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Chapter 28

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 28: How to get to the Labyrinth (3)

Succubi gain strength through sex. To be precise, they transform a man’s sexual energy into mana they can use. This is referred to as sexual magic.

Louie Permarten can’t enter the Infinite Labyrinth.

The only thing I can do is issue orders and inform people of the dangers lying ahead. The battles have to be fought by my knights.

Normally, you have to fight to get better at fighting.

But, just like most gacha games, there are items to help you level up more easily.

“What is this, Astarote?”

“It’s a moonstone.”

A moonstone is an item from the Infinite Labyrinth. While it looks like a normal gem, it contains mana within it.

This is an EXP-boosting item in the game, and it’s known as a mana-boosting gem in this world.

“What happens when you melt it down and drink it?”

“It would taste bitter, but the mana would be absorbed by whoever drank it.”

Provided you have enough of these stones, it’s possible to gain enough power to easily clear an entire floor of the Labyrinth. However, each one costs several hundred gold.

I calculated how much in real-life money it would take to level up a character with moonstones—about $10 to raise 0.01% of the necessary EXP to level up.

This works out to be $10,000 per level.

On top of that, this calculation is based on low-level characters, which means as the characters level up higher, I’ll need to spend more money to level them up.

It could take hundreds of millions to get them to level 100.

Also, as I’ll be needing higher-level moonstones, everything will get exponentially more expensive.

Even if the Permartens are rich, it’d be suspicious to invest that much money into one person.

If I tell everyone I’m pouring all that money into Laura to turn her into a hero, they’ll call me insane and might even try to replace me.

I have enough gold but I can’t use Permarten’s gold as my private fund.

“Astarote, is there a limit to how much she can increase her mana through moonstones?”

“Yes. Even if she uses a hundred moonstones at once, it would take time for them to be absorbed. It’s just like eating.”

“It’s like they’re saying: if you don’t slow down, you’ll end up throwing everything up, right?”

“That’s exactly it. Everyone’s limit on mana absorption is different, but no one can take in all that mana at once.”

She’s right. There’s a hard limit on how much I can use moonstones.



“Wouldn’t it be better to gain experience by actually going into the Labyrinth?”

“You’re right, but until she’s ready, I’ll use moonstones on her. I will also increase the strength of my magic in the same way. Laura will absorb my excess mana through sex.”

“...I don’t understand. Why are you so dedicated to making her stronger, anyway?”

“Because she’s the captain.”

And she’s my favourite character.

I also need to experiment with something.

“Astarote, how far down can you go in the Infinite labyrinth?”

“I can go down to the 30th floor by myself, and down to the 35th floor if I’m with a party.”

It looks like she’s around level 32. She probably stopped levelling up after being afflicted with the succubus curse.

“Have you ever hit a plateau with your growth and needed to undergo a special ceremony or make an offering to a deity to break through that limit?”

“...Are you referring to awakening?”

“Is that what it’s called?”

“Yes. I’ve never experienced it myself, but I heard different people have different limits. It’s typically between the 20th and 30th floors.”

She’s talking about level limits.

A 1-star character can reach up to level 20.

A 2-star character can reach up to level 25.

A 3-star character can reach up to level 30.

These are the limits on how much a character can grow.

“Some people get awakened after repeatedly defeating the same monster, while others experience it during intense training. I still don’t know how it works.”

“I see.”

I take back what I said. She must be level 30.

She hadn’t awakened herself, which means her growth was halted at her 3-star limit.

What do you mean we can’t level up our characters further? Are you kidding me?

Dear players, you need to farm ingredients for that.

Where do I farm these ingredients?

We’ve prepared ‘Daily Dungeon’ alongside gemstone packages which include a Daily Dungeon pass, allowing you to enter the dungeon twice a day! It’s only $9.99!

Goddamn it… Wait, why are there two packages?

There’s a [Monday - Wednesday - Friday] package and a [Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday] package.

Fuck yo—

I’m lucky this world doesn’t have stupid Daily Dungeon crap.

The character growth limit is a concept imported from the game to this world, but it isn’t similar. Instead of farming items, it looks like the character needs to break through some sort of mental barrier.

It’s not as tedious but it’s much more vague.

I need to keep it simple.

It doesn’t matter if it’s limit-breaking or awakening, as long as the character has lots of EXP, they’ll grow. Just like how a virgin Laura became a sex expert with tons of experience, the more you fight, the better you get at it.

Experience leads to growth, and I can check their growth by seeing how far they can reach in the Labyrinth.

“Astarote, would you like to conduct an experiment on enhanced human development through sex magic?”


“I give you permission to write a paper on it for the Magic Tower. You can study if a moonstone-ingesting woman can absorb double the amount of mana if she also intakes energy from a male who ingests moonstones as well.”

It’s simple. I’m going to level up Laura through sex.

She’s going to get stronger by having sex with me.

Screw limit-breaking and awakening. I’m going to convert Louie’s overwhelming sex drive into mana. 

“What do you think?”

“Wait, so you want Miss Laura to absorb your sexual energy?”

“That’s it.”

“I still don’t understand why you want her to get stronger so badly.”

“I can’t afford to lose my favourite fuckhole.”

Who’s trash enough to reduce a human being into a fuckhole?

I am!

“There are numerous monsters in the Labyrinth, some of which aren’t even known yet. For example, there are tentacle monsters, tentacle monsters, and some more tentacle monsters!”

These appear before the 50th floor, and even more horrendous monsters start showing up beyond that point.

There are certain monsters who always seem to make appearances in porn fanarts—goblins, orcs, tentacle monsters, etc.

I don’t want any of that to happen to my knights.

It’s so shitty being NTRed by a human. Can you even imagine being NTRed by a monster?

I could never forgive myself.

That’s why I’m going to level up these girls as conveniently and quickly as possible.

I’ll be having sex with them during their meals. (To level up)

I’ll be having sex with them during their walks. (To level up)

I’ll be having sex with them during their sleep. (To level up)

I’ll be doing all this hard work just to level up my knights, definitely not because I want to have sex.

“So, what do you think? Will you teach her sex magic?”

“Even if it might get in the way of her learning different magic?”

“You’re saying you’ll teach her.”

“Yes, I am… but what does Miss Laura think about this? It could change her personality to something more… promiscuous.”

“Hahaha! Laura is going to become more promiscuous? That’s impossible.”

She’s already living and breathing sex. What difference could it possibly make?

“...Let me show you something.”

Astarote got up from her seat.

“Anyone who learns sexual magic will begin to resemble succubi, like this.”

Astarote undid the buttons of the lower half of her shirt and pulled it apart.


She revealed a faintly glowing tattoo on her lower belly.

That’s a succubus tattoo.

“Is this okay, Scion?”

“Is that always there?”


“I mean, is it always visible?”

Succubus tattoos are hot.

What isn’t hot is it always being visible like a normal tattoo.

It’s really sexy if—

“Since she’ll only be learning sexual magic, it’ll only show up as she absorbs sexual energy.”

That’s incredible.

Can you imagine seeing the faint glow of her tattoo right as you’re about to cum inside her?


Having a normal tattoo these days isn't even that hot. 

Laura doesn’t need a succubus tattoo when she’s sexy as hell without it.

“Please teach her sex magi—”

“Excuse me, Scion. You have a guest.”

“A guest?”

“Yes. She’s here to inquire about the knight order.”




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Chapter 28

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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