Chapter 29

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 29: How to get to the Labyrinth (4)


I’m taking a shower to clear my mind.


When you’re job hunting, you sometimes come across these terrible companies with 1-star ratings on review sites. They offer their employees terrible pay while the owner’s son drives around a shiny new Mercedes.


My knight order is just as bad as those companies.


Think about it, the so-called captain of the order is busy getting fucked all day long in front of other people. When she’s not getting fucked, she’s busy helping the Scion with his work. She’s working all day in a bunny suit with no time to herself.


Knight order my ass, it’s a whore house.


The people of Permarten already began to call it ‘Slut Order’ and they’re right to do so.


After all, one of the main tasks at this job is opening their legs for me.


Even Astarote covers herself with a large robe to avoid drawing attention to herself when she comes here.


How crazy is she to even consider applying?


For the past two weeks, not a single person submitted an application.


So what the hell is wrong with this person?


Is she insane?


Anyway, I’m looking to hire one of the three following types.


1. A crazy bitch.


2. A whore.


3. A spy.


Laura is living proof of what the first type can become.


She’s making me behave like a total lunatic, using her innocent face as a weapon against me. As soon as she lost her virginity, she became obsessed with sex, as if she was trying to be compensated for all the sex that she hadn’t been having. I don’t know if that’s a sense of responsibility she feels over the Permartens curse, or if she realised her true nature after having sex for the first time. Regardless of her reasons, she seems satisfied with her life.


Laura has a firm sense of duty. It’s the sense of duty which enables her to deal with the fact she’s getting fucked in humiliating ways every day. This makes her easy to deal with. 


The issue arises with the other two types.


What if an actual whore ends up applying?


No matter how much people criticise my knights for being sluts, a real slut is immune to such insults.


Hmm… I don’t know about that.


Let’s think about it this way.


What if Countess Jennis was recruiting Cock Knights?


Her Cock Knights would have to live in the castle with their cocks out all the time. When Jennis calls, you must have sex with her in whichever way she wants.


How could anyone be low enough to do that?!


What if she paid you $50,000 a month?




That doesn’t sound so bad anymore…


I need to get a hold of myself.


I’m the one paying my staff.


I’m the boss.


The two crucial reasons behind Laura becoming Captain were she was really hot and that she was a virgin.


What if she wasn’t a virgin…?


I don’t mind if she had sex with a couple of guys, but a flat-out whore is a bit…


And I’m pretty much only going to have sex with Laura anyway.


If Laura’s absent for whatever reason, I can fuck Amy or any of the other maids in the castle.


So why would I hire some woman who’s been fucked by a hundred different men?


It will lower the prestige of the Permarten name.


“Any one of your knights could produce your heir. I will never accept some whore from the streets joining your order.” 


I recalled what Jennis said to me.


I’m done with my shower.


I don’t know what kind of a person she might be but I’m sure Jennis has already interviewed her. She probably wanted to see if this woman is worthy of sucking on Permarten dick.




“I will dry you off, Scion.”


Amy was waiting for me to finish with a towel in her hand. She began wiping every little bit of my body. I don’t know if she’s always been like this but she’s not shy about seeing my naked body anymore. Maybe the incident where I ate breakfast while seeing her panties did something to her.


“Shall I…?”


“Wipe it down.”


“Yes, Scion.”


She’s much more gentle drying my cock than she was with my back or chest.


The soft towel wiped the moisture off my cock, including every bit of space under the head.




My dick was erect during the entire shower.


Amy gulped, staring at my rock-hard dick.


“Scion, here’s your gown…”


I slipped the gown on and tied it at my waist. My dick stood proudly with a slight upward curve through the gap in the fabric of the gown, pointing toward the heavens.


“Do you know what mother said about this woman?”


“The Countess…”


She hesitated but soon gave in.


“The Countess said this woman won’t be a liability to the Permarten household.”




This means she’s not a whore, at least physically. 


She could still have a whore’s mind.


The third type: a spy or a honey trap.


“Tell her to come in.”


Neither Astarote nor Laura are in the room right now.


They’ll be busy with their sex magic lesson while I see the guest.




“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”


“Yes, I am.”


It struck Astarote strange that Laura had no reservations.


“Are you really really sure?”


“Of course. My body belongs to the Scion.”


Astarote believed Laura’s raw potential to be unrivalled.


Even though she had little experience in close combat, Laura possessed a God-given talent for magic.


Once Laura learns sex magic, there’s a possibility her unbelievable talent may not be realised.


“Humans have natural limits in learning magic. Once you learn a single type of magic, it could interfere with learning others.”


Her talent could lead her to become an archmage, capable of summoning meteors and fortresses of ice, or she could become the Queen of sex magic, equal in power to the Succubus Queen.


“Can I ask you what about the Scion you like so much?”




“You’re extremely loyal to the Scion. I know you’re the captain of his order, but it still seems too drastic to me. Is it possible you’re in love with him?”




Laura smiled.


“I need to take responsibility.”


“What do you mean?”


“There’s something I need to take responsibility for.”


She gazed out the window.


There stood tall the old Castle, and underneath it, the Infinite Labyrinth.


They are the symbols of the Permarten curse.


“And… even though everyone criticizes him, I know he’s only pretending to be scummy. I know what he’s really like.”


“He’s only pretending to be evil? Why would he do that?”


“Yes, he just wishes…”


Laura paused briefly.


“To have sex with as many women as he can.”


“So it’s about sex.”


“Yes, that’s it. He only wishes to have sex in many different ways. He’s so set on making me stronger so I’ll continue to have sex with him.”


“It’s always sex… Haah.”


Astarote was left speechless.


“And you’re fine with that?”



“You’re basically getting raped every single day.”


“I am. So far, anyway. I’m pretty resilient in that way, haha.”


Laura smiled to ease the tension.


“...And it’s not like I hate it.”


“Wait, you like being treated like that?”


“I do. It might change your mind once you give it a try with the Scion. Would you like me to ask on your behalf?”


Astarote’s face turned red almost instantly.


“...I’m sure a penis like that would break my body.”


“Are you saying you’d try it if it doesn’t hurt?”


“Well… Umm, I’m—”


Astarote covered her face with her hands.


“Anyway, I need to ask you one last question. Once you learn sex magic, it might make you more promiscuous as a side effect.”




Laura’s face lit up.


“I have a question.”


“What is it?”


“You said sex magic transforms sexual energy into mana, right? So, in theory…”


She licked her lips.


“You could have sex forever without ever getting pregnant?”




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Chapter 29

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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