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Chapter 23

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 23: The Way of Trash (5)

To lift my succubus curse, I need money.

There’s a legendary potion called the Elixir, believed to have the ability to cure any disease or curse, even if it’s from the Infinite Labyrinth.

There’s no other way.

I’ve seen people receive blessings from temples and take part in rituals to dispel their curses, but none of that worked.

Drinking the elixir is the only way.

There’s an age-old tale about a woman having her vampire curse dispelled after drinking the elixir.

The only problem is there’s only one elixir in the entire world.

Not only is it in the hands of the Empire, but it belongs to the Emperor himself, with its value estimated to be about 10 times the Empire’s annual budget.

In short, it’ll take a ludicrous amount of money to buy it off of him.

But it is possible.

Sis… what should I do? I don’t have that kind of money…

It doesn’t have to be money, Asti. We just need to find something valuable enough to trade for the elixir.

Something of equal value?

It would have to be some high-end technology, a rare object, or a gate that opens another Infinite Labyrinth.

Astarote was hard at work at the Magic Tower to find a method to dispel her curse.

She thought the blood of the Permartens could be the key to this conundrum she found herself in.

There could be something all these people who tried to use the Permartens overlooked.

This is an opportunity.

This is a chance to study the one person most intimately connected to the Infinite Labyrinth.

I know Louie’s trash but he’s about to become my boss.

Surprisingly, he only wanted to hire me as a magic consultant for his knight order, as well as being his magic teacher.

He’s not forcing me to have sex with him.

He said I could have sex with him if I wanted to but it wasn’t necessary.

“I don’t trust him but it’s not like I have a choice. If he tries anything, I'll just run away since I’m stronger than him.”

People don’t change overnight, but Louie seemed different.

I have to do this to undo the curse.

…If my curse gets worse and I end up with nowhere to go,

It doesn’t matter. I’ll protect you.

“Ugh, who does he think he is?”

Astarote took a moment to gather her thoughts, then followed a maid to the drawing room.

“We’re here, Madam Mage.”

“Thank you.”

“There’s something you should know…”


The maid blushed and looked at the room with a concerned look on her face.

“...Please don’t be surprised at what you may see inside.”

“...I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Knock knock

“Come in.”

Astarote took a deep breath, then stepped inside.


The room was filled with a reeking scent of sweat and flesh.

Do they not know how to open the window?

“You’re here.”

Louie Permarten.

He was on the couch, lying down on his side with both feet on the coffee table. Wait a minute… 

“Oh, don’t worry about that.”

He gestured toward the naked woman on all fours he was resting his feet on.

“Ex-excuse me, but who is that lady…?”

“Oh, this thing?”

Louie nonchalantly took a sip from a wine glass and pulled on a leash with his other hand.

“This is the captain of the knight order you’ll be advising. It’s also my pet.”


Astarote was dumbstruck.


Did I just fuck myself?

I think I’m fucked.

Astarote’s face froze in disgust and shock. I think we took it too far.

It’s all Laura’s fault.

I was planning on having my cock subtly showing under my gown like with Countess Jennis, but Laura convinced me to take it a step further.

“You want me to treat you like an object while you’re naked?”

“I think it’s the best way to show how trashy you are, Scion!” Laura suggested.

“If you do that in front of her, no one will take me seriously as the head of the knight order!”

She’s right.

Who would ever believe a bunny girl in nothing but her panties is a 5-star character? 

The only things you can call a uniform are her bunny girl headband, black panties, and the pantyhose pulled halfway down her thighs.

She’s supposed to be the single best character in the entire game, capable of becoming a 6-star goddess.

“Scion, you should tap my ass with your foot when she comes in. That way, you’ll look like even more of a scumbag!”

How can a normal person think like this?

I really think she’s got a few screws loose.

I just wanted to do something simple, but she kept pushing me.

“Is something wrong, Astarote?”

“N-no. This is what I expected from you, Scion.”

I hate how Laura’s suggestions are so effective.

“Anyway, did you say she’s the captain?”

“That’s right. She’ll eventually fetch me gems from the Labyrinth. Let me show you what her actual role is. Get up, Laura.”

“Yes, Scion…”


Look at this girl getting up with eyes about to burst into tears.

She’s really selling the part of someone who’s being forced to do something she hates. It really looks like she was overwhelmed by my authority and gave up.

Even though her nipples are hard…

And her panties are wet…

“If she still wants to join the knight order after witnessing how much of a pervert you are, she probably won’t betray you, especially since she’d be joining it knowing the same thing could happen to her.”

That was Laura’s plan.

“It’s a great idea, isn’t it?”

“But what if she’s a dedicated spy?”

“Then, you could fuck her and dump her.”


“You can fuck her all you want then kill her afterwards to stop her from telling anyone what we’re up to.”

She’s a genius.

Her inhumane thought process is proving deeply beneficial to me.

Laura’s plan is simple: use her now then ditch her later if she becomes trouble.

Or, fuck her if she’s a virgin then kill her if she betrays us.

Asti’s going to witness debauchery and perversion. If she can’t handle this, she won’t make the cut.

“Kneel beside me.”

Laura kneeled in a perfect posture, and I reached down to fondle her ass.


“Don’t moan in front of such an important guest.”

A real piece of shit groping a woman’s ass in front of a guest—

That’s me.

“Have you made your decision, Miss Astarote?

“...Could you tell me exactly what I’m expected to do?”

Astarote’s glancing over at Laura.

I can tell she’s concerned this could be her future.

“Your job is simple. First, you need to teach me and Laura magic. You also need to cooperate with us if we need you to lend us a hand clearing the dungeon. That’s all.”

“What about… sex?”

“Sex can’t be bound by a contract.”

Sex is not part of this job.

“You have sex when the mood is right.”

“Then, how would you describe what you’re doing with her?”

“You can’t compare giving your dog a peck with kissing someone.”

I grabbed Laura’s ass once again.

“I heard there are some people who like to have sex with animals, but that’s just not my thing.

“Are you saying you see people as animals?”

“If they’re in my knight order, then yes.”

I dug my hands in between her asscheeks and pushed my fingers deep inside her.


As my fingers slid inside, I laid my body down beside Laura.

“If you officially join the order, I’ll make sure to pay you more. For now, I’ll ask you to do your best as a consultant.”

“...What magic do I need to teach you?”


Maybe it’s her succubus curse but she’s surprisingly calm watching me finger Laura.

“What’s with all this sexual harassment? I know you’re the Scion but you’ve crossed the line! I’m leaving!”

…I can’t work with someone who reacts like that.

But a girl who holds her ground watching another woman get molested?

I’m impressed, Astarote.

“I want you to teach her all different types of magic so she can handle herself in any situation as the captain of the knight order.”

“I understand. What kind of magic would you like to learn, Scion?

“Familiar summoning magic or soul casting magic.”


“I want to learn how to summon a non-intelligent familiar so I can use it as my eyes and ears, or how to cast my consciousness onto an object so I can give orders from a distance.”

I have only one goal.

“I can’t let my pets get fucked over by monsters in the Infinite Labyrinth.”


“I heard some familiars can carry their summoner’s full consciousness, even over great distances.”

Laura’s pussy tightened around my fingers.

“I can’t enter the Labyrinth, but my familiar and consciousness should be able to.”

“Are you saying you’ll enter the Labyrinth yourself?”

“No, I can’t do that. Everyone freaks out if I even go anywhere near it and they’ll do anything to stop me from actually entering it.”

That’s because I have Permarten blood and the Infinite Labyrinth will cease to exist if I die.

“Because I can’t physically enter the Labyrinth, I will make sure my spirit will be there to give out orders and to support. And so, please teach me how to protect my women.”

I look after my own.


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