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Chapter 18

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 18: Goddess’ First Night (1) Laura’s First Time <3

The sound of skin slapping against skin cut through the silence, and her heartbeat became much more noticeable than her quiet moans.

Lup-dup. Lup-dup.

Her heart was beating faster than I was thrusting.

I could almost feel her heartbeat pulsing on my tongue as I ravaged her nipples.

“Heuk… It’s—It’s too big…!”

“Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt, but…”

“Then it’s fine.”


I shoved my dick back inside her.

Even though I was worried my dick might’ve been too big for her, she took it all in a single thrust.

“Ah… Aheut! You’re going to break my pussy…!”

“I’m breaking you in. You’re the only person to have taken my dick in a single thrust.”

“A-are you…?”

“It’s a perfect fit for my cock.”

As she’s riddled with anxiety, I would’ve had to force open her tense pussy had I taken it slow, but since I shoved my dick inside her before she even knew what was going on, she now has to deal with my cock regardless.

“Aeut… Eeeeut… Is this sex…?”

“How does it feel to have a dick in you for the first time?”

“I don’t know… It just feels—Ahhh!”

Laura clutched her cushion even harder.

“Stop! Just for a moment! Something’s…!”


Nothing drives a man crazy quite like watching his woman climax, so how can she tell me to stop?

“You’ve never felt it before?”

“Felt… what?”

“I’m talking about an orgasm.”


I got up, straightened my posture, and lifted up Laura’s waist just a bit.


Her body’s trembling.

She began to tremble so much it travelled through her body to the top of her head, causing her bunny ears to shake from behind the cushion.

“Haa… Haah…”

While her eyes were still hidden behind the cushion, her mouth slipped out from underneath to gasp for air.


Her breathing finally calmed down.

The cushion was pushed off her face, exposing her blank eyes.

“Don’t—Don’t look at me!”

She hid her face behind the cushion again.

With both of our lower halves completely drenched, I leaned over her once more.

“It’s fine. Don’t get embarrassed for cumming during sex. I’ll be cumming too.”


“I’ll cum inside of you..”

“Tell me why you came.”

“It’s because… your…”

“My what?”

“...Your cock made me feel… so full, and this weird feeling came over my entire body…”

“That’s good.”

It’s good a virgin can feel that much pleasure.

I have high hopes for her.

I'm sure she’ll learn to feel more and more pleasure, and every time she does, she’ll squeeze my cock like there’s no tomorrow.

If I could just live with her forever…



“Your pussy’s making me cum.”

I leaned on her even more before she could fight back.

“I’m about to cum because of your pussy. Don’t you think you need to take responsibility for that?”

“But that’s…!”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

I’m going to use her mouth.

I snatched both of her wrists and pushed my face towards hers.



She began to fight back as soon as I tried to kiss her.

I can’t believe she’s refusing to kiss me when I just took her virginity.


I crammed my tongue between her lips before she closed them.

She shut her lips to deny me a kiss, so I had to intensely thrust my dick into her in order to make her gasp.

“Ah… Haaht?!”

Is she seriously saying no to a kiss after she took my entire cock in one thrust?

It made no sense, but this somehow made me want to cum really badly.


I lifted my head up as I nibbled on her bottom lip.

Because the cushion fell as we tussled, I could see Laura’s uncovered face…

And her tear-filled eyes.

“You… You can’t.”



“Do you not want to be kissed or seen?”

“That’s not…”

Laura squeezed her eyes shut.

“Please let me hide my face…”

“You should’ve just said so.”

I covered her eyes with my hands.

“Is this enough?”


“Answer me.”

“I suppose…”


With my hand on Laura’s face, I kissed her.

After I continuously wedged my tongue between her lips, she finally let me in.


I overpowered her awkward attempt at using her tongue and simultaneously shoved my cock into her pussy.


“Yes, Scion…”

“I’m cumming.”




Laura screamed in silence.

It was so rewarding to hold off cumming until the moment I knew she would orgasm.

Splurt. Splurt. Splurt.

An incredible sensation of warmth enveloped my cock.

My cum began to slowly drizzle out from deep within her as I attempted to pull my cock out, and…

“Haa… Haa…”

Before I knew it, she had her legs around me.

I think she must’ve done it instinctually and I didn’t notice because I was so focused on fucking her.

“Haa… Scion…”

Between my fingers, her golden eyes glistened.


How did I even cum this much?

I think I shot my entire load at once.

This motherfucker.

I’m so fucking envious.

There’s no way I could ever cum this much in real life.

Louie must’ve put all his stats into his cock and stamina.

What a sex machine.

He could probably fuck five women at the same time.

“You did well, Laura.”


With her voice still barely audible, she looked up at me, blushing.

“How… could you do this to me?

“Do what?”

“That was… my first kiss.”

“Huh? Look at you.”

I reached down and grabbed her ass.

“You should be saying ‘That was my first time having sex.’”

“But… Sex and kissing are different…”

“Whatever. Does that mean I took both your first kiss and your virginity?”

“I—I guess…”

Laura looked away shyly.

She was hellbent on hiding her face during sex, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered now I creampied her.

I think she must’ve been embarrassed because it was her first time.

…That means it should be easier next time, right?

“I guess this makes me the first member of your knight order, right? Haha.”

“No, you’re not the first member…”

I brushed her hair to the side of her face.

“You’re the captain.”

“I am…?”

“Yeah, it’s on a first come, first served basis.”

“I can’t be the captain—I’m not even knighted!”

“I fucked you. That makes you my knight. What, do you want me to knight you with my cock or something?”


She shot me a look of disbelief.

“I guess it could be fun…?”

“Scion, will we be having sex like this from now on?”

“No. This is only the first of many different kinds of sex. All I did just now was get on top of you and cum.”

There are many, many different things I would like to do with her.

“There are so many things we have to try! Like, blowjobs, titty fucking… We’ll be doing it every single day until we clear the Labyrinth.”

“Every day?!”

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s… not that I dislike it, but…”

“That’s enough for me. I still would’ve fucked you even if you said no. I’m a scumbag, you know.”

“Calling yourself a scumbag is a bit…”

“You just got fucked by a scumbag, yet you still have shit to say?”

While Laura may be a bunny, I proved to her I’m a beast.

Louie Permarten.

A man with the speed of a rabbit, but with enough stamina to make Laura cum three times before he did.

That’s me.

“I took my sweet time to cum just once. I guess it’s time to wrap it up…”

“Excuse me…”

“What is it?”

“I can feel you getting bigger inside me…”


Louie Permarten.

His stamina knows no bounds.

“Umm… I think I could—”

“You could…?”

“I think I could go for a few more rounds…”

Laura squeezed her lips together and stared up at me.

Her golden eyes were filled with desire.

I grabbed her waist.

“You’re not going to quit after just one round, right?”

“I’ll push myself to go as far as I can. Just a moment…”

Her eyes began glowing and a golden cloud wrapped around her entire body.

Wait, that’s a low-level healing spell.

“...You’re not going to be mad about me healing myself to regain stamina, are you?”


This world is the fucking best.

If there’s a goddess who spawned me here, I have nothing but the deepest praise for her.

“Let’s see how many times I can cum in one night. Will I run out of stamina first, or will you run out of mana first?”


“Please… go easy on me…”

I came ten times.


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