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Chapter 31

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 31: Con Artist Arrested (1)


After I became Louie Permarten, I decided not to have sex with just anyone. 


Even though I could.


I only give my cock to women I trust.


Which means holding my cock is a symbol of that trust.


“Why won’t you hold my cock? Is this beneath you?”


“Don’t people usually shake hands after coming into agreement?”


“Yes, but it doesn’t mean anything since they could wash their hands immediately. But holding someone’s cock is different.”


I pointed at my cock, still hidden under my gown.


“I don’t offer it to just anyone. If you want to become allies, you better grab my cock right now.”


“Is this some kind of a blackmail?”


“Blackmail? You’re making me laugh. Does this look like I’m blackmailing you?”

“You’re standing there with your cock pointed at me like it’s a spear.”




She just compared my cock to a spear. Although it isn’t a weapon or anything.


Louie’s dick is almost too big for most women to handle.


So, I guess depending on her size, it could be?


In that sense, it could definitely be classified as a weapon. After all, virgins bleed after getting stabbed with it.


“Are you going to reject my offer?”


“No, I’m not rejecting it… I just don’t think we have to have sex.”


“I thought you came here with the understanding we are having sex.”


“Well, maybe that would make sense as a normal knight of your order. But since my identity has been revealed, maybe there's room for negotiation.”


Yurdias looked away, her face in a rare blush.


“Personally, I would like my first time to be with my future husband after our wedding…”


“Have you heard of droit du seigneur?”




She became visibly anxious.


“What are you talking about?”


“An erection doesn’t go away on its own. I think you must be confused.”


I clapped to get the maid’s attention.




“Did you call for me, Scion?”


“It’s time. She audaciously rejected my offer and tried to make a deal with me.”


Yurdias glared at me with animosity. 


“Amy, grab her.”


“Yes, Scion.”




Yurdias burst out of her seat in an attempt to get away.




But Amy twisted her arms behind her back and threw her on the bed.


“Let me go! What are you going to do to me?”




I finished my tea and uncovered the box on the side of the room.


“I didn’t want to use these.”




“Do you know what these are?”


“Wait, I—”


“These are my toys.”


Toys for… playing rough.


You’re not using them today, Scion?


Using what?


The toys you always use.

Hmm… Why don’t you bring them over? I’d like to see them.


I found out about Louie’s sexual preferences a few days after I took over his body.




It turns out Louie loves tying up women in ways you’d only see in hardcore humiliation fantasy porn.


I don’t understand why he needed all these tools with a cock like his...


Louie must’ve been convinced most women were unworthy of his cock, since the toys he hoarded were incredibly elaborate.


“Did you really think a lowly thief like you could spy on a Permarten? How could you underestimate me so badly?”


“No, I…!”


“It’s time to teach you a lesson. Amy, follow my instructions as you tie her up.”


Amy tied up Yurdias well enough, albeit a bit rough around the edges. 


This reminded me what kind of a person Amy is.


She’s strong.


She’ll even give up her life for me.


But I know it’s because of her loyalty to the Permarten household and not because of her loyalty to me.


While Amy is an asset for my work as the Scion, she’s too dangerous to keep close because of her connection to the Empire.


“Are you pleased with this, Scion?”


“It’s perfect.”


Yurdias’ body was bent in half, with her knees almost touching her shoulders. Her hands and feet were chained to a steel pole.


It's the perfect position for punishing missionary.

With her legs thrown over her torso, her panties were exposed. 


“This is rape! Do you intend to make an enemy out of the Thieves Guild?”


“They won’t turn hostile just because I fucked you. If you had agreed to hold my cock from the start, I would’ve given it a second thought. But you had the gall to reject me because you wanted to lose your virginity to your future husband.”


“I’m really…!”

“When did the vice-master of the Thieves Guild become so romantic?”




I gently rested my fingers on her black panties.


“Tell me why the Thieves Guild approached me. Tell me why you disguised yourself as an applicant for my knight order. If you don’t…”


I slid my finger underneath her panties.


“I’m sure I don’t need to waste my breath.”


“It’s exactly as you said! I’m supposed to spy on everything regarding the knight order and—”

“And you were going to sell that information? How pathetic. You were planning to betray me and steal my knowledge and technology.”


“Th-that’s…no! My guild is just interested in information and—”

“Information guild my ass. You’re nothing but crooks and thieves. You add nothing to the city, yet you’re wasting my time here.”


Yurdias ruined my expectations.


I was expecting virgin whores-in-waiting, like Laura. But Yurdias had ulterior motives.


“I’m disappointed, but I’ll give you one last chance. It’ll be the last chance to grab my dick.”


Maybe hostility would make convincing her easier.


“Amy, you can wipe out Thieves Guild without much trouble, right?”

“Of course. I’ll decapitate and display her head on the streets for all to see. Then I’ll tell everyone she had an order from her guild to assassinate the Scion.”




Yurdias’ eyes were filled with terror.

Although Amy has her reservations about sex, she’s deeply loyal to the Permartens. 

I think she became more familiar with it by watching Laura and I go at it, and I’m sure the occasional panties breakfast routine also helped. 


“Amy, I created the knight order with pure intentions. But this wretched woman attempted to infiltrate our order and sell off information pertaining to the Permartens. What should I do with her?”


“She’s a threat to Permartens. You must punish her accordingly.”


“But I haven’t done anything!”


“You tried to steal our information. Am I wrong?


You may think I’m overreacting, but I’ll die if I don’t do this.


Permartens can’t be undermined in any circumstances.


The moment they do, they’ll cut off all my limbs and reduce me to a living corpse.

Also, I have a hunch that she’s a scout. 


“You could’ve made this easier by becoming a maid or a guard. Why did you want to sneak in my knight order?”



“If you don’t talk, I’ll have no choice but to rip it open.”


I clutched her panties with my hand.


My fist touched her crotch, and I could feel her damp pussy.




“Why did you want to join my knight order? If you don’t cooperate, I’ll—”


Hold on.


If I threaten her with sex and she ends up spilling the beans, doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to have sex with her?


“If you don’t cooperate, I’ll fuck you in the ass instead of your pussy.”




Even Amy was shocked to hear that.


Anal is such a great tool to instill fear into your enemies.


Vaginal sex is more or less a given, but anal fills women with fear and disgust.


“Wait! I’ll do it. I’ll hold your cock, Scion.”


“Really? Then tell me why you’re here.”


Amy is listening, but it doesn’t matter.


“You…didn’t hear this from me.”


“That depends on what you say and how you act. Go on.”


Yurdias finally started talking.


“We found the gem you’re looking for.”


“Oh, really?”


“Yes, but…”




“It’s so unusual, we decided to delay selling it off.”




You found it.


“Why would you delay it?”


“We acquired it through… our means.”

So you mean to say you stole it? What’s that got to do with anything?


“According to the adventurer, it came from a reaper from the 50th floor.”




That means someone killed a boss.


Amy’s getting suspicious.


I have no choice.

“Haa… I’m trying to find those 12 gems because I want to use them as…”


“Anal plugs.”




“Anal plugs, so I can have anal sex whenever I want.”

I, Louie Permarten, would rather be a perverted trash looking for anal plug gems than reveal those gems hold the powers of God.




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Chapter 31

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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