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Chapter 24

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 24: The Way of Trash (6)

I visited the Adventurer’s Guild to find someone to clear the dungeon in my stead and I found Laura there.

Although I wasn’t necessarily looking for someone of her calibre, she was the best I could’ve asked for.

If I was just looking for a mage, I would’ve asked Jennis or some other mage from the guild but I went to the Magic Tower because I wasn’t looking for your average mage.

“After having considered it for a while, I’ve concluded that I must enter the Labyrinth.”

“But you can’t! Like you said, everyone will stop you no matter what.”

“That’s why I’ll be using a familiar as an intermediary. Or the… living armour magic Dark Mages use? I could use that too.”

It is possible for me to physically enter the Labyrinth but I would have to fight off the entirety of Permarten first.


Here’s an example.

It is fine to smoke in the middle of a street.

It is also fine to smoke at the gas station.

Wait, that idiot’s smoking at a gas station?

The Labyrinth is the gas station, and I’m the reckless moron lighting up my cigarette by it.

Even a saint would try to attack me if I tried that.

Scion, let’s bomb the gas station! I’ll draw their attention by stripping naked!

…Unless it’s someone who wants to destroy the gas station like Laura, everyone would try to stop me, and it makes sense as to why.

But I can’t send my knights into the Infinite Labyrinth on their own.

I may not know exactly how the story goes but I do know all the monsters in the Labyrinth, their weaknesses, and how to counter every trap.

But I can’t just tell someone everything there is to know.

50 floors of the Labyrinth are currently accessible.

This is probably reflective of how the early level cap was 50.

How did you know about the trap on the 48th floor?

Because I’m a Permarten, of course.

...How did you know about the trap on the 66th floor? It only opened up today.


I can’t let anyone know.

That would be much too dangerous.

Wow…! It’s so much easier to clear the dungeon with your support!

I need a way to communicate with my knights in order to avoid suspicion.

A smartphone would be handy, but this is a fantasy world.

“I would be satisfied with a portable communication device, or even a familiar I can communicate through. It would be amazing if it could also fight in battles. I want to learn magic for that reason.”

This is why I needed a highly skilled mage.

Besides, Jennis is only good for offensive magic. Anyone other than Barvas or Astarote wouldn’t cut it.

“How’s my offer? I’ll make sure to reward you handsomely.”

“...I understand.”

She got up from her seat and bowed to me.

“I will teach you the magic you desire. I will also teach your… captain… I have but one request.”

“What is it?”

“I must undo my curse. I’ll do anything to be rid of it. That means I need… the Elixir.”

“The Elixir…”

Of course.

Astarote wants to get her hands on the only thing that can free her from the curse of the Labyrinth.

“Could you give me the Elixir if you acquire it?”

“Do you have any idea how valuable that is?”

“I do. Last time I inquired about it, the Empire demanded 10 times their annual budget. I’m sure they were joking, though.”


They weren’t.

The Elixir is actually more valuable than that.

It can bring a decapitated person back from the dead in under a minute, provided you still have the head to attach the body to.

If it were possible, I’d want to manufacture them in droves.

Resurrection is invaluable.

“The Elixir… You demand the item in the possession of the Emperor?”

“Yes. My curse may be nothing to you but I’m desperate to cure it.”

“What if there was another way to undo your curse?”

“Is there another way?”

I’m feeling her out with this bit of information.

“No, I’m just being hopeful. It’s not something I can say out in the open.”

“What is it?”


This is the drawing room.

There are maids right outside with their ears stuck to the walls eavesdropping on every word.

“Well, maybe we could find the Elixir by clearing the dungeon. After all, it’s a place where anything is possible.”

I told her everything I could at this moment.

I could tell her more in my bedroom, but we haven’t established that kind of relationship yet.

“Fine, I’ll give you the Elixir if I acquire one. I can only hope we get it before your curse progresses further.”

“Scion, do you think we could potentially trade something for the Elixir?”


“The Prime Minister of the Empire said they would trade the Elixir for something more valuable than the Emperor’s life.”

“That makes sense.”

If you don’t have the money to pay for it, you can trade for it with something of equal value.

Only a legendary stone that’s had its true value discovered would be enough.

“Let’s sign a contract, then.”


“I’ll need to wash my hands before signing my name.”

I forgot my fingers were deep in Laura.

And Laura—


Seems deep in thought.

Right then, I remember what Laura said earlier.

“Who in their right mind would want to join you after seeing you sexually harass another woman?”

What if that’s what Laura wanted?


I felt the need to show Laura who her master is.

“I’m sorry, Astarote. Could you come back tomorrow morning?”


“I think I need to punish this bunny that came all over her master’s hand.”


Shocked, Laura turned her ass away from me, but I proceeded to push my fingers deeper inside.

“I’m going to get serious with her. If you don’t want to leave the castle, I can prepare a guest bedroom for you.”

“Are you… really doing it?”

“Yes. This isn’t sex, though. I’m just feeding this lewd rabbit her carrot.”

“Um, Scion?”

“What is it?”

“May I watch?”


Crushing pain came over my fingers in Laura.

“Haa… Scion…”

Laura wanted to tell me something without letting Asti know by repeatedly squeezing her pussy.

Maybe she’s telling me Asti will refuse to sign the contract after watching me have sex with her?

Or maybe she just wants to monopolise my dick?

Ugh, I can’t believe she’s putting herself in front of the team even though she’s the captain.

Or maybe she’s only fine with sexual harassment if no one is watching her?

I can’t figure out what she’s trying to tell me.

What I do know is how soaking wet her pussy is.

“I have no problem with you watching me punish Laura but I will take it as a tacit agreement of your tutelage if you stay.”

“...I understand, Scion.”

She gulped, holding her hands together by her chest.

“I will quietly watch you handle your woman.”

Oh shit, how am I supposed to punish her?

Screw it.

I pulled my fingers out.

The sound of her wet pussy cut through the silence.

I forced Laura to stand up as I shoved my fingers back in her but from the front this time.

“You’ll walk towards the bed like this. Right now”


“Do you think you can answer me like that?”

“I’m sorry. Yes, Scion…!!”

Laura walked backwards with quivering legs and fell on the bed.


“Who said you could lie down so properly?”


“I’ll need to position your body.”

I glanced at Astarote.

Should I risk it?

Is it a good idea to be rough with a girl while trying to get another on your side?

No, it isn’t.

Only a piece of shit lunatic would even think of something like that.

That’s when I remembered Astarote watching the player character and Barvas’ relationship from a distance.

She was the little sister being shy while peeping on her older sister kissing the player.
It was a non-canon fanart, but there must be a reason why I thought of it.

Astarote wouldn’t be a succubus for no reason. She’s only here because she wants to know more about sex!

She wouldn’t be here in the first place if she hated sex. Who in their right mind would want to befriend a Scion that takes brides’ virginities?

I was fingering Laura the entire time we were talking. She probably wouldn’t object if I started having sex with her.

I can’t guarantee that she’s voyeuristic.

It could just be someone’s headcanon, or something I wish was true.

The die is cast.

“Lie down, Laura.”

I undid the knot on my gown.

My erect cock proudly revealed itself and I could feel Astarote’s eyes fixating upon it.

“Asarote, I don’t mind you watching, but be aware this is her punishment. Laura, who gave you permission to leak all over my hand when I’m having an important discussion with a guest?”

“But that’s…”

I know I’m being unfair. She’s only wet because I wouldn’t stop fingering her.

But how could I call myself Louie Permarten if I didn’t behave like this?

“Don’t say a word.”

I’m going to become trash.

“The only sound coming out of you will be the one coming out of your wet pussy.”

I’m fucking Laura doggystyle in front of Astarote.

If she doesn’t run away traumatised, she’s worthy of joining me.


I shoved my cock in Laura’s pussy.

“I should’ve asked you earlier but would you like some tea?”


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Chapter 24

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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