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Chapter 25

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 25: The Way of Trash (7)

“It has a great scent.”

The sweet scent of milk tea tickles my nose. It warms me down to my bones.

This is a medieval fantasy world but it’s been created by programmers of the modern world.

They wouldn’t go out of their way to rename modern drinks with silly, made-up names.

Why is there coffee in a medieval fantasy world?

Who cares? Here are some crystals, so shut up.

Yes, sir!

POA is a gacha collection game so historical accuracy didn’t matter as long as players got enough crystals to use on gacha.

I was so happy to find out they have milk tea in this world.

It’s been one of my favourite drinks alongside coffee after I was introduced to it by the thing I used to call my girlfriend. 

What a life.

The fact I’m drinking tea while doing something I can’t do in real life makes it so much better.


“What is it, Instructor Astarote?”


“That’s right. You’re here to teach me magic, making you my instructor. I need to show you the proper respect you deserve. Would you like some more coffee?”

“No, thank you. One cup is enough.”

“Then what is it?”

“Umm… Isn’t it challenging for you to… engage in a private activity while you drink tea?”

“Oh, this?”
I raised my teacup as I continued to thrust.

“That’s why I’m holding the saucer with my other hand.”

One hand on the saucer, the other hand on the teacup.

Thankfully, Louie’s physical attributes were high enough to make sure the tea didn’t spill.

“This isn’t very difficult, you know.”

I’ve seen a porno where a man was getting sucked off while playing video games.

What I’m doing is no different.

“Mmph… Haa…”

Laura was struggling to stay silent with her head buried under a blanket.

After I ordered her not to make a sound, she’s been trying her best to stop herself from moaning.

Although she would’ve never guessed I was going to use her back as a coffee table.

“It has an amazing scent.”

“You said that twice already, sir.”

“It’s worthy of being mentioned multiple times. Amy, another cup.”

The maid, Amy, slowly poured another cup of milk tea.


It can’t be too full or I’ll end up spilling some on Laura’s back.

I need to show Astatrote the image of a cool guy who can focus on his business with his dick in a pussy, not some sex-obsessed pervert who licks milk tea off of random body parts as long as it belongs to a woman.


“What is it, Amy?”

“Should I pour Miss Laura a cup of tea as well?”

“Can’t you see she’s already having a warm drink?”

“Oh, of course…”

Laura’s too busy tasting Permarten’s very own thick, sticky milk.

Laura’s been single-mindedly devoted to making me look like a real piece of shit, no matter how many women may be watching.

…Is she into this?

I’m doing this out of necessity, but maybe Laura actually likes it.

“Instructor Astarote, let me tell you something important before you come back here tomorrow to start teaching me magic.”

“What is it?”

“There is a ‘Chamber of Secrets’, my private room that only a select few can enter. Only I, Louie Permarten, and my women are permitted. If I’m busy in that room when you arrive at the castle, I’m afraid you’ll have to push the lesson to the next day. I’ll compensate you for your troubles, of course.”

“What do you do in that room?”

“Would you like to know?”

I rested my teacup on Laura’s back, being sure to be gentle so the tea didn’t spill.

“You may enter if you’re curious, but I will not treat you as my teacher once you do.”

I’m giving her a fair warning. 

“You can relax. Only my pets can go into the room. Just like this naughty bunny here.”


I shot a load of hot milk into Laura’s lower lips.


She collapsed onto the bed. I handed my teacup to Amy.

“Your master is generously feeding you his very own milk, and you can’t even take it? How dare you spill it?”

“I’m sorry!”

“I told you to be silent.”


I spanked Laura.

“What did I tell you?”


A red handprint showed itself on Laura’s ass and tears pooled in her eyes.

Was that too much?

I know I could’ve taken it further with Laura, but I need to contemplate Astarote’s thoughts.

How far can I go without scaring her off?


Maybe there’s a reason why she became a succubus.

She chose to stay and watch us have sex.

I guess she’s intrigued by sex, even though she’s terrified of the succubus curse.

It’s a great start.

I have a knight willing to turn herself into a whore to achieve her goal, and a mage who’s deeply curious about sex, even though she doesn’t want to be turned into a succubus.

Three is a good number to start a party off with.

Even in the tutorial, a party of three cleared the first floor.

Now that I have Laura, the main character, she’ll be grouped with my familiar and Astarote. Or someone else.

Actually, since Astarote is a consultant, I should probably get someone else…

“Excuse my intrusion, Scion. Countess Jennis has arrived.”

“Mother’s here?”

“What should I do, Scion?”

“Tell her to come in.”

I can’t hesitate at a time like this.

I continued to thrust into Laura even after ejaculation and only turned my head to look at the Countess.

“What brings you here, Mother?”


Jennis’ face turned as red as her dress.

“How could you have sex in front of a guest?!”

This seems about right. Someone should’ve intervened in this ridiculous debauchery a while ago.

“Sex? This isn’t sex.”

But Louie is not the type of person to apologise.

“Sex is when two people come together to share a moment. This… is just a mating process.”

I’ve just brought myself down to the level of beasts, but there’s no better way to convince Jennis.

I can’t give in.

I can’t have sex outside of the Chamber of Secrets if I give in to Jennis here.

She’ll will scream at me every time I have sex and that’ll undermine my image as a perverted trash of a Scion.

I need her to give up on me.

“I’m just trying to continue my bloodline. Look at the seed of Permarten overflowing out of her pussy. This is my evidence.”

“Did… Did you cum inside this woman? In front of everyone?”

“Of course.”

I’d only cum outside for a bukkake.

“But what if she gets pregnant?”

“So be it.”

It doesn’t matter.

I’ll just find someone else to take her place during her pregnancy.

“I told you I’m determined to continue the Permarten bloodline. I’m working hard to cum inside her as much as possible.”

“Do you intend to have a child with her?”


Laura just squeezed my cock.

I’m not sure if she got excited or agitated at me saying I’ll impregnate her.

“Let me introduce you to my new magic instructor. This is Astarote of the Magic Tower.”

“Magic instructor…”

Jennis’ hands balled tightly into a fist.

She was clearly showing animosity towards Astarote.

Is she upset I didn’t go to her?

Or maybe she’s annoyed about the extra expense of paying Asti?

“Louie Permarten, I can’t…!”


I pulled my cock out from Laura and turned it proudly towards Jennis.

“So, what is it you want to say to me?”


Jennis’ gaze gravitated below my waist.

She was staring at my cock, filthy with cum.

“Why are you here?”

I crossed my arms with confidence.

Here I am, standing with my dick out in an open gown.

“Do you think this is a spectacle for you to watch? If you want to watch, sit down and be quiet. Otherwise, say what you came here to say. If you don't want to do that either, then why don’t you have a nice chat with my instructor Astarote over some tea?”

“...You’re drinking tea while having sex?”

“Yes. What’s wrong with that?”

I’ve already had breakfast with a blowjob on the side.

I’m trash.

“If you continue to interfere with my sex life, I will start acting like a true Permarten. As the heir of Count Permarten, I’m telling you not to get in the way of me having sex, with whomever, or wherever it may be.”

I got Laura into a seated missionary position and held her tight.

“Listen carefully, Mother.”

I made a statement to all in this room.

“This is a warning. If you get in the way of me having sex, I will strip you down and fuck you on the spot.”

I’ll start ruling with an iron fist.

I’ll kill all the men and fuck all the women who oppose me.

This is the dawn of my dicktatorship.


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Chapter 25

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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