Chapter 42

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 42: This is how the Scion Recruits (6)


I opened the doors of my sex room and greeted the two women first thing in the morning.


“Are you ready?”




Laura was trembling like a scared puppy, and Yurdias seemed lost and afraid. As long as they were out where others could see us, they knew they were going to be treated like shit.


And that’s how it should be. You have to remember that Yurdias is supposed to be getting screwed over by the evil and lecherous Scion.




“Yes, master!”




Being called a ‘master’ is a bit weird, but at least it shows that she’s loyal to me.


“Amy, are you there?”


“Yes, Scion.”


Amy didn’t seem even a bit tired after accompanying me to the dungeon early in the morning and leaving for ‘disciplinary concerns.’


“Lock her up.”


“Yes, Scion.”


I didn’t even need to tell her anything else. Amy immediately grabbed an anal dildo from the box.


“Wait, hold off on the dildo. Just the chastity belt.”




“There’s no need for it until we make an anal plug for her. I’m sure she’s learned her lesson from taking my cock in her ass.”




I’m sure everyone will think of her as the bitch who got addicted to my dick after just a single night of getting her brains fucked out of her. It’s better to play it like this than to rely on Yurdias’ poor acting.




The chastity belt is on.


Yurdias’ face was flushed with embarrassment, while I reached for Laura in her bunny girl outfit.


“Laura, wait. Take it off.”


“But it’s so early in the morning…?”


“No, I want you to change into something else.”


“Into what?”


“I want to see you both in a maid outfit.”


To be precise, I want to have sex with women in maid outfits.


I can’t fuck my maids, though, because it would be messy if they actually got pregnant.


I’m pregnant with Louie Permarten’s child! I’ve finally succeeded! I’m going to run away and have the child in secret so they can kill Louie!


The moment the maid sides with either the Empire or the Kingdom, they’ll come for me. They’ll decapitate either my head or my dickhead, or… maybe even both?!


That’s why I’m dressing my knights in maid outfits instead.


“I’ll head up to my office. Amy, dress them and bring them up.”


“May I ask you a question, master?”


“What is it?”


“Is it part of a knight’s duty to work as a maid?”


“No, it isn’t.”


“Then why…?”

I glanced at Amy’s skirt.


“I want the preparations done before breakfast. Make sure they’re wearing nice underwear. That goes for you too, Amy.”


“I understand.”


On my way up to my office, I could feel everyone’s disgusted glare at me, the Pervert Scion of Permarten.


But a panty a day keeps the doctor away.


Who cares if they call me a pervert behind my back? Panties make me happy.




A voice from upstairs interrupted my daydreaming.


I could see red panties up her dress.


“I heard something happened overnight.”




It was Jennis Permarten in a red dress. She had a full face of makeup, even though it was so early in the morning.


“Have you had breakfast yet?”




“Then we shall eat together. I haven’t had breakfast yet either.”


Hmm… Why would she ask to have breakfast together?


“That’s fine, but…”




“Let’s have breakfast in my office. It’ll be cozier than at the dining hall.”


I walked up to her and held her hand. It wasn’t a customary way to hold your mother’s hand, but rather a lover’s, but it was important that I was taking the lead.


Who knows what she’s prepared for me in her room?


My office wasn’t perfectly safe either, but it was still much better than Jennis’ room or the dining hall.


“Fine…There’s something I must discuss with you.”


“There are many prying eyes and ears here.”


“It’ll be fine.”


I’m getting nervous. What would she want to talk about?


“Yurdias Hania; she doesn’t seem like a bad girl, but you never know what’ll happen if you get her pregnant.”


“Haha! Do you think she’ll run?”


“She might.”


“She’s not that type of a girl.”


Her voice became more tense.


“You’re not listening to me.”


“I am. I’ve given you a proper reply.”


“No one knows where she came from. I’ve never even heard of the name ‘Hania.’ My only relief is that she seems healthy, but if she gets pregnant…”


“She’ll become a wife to the Scion.”






I squeezed her hand.


“If she gets pregnant, she becomes mine.”


“I don’t trust her. You can’t forget that she came here to con you!”


“And now she’s loyal to me. I punished her appropriately for her crime and put a leash on her neck. She’ll never be able to escape me.”


That’s right, I’m talking about the chastity belt.


“I thought you were going to talk about that maid, mother.”


“The maid…? Oh, the one with the glasses.”


Jennis nodded to herself.


“I don’t understand why you became so hateful of glasses all of a sudden.”


“They make me soft.”




“Glasses are such a turn off. They kill my boner like nothing else.”


The slight tremor in her hand was noticeable. I guess the topic of pregnancy was ultimately about producing an heir, but talking about fetishes seemed to have gotten her uncomfortable.


I’m somewhat surprised she isn’t talking about the ‘disciplinary action’ Amy carried out. This means either Amy never reported it to Jennis or Jennis doesn’t care.


Either way, I guess it doesn’t really matter.




I opened the door to my office.


It was well organized like always. I led her to the table where I often had breakfast.


“Let me ask you something, Louie.”


“Go ahead.”


“You seem to be fine with just any woman as your wife. Is this true?”


“Of course not. There are three qualities I’m looking for. One, she must have the ability to protect herself. Two, she must be beautiful. Three…”


Should I say this?


“She must be a virgin.”


“Is virginity that important?”


“It is extremely important.”


“You don’t care about anything else?”


“Not unless it’s some monumental flaw.”


It would be a problem if she was a ‘vaginal virgin,’ but had a thousand guys fuck her in the ass. But otherwise…


“Do you have someone in mind?”




“It seemed like you had someone in mind. Why else would you be asking these questions?”


“Well… No…”




The maids placed plates of food and cutlery in front of us.


Bread, soup, bacon, and some vegetables.


“We’ll talk more after breakfast.”


“I would like to share my philosophy, mother.”


“What is it?”


“I believe one must be efficient with their time. Even during breakfast.”




“I think it’s about time they—”


The door opened, and three maids entered the room. 


“Laura, Yurdias, and Amy.”


I wiped away my drool with a napkin.


“Close the door behind you. All three of you, stand in a line, and pull your skirt up.”






I need to be bold. It isn’t the first time anyway.


“Please excuse us, Countess…”


Amy pulled her skirt up, and the other two followed her lead. Amy had a white pair of panties with a lace. 




Laura held up her skirt by biting on the edge of it. Her panties were black, like her bunny girl outfit.


And Yurdias…




Her trembling hands held her skirt firmly down.


I turned towards her, with a piece of bread still in hand.


“What do you think you’re doing? I want my mother to inspect you.”


“What? What am I to inspect?”


“Which one of these three do you think will be the best at giving birth?”


“Did you have sex with Amy too?!”


“No, not yet. She’s just here for comparison. She’s got killer hips, you know.”


When it came to hips, she was better than even the (future) goddess Laura.


“Yurdias, I gave you an order. Don’t make me repeat myself.”




“Take off your skirt right now. If you don't—”


Yurdias’ skirt softly fell on the ground.


I leaned back on my chair with my legs crossed.




“Is that a chastity belt?!”


“That is my leash on her. She’ll never escape me.”


I shoved bread down my throat.


“I check up on her like this every morning and evaluate who’ll be the best at giving birth. It makes me feel incredible!”


“I wanted to bring this up last time, but don’t you think you’ve crossed the line?”




“I don’t think this is right.”


Jennis shook her head in disappointment.


“This is just…”


“Would you like to show me your panties then, mother?”




“It’s simple.”


I pointed at the empty spot next to Amy.


“Keep your mouth shut if you’re not going to show me your panties.”


Or I’ll fuck you too.



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Chapter 42

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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