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Chapter 27

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 27: How to get to the Labyrinth (2)

The biggest downside of living in a medieval world is its lack of smartphones.

But there are a few ways this world makes up for its severe lack of technology.

Magic, for instance.

Anyone can use magic as long as they have enough mana and talent. Thankfully, Louie had both, regardless of how terrible he was with it.

Louie is a long-range DPS character who’s terrified of fighting up close. He wields a decorative rapier that shoots fireworks from the tip. He’s a garbage character that no one takes seriously.

But he can use magic.

This dramatically increases his potential depending on what type of magic he learns.

“What have you found, Instructor Astarote?”

“This is the best magic for you to enter the Labyrinth with.”

She passed me a book.

“Intro to Golem Studies?”

“Yes. I think attaching a communication device onto a golem would be the best option for you.”


I was hoping for something better.

“Can a clone enter the Labyrinth?”

“No, it will react to your mana.”

“What about a familiar?”

“That’s also impossible. If you get too far away from your familiar, the connection will be severed, and the summoning will be undone.”

“You’re telling me using the golem is the only way?”


It seems like using a golem is the only possibility. Even then, it won’t be a simple task.

“I think we’ll need to place golems on each floor to relay the signal. To minimise the delay, we’ll need at least two on each floor—one by the upward gates and another one by the downward gates.”

“Won’t that be incredibly expensive?”

“We need to take necessary precautions. The Infinite Labyrinth is very unpredictable.”


According to the lore, the Permarten must be detected before the Labyrinth rampages. The tricky part is the Permarten could be detected when they enter a certain floor, when they accidentally activate a trap, or just run out of luck.

“But golems are different. We can convert your mana into magic waves right here and send them to the golems inside the Labyrinth.”

“It’s a relief we can do that, at least.”

The golems are essentially giant walkie-talkies.

As long as I can issue orders to my knights, I can make sure they survive. With more research, I’ll hopefully be able to minimise the lag.

If I invest more time and money, I can connect the entire Labyrinth under one network of golems.

It’ll cost me a pretty penny but I know I’ll see returns on my investment.

“Fine, I’ll do as you say. If you think it’s the best way, then it must be.”

“Feel free to ask others for their opinion on this matter, Scion.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

I trust her completely.

“If the consultant of the knight order believes it to be the only way, then it must be. I don’t need anyone else’s input.”

I know that Astarote didn’t come to this conclusion on her own. She must’ve asked Barvas for advice, which means using golems is the solution that two of the best magical minds came up with.

Others might offer up different solutions, but I’m sure they’ll come with their own risks.

“Does this mean I need to transmute the golems myself, or does a golem expert do that? What are the odds the Labyrinth will detect my mana?”

“It is best for you to transmute the golems yourself. The golems will be powered by magic stones, and you’ll be able to command the golems through a remote control unit.”

“I see.”

They call it a golem but it’s basically a robot.

I remember some of the characters being able to control giant golems and maid dolls. I could ask them for help but I want to be in control.

“I’m guessing today’s lesson is on creating golems.”

“Yes, it is. May I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“How effective did you find the body-strengthening magic I taught you last time?”

“It’s very effective. It greatly increased my strength, stamina, and endurance. I had no idea how helpful it is to convert mana into life energy.”

“May I ask what you did with—”



I told her I never had sex to get her on my side, but at the end of the day, how could I not call it sex when my dick penetrates a pussy?

“Laura ends up passing out every night, so I end up having to finish myself.”

“Miss Laura… passes out?”


Laura’s a fox.

But she’s only a noob adventurer, so she can’t handle my cock.

“She uses healing magic to hang on for as long as she can, but she loses consciousness when her mana runs out. I end up having to continue fucking her as she’s lying there unconscious.”

“Miss… Miss Laura…”


Laura avoided Astarote’s gaze, my dick still in her mouth.

By the way, she’s been my cock this entire time.

This has become my everyday routine. When I’m not working or learning magic, I’m always having sex with her.

She’s practising a blowjob and tittyfuck combo on me these days.

After all of this thorough training, I’m sure she’ll have turned into a 6-star goddess who only wants my dick.

“Have you thought about my suggestion, Scion?”

One week ago, in the middle of our magic lesson, I asked Astarote to check Laura’s potential. I needed to see if the potential in the game translates over to potential in this world.

“She has… God-given talent. Her ability could even exceed my own.”

That’s good to know.

Upon realising this, Astarote suggested training Laura as a mage.

“I firmly believe she’ll be better suited as a mage, Scion.”

“You’re only saying that because you haven’t seen her with a sword.”

“How good is she with a sword?”

“I don’t know.”

Hell if I know, I’m not a swordsman.

The only thing I know is that Laura has a God-given talent for sex.

“Haa… Scion, it’s perfect… I can’t live a day without your cock! Ha… Please kiss me!”

Her real potential is unveiled in the Chamber of Secrets.

She acts like I’m forcing her into sex, but we have sex like real lovers when we’re in my bedroom.

Spit… Spit in my mouth…! Just like that!! Ahhh!

It gets me rock hard when she gets aggressive like she wants to be compensated for everything she can’t do outside.

“How long have you been training with a sword?”


“Have your hands spent more time practising with a sword or my dick?”

“...Your dick.”

“There’s your answer.”

She’s a complete noob.

In the game, she only became a high-level adventurer because she had her party or a teacher helping her.

Just like how my tutelage blossomed her sexual potential, Astarote is probably dying to see what kind of mage Laura will become.

“I don’t intend to train her as a mage, but I do want her to learn magic. There is one magic in particular I would like her to learn, and I hope you’re open-minded about it.”

“What would that be?”

“Sex magic.”


“I want Laura to learn sexual magic that succubi use so she can use my sexual energy as her mana.”

I’m going to take care of my knight order.

With my blood, sweat, and cum.


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