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Chapter 20

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 20: The Way of Trash (2)

It's morning.

Jennis woke up early in the morning to prepare herself for the day. She took her time to present herself as beautiful as she could be.

Will it be weird to ask him to have breakfast with me after all this time…?

She muttered to herself after sending off all her servants. This was how she liked to gather her thoughts. 

“He’s the one who wanted to improve our relationship. It won’t be a big deal to have breakfast together.”

The Scion and the Countess.

No matter how close they were in age, it should look like a typical breakfast between a son and his stepmother. 

Even though the political-minded will think Jennis and Louie Permarted had breakfast together? This must mean they’ll join forces!

While the dirty-minded would think: stepmother and stepson… Wow!

And the conspiracy theorist will come up with a story like the Scion and Countess have allied themselves politically and will produce an heir to become the King and Queen!

“Ugh… Everyone will think we’re up to something.”

No one knows if her worries will materialize. 

The only certainty is that choosing Permarten over the Kingdom could yield great results for her, albeit at significant risk.

Even if she doesn’t engage in ‘that kind’ of relationship with Louie, she could still improve her standing by becoming his mother.

“I could be the King’s mother. A Queen Mother…”

It’s not a pipe dream.

You could ruin your hunt by trying to kill two birds with one stone, but things could be different if you had perfect aim.  

Countess Jennis doesn’t have to be Louie’s mother to become a Queen.

She could marry him.

It would invite inevitable gossip, but it would guarantee the rise in her social status. 

From a political spy from an arranged marriage to a Queen with her own Kingdom…

If someone were to write a novel about her, it would be one of cutthroat political strife. 

Louie Permarten the Tyrant.

The question remained. Will Jennis be able to handle him?

“Even though he has never been good, he’s not that much worse than most other nobles…”

Permartens are evil.

Everything Louie has done proves that he is trash.

But considering both the Kingdom and the Empire’s behavior, Louie wasn’t that much worse. 

Slightly worse than average.

That sounds about right.

“Louie may as well be a saint. At least he doesn’t kill people or do drugs. He doesn’t rape— Well, it’s still better than doing all three…”

From the nobles’ perspective, Louie has simply used his rightful authority as the ruler. 

“Alright… Emma, are you there?”

“Have you called for me, Countess?”

Emma, the head maid, entered the room. 

Holding a tea set, she was surprised upon seeing Jennis. 

“Do you plan to go out?”

“No, I just felt like dressing up. Just to change things up a bit.”


“Louie Permarten.”

Jennis took the initiative.

“I have to figure out what his plan is.”

“This may not be the best time…”

“Why is that?”

“He had a female companion last night.”

“A woman…?”

“Yes. She was an adventurer. After he went to the guild yesterday, a female adventurer visited him in the middle of the night.”

“...I guess old habits die hard. I thought he changed.”


Jennis gritted her teeth and took off her white gloves.

Bring me a box of gold. Five years' worth of wages should be good enough for her virginity. If he wanted to have sex, he should’ve just grabbed someone from the castle…”

“Countess, it’s a bit different this time.”

“Different? How so?”

“The Scion is…”

The head maid looked down with a mixed expression.

“currently with her.”



The conversation with Louie popped up in Jennis’ mind.

I will continue the Permarten bloodline.

“W-wait! But she’s just an adventurer! There’s no way… He can’t just pick a random adventurer to become his wife!”

“Would you like me to investigate further?”

“Y-yes. But first, I need to see him right away. Where is he?”

“He is having breakfast in his room.”

“Let’s go.”

Jennis, holding the hem of her dress, left the room right away. 

Even though their rooms were in the same building, it was far enough that she had to walk a bit. 

In front of Louie’s room was a small group of maids talking to each other. They were interrupted by the sound of utensils clinking against the plate.

“Mmm… Haa…”


That’s not a sound that should be present during a meal. 

Jennis shoved the maids aside and barged into Louie’s room.



Louie was in the middle of a meal.

The lunatic blithely dipped his bread in his soup.

Him eating wasn’t the lunacy; rather—

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m having breakfast.”

“What’s going on underneath the table…?!”

“Oh, you mean this?

Louie calmly pointed at the woman who had her face buried in his crotch. 

“I’m feeding my pet.”


“Yes. Hey Laura, don’t take your lips off of me.”

Louie put down his utensils and grabbed the woman by her head.


With a deep sigh, Louie briefly let his head fall backward. 

Simultaneously, there was a gulping noise, and Laura’s cheeks puffed up.

“Swallow it all, Laura.”

Gulp, gulp.

“Yes, that’s it. Good job. Oh, Mother—”

Louie turned his attention to Jennis.

“Have you eaten? Would you like to have breakfast together?”


Jennis’ head turned blank.


Initially, I wanted to make Laura give me a morning blowjob.

But that was something reasonable for a couple, which means it wasn’t quite enough for the scumbag tyrant Louie. 

He had to display his audacity and cruelty to everyone around him. 

That’s why I told Laura to blow me during breakfast in front of everyone.

“Hnngh… Haa…”

I finished my meal, but Laura’s still sucking my cock.

She ended up having cum for breakfast but didn’t seem to mind. 

“That’s enough, Laura.”


This must’ve been her first blowjob, but she was determined to push through. 

And at the same time, she beckoned the woman behind her with her eyes.

She must’ve noticed Countess Jennis.

I was going to tell her she sucked my dick well enough, but it was pretty clear she was fully dedicated to our ‘act.’

Suspicion. Certain.

I can’t help but notice her writing words on my dick with her tongue…

“Leave it to me.”


I grabbed Laura’s bunny ears with my hand.

“Mmmh! Mmmh!”

I violently maneuvered her head back and forth to thrust my cock in her mouth pussy. 

“Mother, what brings you here so early in the morning?”

“I heard you brought a girl last night…”

“Yes, and I took her virginity. She used to be an adventurer, but she’s now my personal cumdump.”

Jennis was disgusted by my words, but Laura seemed happy to hear them. 

If we’re going to do it, we better do it right.

As long as we’re outside my room, she’s nothing but a fucktoy that gets thoroughly abused by me. 

I’m a tyrant, after all.

“What seems to be the issue? I made sure of her virginity. She has a great body, is pretty, and honestly, I’d like to seed her immediately.”

And I meant every word.

“What’s bothering you?”

“It’s dangerous to bring in an adventurer like this…”

“How so? Do you think she plans to assassinate me? How ludicrous. If she really wanted to…”

I stroked Laura’s cheek with my dick still in her mouth.

“She would’ve bit my dick off and ran. But look, she’s not biting it even though it’s been in her mouth all this time. She’s thrown away the golden opportunity to eliminate the Permarten line for good.”


“If she wanted to kill me, she would’ve been determined to die for her cause. If she couldn’t escape, she probably would’ve killed herself. If she wanted to harm me at all, that is. Am I wrong, Laura?”

Laura shook her head, still with my dick in her mouth. I patted her on the head and went back to plunging her head onto my cock.

“She’s safe. I’m sure she’ll improve her skills as an adventurer and a warrior. On that note, I would like to recruit a knight before establishing my knight order.”

“A knight?”

“Yes. A female knight. Hmm…”


Laura tightened her mouth pussy on my cock.

Her cheeks hollowed as she looked up at me with a questioning gaze. 

Are you going to fuck her too?

She seems to be asking me that.

Of course.

In this world? You would have to be a dumbass not to.

Why wouldn’t you have a harem when it’s not even a crime to have multiple wives?

If anyone disagrees with me, I’ll say this to their face. 

Filthy romantic.

Harem is the answer.

It doesn’t matter if all the women in my harem bicker at each other. Since I’ve been reborn into this world as a noble, it’s only fitting for me to make women suck on each other’s tits while they happily spread their legs for me. 

That is isekai.

You think I’m trash for that?

It doesn’t even matter.

That’s how I’ll survive.


I shoved her mouth deep onto my cock to stop her from protesting.

“If you know of a female knight, please introduce me to her. I’d like to hire her as a technical advisor.”

“Are you going to fuck her, too…?”


I pulled Laura’s head back.

“Isn’t that obvious?”

I came.


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