“What happened? Did anything happen to you?”


“I was locked up all night. I was released this morning.”


“What a relief… I thought maybe you…”


“Maybe I…?”


“Ahem… I shouldn’t have said anything.”


Bernhardt looked away with a flustered face.


“What? Louie Permarten didn’t lay a finger on you?”


“Fucking hell! I thought you would’ve become the ‘Sword Slut’ by now! There goes my bet!”


“Did… these people bet on whether I’d get raped?”


Serika was sick and tired of these adventurers and their sexual harassment.


“Do you think it’s okay to keep spewing such filth just because I don’t confront you about it?”


“What? It’s all jokes! You’re making a big deal about nothing!”


“We all knew the Sword Prude isn’t the one to let anyone rape her, even if it’s Louie Permarten!”


“That’s right! We knew you’d come back without a scratch on you! Just so you know, betting on that was a long shot!”




Serika was frustrated, but she couldn’t do anything about them. These people didn’t have a future, and they didn't have anything to lose. If she tried to beat them up, they’d all gang up in an attempt to rape her. That’s what every mercenary of the Infinite Labyrinth was like. The deeper they climbed down the Labyrinth, the more corrupted they became.

“Give me the money; I won the bet!”


“How do you know if she’s still a virgin or not? You never know!”


“You motherfucker, didn’t you hear what she said? Give me the money!”


“Fuck off! What if she got fucked in the ass?”




Gentle sorrow came over Serika. They weren’t always like this. They used to be polite and earnest, but the Labyrinth began rotting their sanity little by little.


“I’m sorry. They get like that when they forget to take their medicine.”


“I know.”


Serika could only hold herself back because she knew about the Curse of the Infinite Labyrinth.


Slowly, but surely, the Curse of the Infinite Labyrinth drives every adventurer mad. The only way to resist its influence was through strong mental resilience or other means; otherwise, it would consume one entirely.


Despite all the dangers, the Infinite Labyrinth still attracted people for one reason.




“There was a time when adventurers were inspired by dreams and the sense of discovery. But those ideals were overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of money.”


He sighed deeply.


“You should take a rest inside, Serika.”



Serika asked calmly.


“Do you know a place where I can get a suit from?”




Bernhardt spoke, unable to hide his concern.


“Do you know what happened to the new adventurer who came by recently?”


“Are you talking about the rookie?”


“Yeah… She asked me if I could get her a bunny outfit, and she hasn’t returned yet. I heard a rumor that she’s become Louie’s woman and is forced to have sex with him 24 hours a day.”


“Hey, Sword slut! Did you or did you not get fucked by Louie?!”




She tightened her fist and clenched her jaw.


“I don’t think I can wait until evening.”


She was already furious about getting her gem stolen. Then she ended up getting arrested for trying to take it back, and this is what these people had to say to her first thing after she got back?


“Master, do you think it’s the Labyrinth that drives people mad, or were they always like this?”


“I’m not sure.”


Bernhardt sighed once again.


“Maybe the Labyrinth is showing us who they really were all along.”




Even though Jennis didn’t show me her panties, at least I can continue this breakfast with the panties thing.


She has no idea how important this is.


Breakfast with panties isn’t some random, perverted thing. It is a way for me to check that I still wield power over the city. It is a tremendous act that serves as a shining beacon of my authority!


Jennis worries so much over nothing. 


She’s always going off about how important it is to ensure that the woman I’m with isn’t some whore from the streets. She claims it’s because she’s worried about me, but it almost feels like she’s only saying that because she doesn’t have the guts to have sex with me, despite her desperation to do so.


Is it because she wants to maintain her image?


I mean, Jennis was never the go-getter type. But I’m sure she’ll fall eventually, as long as I keep up my attempts to wear down her defenses. Conversely, I can just fuck her if there’s ever a time where we are alone together with no one watching. 


I have many girls to fuck anyway. Jennis wants me more than I want her.


“Instructor Astarote, I have a question.”


“Ask away, Scion.”


“Is there a way for me to visually check Laura’s increased mana? I’m asking you since you taught her the sex magic.”


She shook her head. 


“It’s impossible to see mana with your eyes.”


“What a shame.”


“But I can feel her mana increasing.”


“How do you know that?”


“From my intuition as a mage.”


I guess she can feel Laura’s energy or something.


“How much did her mana increase?”


“By a huge margin.”



“It doesn’t even make any sense! It’s as if she’s been eating magic stones.”


I could see how she was hesitating to ask this question, but her curiosity got the better of her.


“How many times did you do it…?”


“Ten times.”


“She grew so much with just that?”


“A day.”




She furrowed her brow at me with contemptuous eyes.


“Are you… okay? I’m worried something might go wrong with you.”


“I’m fine. I could only have sex ten times a day with her so far, but I might be able to push beyond that now.”



“Laura couldn’t last more than ten times a day, but I’ve also got Yurdias now.”


Congratulations to the newest member of the knight order, Yurdias!!


“I dressed her up in a maid outfit this morning, but it didn’t really suit her all that well. So I’m preparing a special outfit for her.”


I really didn’t think there would be anything like it in this world, so I just told them about the general concept of the outfit. While it is currently being made, I found something pretty similar to what I wanted. I knew something similar to what I had envisioned would exist in this world since they had a class system and, more importantly, slaves.


Speak of the devil.




“Pardon my intrusion…”


Yurdias made her entrance.


She was trying her best to look calm, but her eyes lost focus and moved around aimlessly in shame and embarrassment.


“This is it.”

There are two types of people in every world: those who are in control and those who are being controlled. Sometimes those in control wish to wield close power over their people. 


“Just like how Laura wears a bunny girl outfit as her uniform, this is your uniform.”


“Do I really have to wear this all the time?”


“You’ll have to enter the Labyrinth wearing it.”




Yurdias dropped her head.


“Haha! I’m just kidding. I would never send you in with your arms tied behind your back like that. I’ll come up with something different.”


If I were to come up with a single word to describe what she was wearing, it would be leather.


“Isn’t it perfect for a ‘Back Alley Queen’?”


Yurdias was in a hardcore dominatrix outfit.


“You look like a queen of the dark alleys in a depraved city.”


Wearing a chastity belt, of course.


“Hmm… I guess you look more like a slave than a queen? Whatever, who cares?”




I grabbed the chain around her neck.


“Since that’s the case, I’ll treat you like one.”


Oh, by the way. There’s an official skin from the game that looks just like this.




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