Chapter 21

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 21: The Way of Trash (3)

Louie Permarten is undeniable trash.

Just how shit will forever be shit, no matter how well you wrap it up, Louie Permarten can’t become a good person no matter what he does. 

If so, I must become a villain with a justification.

At least trash with principles can be forgiven under extenuating circumstances. 

Not that I’m looking for forgiveness or anything.

That’s why I pulled my cock out with no reservations in front of Countess Jennis.

Not only that, I got Laura to suck my dick while having breakfast.

It was shitty of me to make her do that, and I never intended to.

I only did that because…

“I think you should’ve gotten more violent.”

Laura has no problem taking it.

It’s like professional wrestling, where you can only pull off flashy moves when your opponent agrees to take it.

“I didn’t scratch you with my teeth, did I? I tried to be as careful as possible.”

“Don’t worry about that. My cock’s tougher than you think.”

“That’s good.”

I brought Laura into my ‘Chamber of Secrets.’

We can say anything we want, only as long as we’re in my bedroom.

“Next time, you have to shove your cock all the way in my throat, so I tear up. Otherwise, they might suspect this is an act.

“But what if I choke you?”

“Hmm… I guess you’re right. I might not last three minutes if you deepthroat me.”

“Anyone would be in agony when they can’t breathe for three minutes. What if you die and end up in front of the pearly gates? Are you going to tell them that you died choking on the Scion’s dick?”

“I think you should still be more aggressive, just not enough to kill me. That’ll really sell your disguise!”

“You have a point.”

The reason why I’m treating Laura like shit,

And the reason why Laura’s fine with it:

“That’s the only way we can hide the true intent of the knight order.”

To hide the fact that the knight order intends to clear the Infinite Labyrinth, we must convince everyone that the knight order is actually Louie’s perverted fuckhole collection. 

A group of women who’ll spread their legs and suck his dick upon command, no matter if there’s anyone next to them. 

Not only are they used like toys in bed, but they’ll slave away their lives to mine the magic stones for the sex-crazed Scion. 

“No one will ever think the Scion’s cumdumps are actually the most highly skilled knights who intend to clear the Labyrinth. 

“No one will ever think that a bunny girl who has cum for breakfast will be capable of that.”

Laura agreed to cooperate to sell that image. 



“Do you really wish to clear the Labyrinth, even if you get called a whore?”


Laura has essentially become nothing more than a prostitute.

Especially now that she’ll enter the Infinite Labyrinth on my behalf, the public will think she got the opportunity by sucking my dick.

I want to know why she’s going to such lengths to cooperate with me, even though we have no history together. 

“This may sound a bit weird since you just became the captain, but why did you want to become the captain of my knight order?”

I trust her because I need to survive, and I know she’s the player’s avatar. But why is she putting her faith in me?

“I have a sense of responsibility...”


“Yes. I can’t tell you too much about it, but I have a responsibility. You could even call it a burden…”

“You don’t need to explain yourself further if it troubles you.”

I have an idea of what she’s trying to say.

This is just my theory, but I think I’m probably right.

Her half-brother created the Infinite Labyrinth. 

And Laura, as the player’s avatar, can't look the other way when people are suffering from it.

She must have some sort of dutiful obligation to help those who suffer at the hands of her brother’s actions. 

This must be ‘the sense of responsibility’.

She’s worthy of being the protagonist.

If I didn’t run into her at the guild, she’d probably be trying to clear the Infinite Labyrinth, even if she only had a spoon to fight with.

“No matter what your reasons are, you already signed a contract with me in the deepest, most intimate part of your body.”


“Do not betray me. I will give you everything you want as long as you remain loyal.”

“I… have a question.”

“What would you do if one of your allies wants to… keep the Labyrinth?”

She’s not talking about herself.

She already told me she wanted to kill the creator of the Infinite Labyrinth. 

She must be talking about the future allies who may not want to give up the spoils of the Labyrinth. 

“I will cast them aside.”


“Cutting them off is probably a better move, even if I signed a contract with them.”

Laura seemed stunned by what I said.

“What is it?”

“You… were so resolute.”

“The Infinite Labyrinth is a curse. It doesn’t matter if millions, no, even if the entire continent’s economy is dependent on it. I don’t have the luxury of considering their livelihoods because I’m the only person actually being afflicted by it.”

I can’t waste my life away in this tiny city. 

I don’t want to die in this fantasy world without having traveled anywhere. 

“Once the Labyrinth is destroyed, I want to go on a trip.”

“A trip?”

“Yeah. I want to see the world with my own eyes. I want to settle down in a remote area and live a quiet life with my knight order.”

A slow life in a rural area doesn’t sound bad at all.

Nothing too dangerous ever happens in rural areas in all the isekai I’ve ever read.

(Louie, you fucker! I lost my job because you destroyed the Labyrinth!)

I just need to hide well enough so those people won’t be able to find me…

“Or I’ll need to turn Permarten into a kingdom so strong that no one will be able to touch us.”

“A kingdom…”

“Before anything else, I must survive. Afterward, I want to find a place where I can live quietly for the rest of my life, and if that proves to be impossible, I must grow my strength to the point where I become untouchable. That’s my plan. I can think about traveling after the curse is lifted.

Like how people dream about traveling when they hit the lottery, I also have a dream.

“I will not allow anyone to stand in the way of my dreams. If one of my allies suddenly speaks out against the Labyrinth’s destruction, I’ll gladly cut them off to lift the curse. Although I’d never accept someone like that to begin with.”

“You are more committed than I thought...”

“Of course. It’s my knight order. I don’t need any women who won’t follow my orders.”

“What about men?”

“Men can’t join my knight order.”

“When a female knight joins my order, she must obey my orders no matter what. She must have no hesitation destroying the Labyrinth even if she supports the status quo.”

Do such people exist?

Of course, they do.

There are many. 

Permarten has princess knights, regular female knights, paladins, succubus knights, dark knights, dullahans, and many more. 

The developers created 2-3 new characters every time a floor was cleared.

Which means Permarten has many potential recruits.

Even though I need to max out their relationship level to put my orders above all else. 

Having the same goals is not enough. 

To be able to rely on them to fight against anyone who attempts to kill me when the Labyrinth is no more, I’ll definitely need to max out my relationship level with them.

Why don't I have a status window?!

How convenient would it be to see how far our relationship has progressed by looking at a number?

If anything, it’ll be so easy to tell how much they trust me. 


“What is it?”

“I just thought of another reason I need you to enter the Labyrinth…”

An Artifact. 

A monocle that allows its user to see into people’s hearts.

I saw it in the main character’s side storyline.

“What would that be?”


I’d rather not tell her what it is, so I’ll just be vague about it.

“I need to find something called a legendary stone.”

“A legendary stone…?”

Laura doesn’t seem to know what it is.

Maybe she’s pretending not to know.

“It’s a stone that the Creator God seemed to have left behind. The document containing this information was so well hidden that many previous Permarten heads missed it. But I found it.”

I’m sure she’ll buy it.

If she knows anything, I’m sure she'll tell me all about it when we find it, anyway.

The legendary stone. 

According to the lore, it holds a massive amount of mana and the strength of the twelve gods that created this world. 

In the game, it forces a character to level up. In other words, you can level up even after you’re already maxed out.

All the way up to level 112.

When I was playing the game, if you had 12 legendary stones the developers released, you could force your character to level up regardless of your current level. 

And it would boost your skills as well.

It’s OP as hell.

I used them all on my favorite character. 

Even though she may have been bad in the game, she was my favorite. 


It’s different now.


My favorite characters…

“If we find a legendary stone, I’ll give the first one to you.”

Change all the time.

“Make sure to take care of me.”

You are my favorite.


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Chapter 21

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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