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Chapter 46

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 46: Give and Take (3)


I placed a glass bottle in front of Laura and Yurdias.


“I’m going to conduct an experiment.”


“An experiment?”


The white and sticky liquid in the bottle is—as you would expect—my cum. What I’m about to do isn’t a part of Astarote’s experiment. Astarote collected the cum on her hair in a separate bottle for it. My experiment is purely to satisfy my curiosity.


Even the maids are standing by with quills and paper to record what they’ll see.


“I’m going to see how sperm transforms into mana.”


“Oh, I get it! You’re going to see if we can absorb your cum as mana with our sex magic!”


“Very good, Laura.”




She doesn’t have to act dumb over something like this. She’s the captain of my knight order, after all.


“I’m going to conduct an experiment with you two. Laura can actually use sex magic, so I know there could be some discrepancy in the results, but I just need to see if it works at all.”


The experiment will be a success as long as my sperm transforms into mana.


“What do you think would be the best way to turn this into mana? Any thoughts, Yurdias?”


“What if I use that as a face mask?”


“A mask?”


“Like a facial mask you rub on to your skin?”


“Hmm… No.”


If she rubs it on to her tits, I won’t be able to suck on them, and it would be such a pain to make her wash it off.


“We’ve already tested it, right, Astarote?”


“You’ve tried it?” Laura asked in an anxious tone.


“Did you try it when I was asleep?”


“No, she rubbed it on her lower belly, but it wasn’t on her skin.”



Laura looked away awkwardly. I’m sure the flushed look on her face isn’t entirely because of the cum in front of her. She finally spoke, fighting her embarrassment.


“I couldn’t absorb it through my skin, even with sex magic. I don’t think it’s possible.”


“Oh, I see… I’m sorry, I couldn’t be of help.”


“It’s okay, Astarote. You shouldn’t hesitate to share your thoughts. You might come up with an idea that no one has thought of.”


Astarote looked down, deflated.


It must be difficult to think about sex magic given her circumstances. That being said, the idea of skin absorption was intriguing.


“What do you think, Laura?”


“What about swallowing? We can absorb mana when you cum in our mouths.”


“You’re right, but… isn’t it weird to drink cum like potion?”


“I guess…?”


“You could just drink mana potions instead.”


Drinking it would be so inefficient and would create another huge problem.


“I can’t kiss you if you’re drinking cum all the time.”


“I can’t think of anything else. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one way.”


“What is it?”


“The most efficient and foolproof way.”


Laura placed her hands on her lower stomach.




“You think so?”


You can’t rub it on your skin or drink it, so creampie proves to be the best way to transform sperm into mana.


“I’d like to conduct another experiment.”


I snapped my fingers.




“Yes, Scion?”


“Grab Yurdias from the back and hold her legs open.”


“Yes, Scion!”


Laura swiftly got behind Yurdias and held her by her thighs.


“Wait, Captain Laura?!”


“This is the Scion’s order.”


“But you can’t—”


I ran my hand down her crotch.


“This is for science. Stop squirming.”


“Excuse me, Miss Yurdias.”


“Huh?! Why are you in front of me, Astarote?! Aaaaah!”




Astarote, wearing her white gloves, shoved my cum deep into Yurdias’ vagina.


“Wait, I don’t understand! What are you doing to me, Astarote?!”


“This is an experiment. You need to stay still and cooperate, Yurdias.”


“Do you hear that? You need to stay still. It’s the Scion’s order.”


“But... Ahhhh!!”


“Casting sex magic!”




Yurdias’ head shot back.


“I’ll grab her legs, Laura.”


“I’ll do this, then.”


Laura put Yurdias’ head between her tits and covered her mouth.




Astarote was kneeling in front of Yurdias’ pussy while both Laura and I held her down. As Astarote leaned forward, her ass was mere inches away from my cock.


Should I start grinding her? I could just make it look like an accident.






Before I even made my move, she began undulating her body towards mine.


Is she doing this on purpose, or is it just a coincidence?


If she was a full-on succubus, I would’ve thrust my dick deep in her pussy already. But right now, she’s just a mage who despises the succubus curse.


I’m going to remember how horny I’m now and save it for when I inevitably take her virginity.


“Hmm… It’s not working.”


Before I could do anything, Astarote shook her head.


“I don’t think forcibly injecting sperm will work.”


“Really? That’s disappointing.”


Unfortunately, all the experiments we had today ended in failure.


“I guess that was it. You can go home now, Instructor Astarote.”


“May… I continue my research here?”


“Sure. The experiments are done, so you may continue with whatever research you wish.”


Astarote headed towards an empty table with her bottle in hand.


I sneakily slid my cock inside Yurdias.




A scream of pleasure and joy originated somewhere between Laura’s tits.


Her pussy squeezed my cock, as if it were waiting for it.


“Haa… Do you like his cock that much, Yurdias? I think you like it better when you’re held down like this.”


“The same goes for you too.”




Laura looked at me shyly.


“Would you do that for me too, then?”


“Well… not today.”


“How come?”


“I need to sleep.”


Unfortunately for Yurdias, I didn’t start fucking her to cum.




I pulled my cock out once I felt she was about to climax. I can’t afford to cum today. 


“I need to rest up. I’ve got an important meeting tonight.”


What good is all the work I’ve done up to this point if I can’t get it up while I’m with the Sword Maiden?


“Once you get up, I want you to clean yourself up. Remember that I’ve given you a mission.”


“Yes, Scion…”


The most important thing right now is for me to recoup my strength.


I’m seeing Serika in the evening, and there’s still lots of time left in the day.


“Come to bed, Laura. I need a pillow.”



I laid down on the bed, with Laura by my side. Her tits pressed against the side of my body while one of her legs climbed over mine.


“This is nice…”


It’s nice to cuddle up like this once in a while.


It’s only noon, but I got up early in the day, so I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep.


I threw a blanket over us.


It’s all thanks to my power and authority that I can sleep naked without worrying about cleaning up after that debauchery.


What a life. My maids do everything for me.




I whispered in her ear while gently petting her.


“You will stay by my side until I wake up. You can consider that as me tying you up.”


“Yes, Scion.”


She snuggled up even closer with a smile on her face.


“Please rest, Scion.”





Laura sneakily stretched her leg over Louie’s body. She bent her leg around Louie’s cock so that it was held up by the back of her knee.


Laura licked her lips and buried her face in Louie’s chest.




Laura had a firm grip on Louie’s cock under the blanket while her hands caressed his chest.




Laura became Louie’s pillow, just like he ordered.




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Chapter 46

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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