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Chapter 30

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 30: How to get to the Labyrinth (5)


Knock knock


I sat down on the couch the same way I did when I first met Laura, except I was much more relaxed this time. 


“Come in,” I said in a commanding tone.


“Excuse me, Scion.”


Wait, this sounds like...

I’m familiar with her cold, soft voice dressed in a slightly lower tone.




The door opened, and a woman dressed in a suit made her entrance.


“Nice to meet you, Scion.”


She was wearing a white shirt with a black suit and a deep blue tie the same color as her hair.


Why is there an office lady in a fantasy world?


Well, there are swimsuits, wedding dresses, and bunny girls in this world, so an office lady with ample bosom is actually very normal.


Holy crap.

I can tell she’s got huge tits immediately. 

“I’m honored to meet the most prestigious man of Permarten. My name is Yurdias Hania, and I have cleared 25 floors of the Infinite Labyrinth on my own.”


“You have great skill.”

That isn’t worth bragging about, but I won’t tell her since she’s probably hiding her true strength.

I’ve already checked through Astarote, and there’s a difference between a character’s real-life and in-game levels. 


It must be the same for Yurdias as well.


“What is your weapon of choice?”

“I use daggers. I’m known as the rogue in my party.”


“You must be well versed in finding traps.”

“Yes. My party is highly likely to survive as long as I’m with them.”


“You must be proud of your achievements.”


“Thank you for your kind words, Scion.”


The conversation is going too smoothly.


I never offered her a seat, so she’s been standing by the door. But even then, she’s been perfect in answering my questions while simultaneously pointing out her strengths.


How audacious.


She’s exactly the type of person I was looking for.


“Come in and have a seat opposite to me.”


“Yes, Scion.”


I spread my legs wide open.

My member was very noticeable under my gown as Yurdias sat down in front of me. 


She initially glanced at my cock, but quickly pulled her gaze up around my chest.


She’s giving me her full attention while being well-mannered enough not to look me in the eye.


“So, I understand you want to join my knight order?”


“Yes, Scion.”




It’s an odd question, but I’m curious.


“Why should I trust you enough to let you join us?”

“A knight does only as much work as she’s paid.”


“What does that mean?”


“I heard you pay a lot of money.”




She’s right.


“That’s right! Is there any other reason?”

“I concluded this is how I can make the most money with the skills I possess.”


“You could also sell yourself to a whorehouse.”

Yurdias didn’t seem to like what I said, but she remained seated perfectly.

“Yes, I could make the most by selling my body. I have a great body, so I’ll probably fetch a high price.”


“Hmm, and?”


“And I thought it’d be best to sell myself to the one who’ll pay the most.”


“That’s interesting. Why would I spend so much money on you?”


“As long as you promise me appropriate compensation, I will devote myself to you with three things.”


“Three things?”


“My loyalty as a knight, my ability as an adventurer, and my pussy.”




Those are the exact things I wanted.


“You’re offering me the three things I need the most. It’s so perfect I’m beginning to get suspicious.”

“I analyzed your preferences repeatedly. I concluded that I had to offer these three things for you to hire me.”


“That’s perfect. It’s good to have such a skilled woman by my side. But…”


I leaned forward and opened my legs wide.


“Are you a virgin?”




“Why aren’t you answering? I asked you how many men you slept with.”


“Pardon me, Scion.”


I noticed her hands tense up.


“But I am yet to sleep with a man.”


“Perfect. You’re hired.”


“What did you say?”


“You’re hired. You’re the exact type of person I’ve been looking for. I would rip open your shirt and thrust my cock into you on the spot.”




She’s smart enough to realize the meaning behind my words.


“Why are you turning me down?”


She’s cunning.


She wouldn’t have noticed my dissatisfaction if she hadn’t, considering she had all the qualifications I was looking for.


She’s amazing at analyzing people based on the information at hand, but it's just too bad she had to go against me.


I’ve maxed out your character before.


Even though I skipped through her story, I’m still aware of her background.

It’s essential for someone like Yurdias, who’s more than what meets the eye.


“Yurdias Hania.”


She’s a 2-star character with decent performance.


I sat back and crossed my legs.

“What’s the vice-master of the Thieves Guild doing here?”


Her expression changed in an instant. 


For a moment, I was afraid she might assassinate me, but we’re in the Permarten castle. She knows she’s fucked if she touches me.


Also, thieves aren’t killers. 


Most of the time, anyway…


Regardless, I know she won’t kill me because she’s a virgin.


I know I can trust virgins.


Think about who is the least likely to kill you out of the following: a male assassin, a slut assassin, and an innocent virgin assassin. The answer is clear.


“Calm down. I won’t make an enemy out of you.”


“How do you know who I am?”


 “Do you think there’s anything the Scion of Permarten doesn’t know?”

There’s actually a shitton of stuff I don’t know about. 


I don’t have a clue about how the main story’s progressing.


But I’m not dumb enough to forget about a character I maxed out.

“There’s not a single person who knows more about the underworld of Permarten than I. I can’t be bothered to find out every little thing, but I’m well aware that much filth takes place down there.”




“I know you only deal in information, so I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t cause too much trouble. It’s not like I can tax information.”


“Then may I…”


Yurdias sat up.


“May I ask something as the sub-master of the Thieves Guild?”


“What is it?”


“What is the purpose of your knight order?”


“It’s to recruit knights for gem collection.”


“Is there nothing more to it?”


“What? Was your guild expecting something different?”




I’m sure they have their theories.


Louie Permarten changed overnight, so it’s no wonder they assume something must be up with my knight order.


“I’m sure many people have requested information from your guild, but you can’t give away information you’re not certain of. That’s why you are here, isn’t it?”



“There’s only one reason you’re here instead of the many others you have in your guild.”


I chuckled.


 “I’m sure it’s almost impossible to find a hot virgin from the streets no one knows about.”




“Am I wrong?”


“You are right, Scion…”


Even the Counts of Permartens have routinely participated in rape and murder. What are the odds a woman living in the underworld still has her virginity?




A Gacha character is always a virgin.


Unless she’s already married or is a widow, or is a full-on slut, every single gacha character is a virgin.


Not a virgin?


Fuck that, why would I want her if she isn’t a virgin?


I don’t care how good they are in battle!


If they’re not virgins, the very existence of the game might be put into question.

The developers are finding ways to even turn widows into virgins nowadays.


That means Yurdias is a virgin.


I can trust her.


“I have an offer for you.”


“What is it?”


“It’s simple.”


I spread my legs open.


“Grab my cock, Yurdias.”


We’re allies from now on.




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Chapter 30

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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