Chapter 19

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 19: The Way of Trash (1)

Sex with Laura: Success.

It was the best thing ever.

Even though I had sex a few times in real life, I didn’t understand until now why people go out of their way to look for a pretty girl who’s also a good lay.

A girl with 6-star potential.

As expected for the player’s avatar, she was a true sex machine.

She is sex itself.

If she's serious about me, I have no qualms about spending the rest of my life with her.

I can’t lose her.

Even though I already have her on my team, I still have to take care of her because she’ll have to walk into the hellscape of the Infinite Labyrinth.

The whole place is filled with dangers, and certain ‘real’ situations that didn’t exist in PAO could pop up.

For example,

Orcs and goblins could rape humans, or a tentacle slime could impregnate someone.

It could happen to my women. My knights.

That’s why I want to put Laura in the safest position possible. 


Even if your whole party gets butchered in PAO, all you get is a “Mission Failed.” Monsters never do anything further than that.

But this is real life.

The Infinite Labyrinth is full of fatal threats. 


I need to make sure Laura can fight safely.


She has infinite room for growth since she’s the player’s avatar.

Every other character’s potential is limited in some way, but the player can develop themselves in whichever way they wish.

They can be swordsmen, spearmen, archers, thieves, assassins, mages, alchemists, necromancers, etc.

Unlike most gacha games, the player has complete freedom in their growth.

However, the game developers have designated a ‘default’ character type. 

A character who clears the Infinite Labyrinth with a single sword.

I never noticed it while playing the game, but fighting with only a sword is extremely risky. 

That means I need to change my approach.

I must make Laura a better fit for something other than a sword. 

And I’ll make her my woman and live the rest of my life with her, 

She’s worth it.

• Lore
• Potential
• Ability
• Pussy
• Looks
• Unknown factor

She’s worthy of being a 6-star.

Although her skills are currently lacking, I know she has enough potential to put every other character to shame, 

So, I need to develop this exhausted woman sleeping next to me into the captain of my knight order.


She slowly opened her eyes.

There’s nothing quite as unsightly as seeing someone you had sex with waking up all disheveled and exhausted, but Laura seemed perfectly put together. 

“Good morning, Scion…”

“It is a good morning.”

“You’re up early.”

“I needed to think about something.”

I turned away from the balcony and approached Laura.

She rose slowly, covering herself with a blanket.

The white blanket showed off the silhouette of her naked body.

The bunny suit was cast aside without a care, though the bunny ears remained on her head.

It must’ve been when I came the fifth time…

I managed to fully strip her, but I just couldn’t take the ears off. 

“Please take good care of me, Scion.”

“That’s something I should say to you. You’re the only woman I call an ally in this city.”

“Do you trust me?”

Laura asked, with uncertainty in her voice.

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but don’t you think this could be a honey trap?”

“You wouldn’t bring this up if you tried to trick me.”

“But I could say it to make you trust me and stab you in the back later.”

“Sure, you could be right. But I trust you.”

Because she’s Laura.

“Let me tell you something. I have no other option but to trust you. In this prison cell called Permarten, you’re the only person I can share my thoughts with.”

“I sensed it the moment I laid my eyes on you. I knew I could trust you. I may have been wrong many times with other things, but I’ve never been wrong about who to trust.”



“You’re a kind woman because…”

I sat on the bed beside her and touched up her messy bangs.

“You had sex with me even though you had to use healing magic. I know you would’ve passed out if you didn’t.”

“That could’ve been me trying to show off my healing magic…”

“I don’t even care if it was to show off. It just shows you can heal me in my time of need. At the very least, you can heal this pretty well.”

I pointed at my dick.


“This is what happens to men when we wake up. Having you next to me didn’t help.”

“I guess I’ll need to do something about it… Oh, is this part of my ‘work,’ too?”

“Of course. You must be an example for the new knights when they join us. We have enough time since it’s early morning, and…”

I approached Laura.

“They’ll even bring me my meals when I ring this bell.”


“It’s a magical item. It looks just like a bell but isn’t one. It’ll be fine if you leave by midday since they’ll need to tidy this room. But, before we get to that…”

“Before we get to that…?”

“I need to tell you that I’ll still play the role of scumbag Louie.”

After some deep thinking, I concluded I couldn’t lose my current image. 

“I’ve created an image as a cruel Scion. It doesn’t matter what I do; no one will give it a second thought as long as it isn’t anything good.”

No matter my actions, no one will bat an eye because it’s Louie doing it.

His evil deeds will become a shield that hides my desperate attempts at survival.

“So, I will do things that are beyond your wildest imagination. Until we clear the Infinite Labyrinth, at least.”

“How far will you take it…?”

“That depends on you.”

I pulled Laura’s shoulder towards me.

“My image has changed. Obviously, it isn’t for the better, but everyone knows something about me has changed.”

I nearly shaved off my poodle hair.

I visited the Adventurer’s Guild and the Magic Tower, which I never used to visit.

“I’ll make sure that no one has the wrong idea even if I introduce you as the captain of my knight order. With this.”

I pressed her bunny ears down.

“You might have to have sex with me with people watching.”

“With people watching?!”

“I’m not saying we’ll have sex in the middle of the town square. I won’t do that to my women.”

Maybe to other people’s women…

“I just need to ensure that everyone in this castle knows you’re mine. No matter where we have sex, they’ll soon learn to treat it as a part of everyday life.”

“What do you gain from that?”

“The understanding that my knight order is just my fuckhole collection.”

It is crass wording, but that’s exactly what I want.

“You might be called a whore. People might call you ‘the slut who spreads her legs for Louie.’ No, there will definitely be some people who say that. Think about it, your knight order uniform is a bunny suit. Will anyone consider you a proper knight in a normal order? Never.”

They’ll think of them as pocketpussies cosplaying as knight order.

“I will use my infamy to my favor. That’s who Louie Permarten is. I will use everything I can to survive, including my and my knight’s reputation.”

“Are you facing that much hardship…?”

Laura held my hand with a face that could break out in tears at any moment.

“The more I listen to you, the more I realize how desperate you are, Scion.”

“I will be murdered.”

“...Pardon me?”

“I stumbled upon something my father wrote before he passed. I burned it without having told anyone, but I’ll tell you. You must keep it a secret.”

I whispered in her ear.

“There is another Permarten. My father has an illegitimate child.”


A shocking statement.

I put myself in an incredibly vulnerable position by telling her, but I trust her. 

Well, that’s what my erect is telling me as it points at Laura. 

She’ll never betray you.

“I have complete faith in you, Laura. Please, help me.”


She patted me on my back as she held me. 

“I won’t be able to do this when we’re out there, so I’ll do this for you here. Let me know anytime you need a hug. Even though I can only give you my chest to rest your head on.”

“Thank you...”

It’s a relief just to hear her say that. 

And it relieves me even more that she’s letting me rest my face on her tits. 

A true goddess.

“What… would you like me to do? I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

“Alright then, I have a good idea.”

Scrumbag tyrant Louie Permarten.

“How about we get started with you slurping on my cock?”


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Chapter 19

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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