Chapter 17

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 17: Goddess’ First Night (1) Laura’s First Time <3

I’m touching her boobs.

D cup? No, these could even be E cups.

Most of the characters in PAO have huge tits, so it may not be as noticeable, but Laura is quite glamorous.

She’d be in the top 0.1% of all women in real life.

If she just wore this and started streaming, a hoard of big spenders would come rushing into her donations box.

Something occurred to me the moment I touched her boobs—

She’s a goddess.

Any man would feel the same way.

Any woman who would let them fondle their boobs is a goddess.


“You’re groping me…”

“Well, your tits are practically hanging out already.”

“Well, I mean…”

I pushed her tits together and flicked her nipple through her bunny suit with my index finger.

“Do you want me to touch you on the inside?”


“Hmm? Look how hard they are already.”

Underneath the chest piece of her bunny girl suit, I could see how hard her pink nipples were.

I could easily play with them using my index fingers. Meanwhile, Laura rested her hands nervously on her lap, as if she was waiting for something.

Hmm, does she want a kiss?



“I heard that sex is when a man puts his genital inside a woman’s…”


“...Can’t you just put it in right away?”

Laura asked a question with a naive look on her face.

…Is she serious?

“Male and female genitals? Tell me what you really heard.”

“Umm… The cock goes inside the pussy and shoots cum…”


There’s nothing quite as dangerous as half-baked knowledge.

In smut, they say that when having sex with a virgin, you have to set the mood first then push in your dick slowly and carefully until her pain subsides. After that point, you can start having fun. But…

“Is that what you want?”


The sofa was large enough for a person to lie down comfortably. 

I held her waist as I laid her down.


What a sight.

The bed is right next to us, but it feels so different to have sex on a sofa.

Louie you sly motherfucker. This is why you placed this long sofa here.

“Um, Scion? I have something to ask of you…”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to have sex anymore.”

“No, that’s not it…”

As long as we’re fucking, I don’t care what she asks.

“...May I hide my face with a cushion?”


Her tits and pussy are out, but she’s being shy about her face?

That’s fine.

This is actually something I wanted.

She’s not going to look at me, but I can look at her birthday suit?


This is what fucking a virgin is like?

I’ve never taken someone’s virginity before, but there’s a first time for everything.

This world is amazing.

I will die happy knowing I took this blonde beauty’s virginity.

“That’s fine. Go ahead.”

“Yes, Scion…”

Laura pulled a nearby cushion over her face.

She must be feeling really embarrassed.

I’m feeling a bit shy about this too, but there’s no going back at this point.


I reached for her.

I pushed her glossy bunny suit to one side.


I see her black pantyhose. 

I only see her black pantyhose.

No panties.

I assumed as much because I couldn’t see any panty lines, but it’s always a pleasant surprise.

But, there’s a problem.

How do I do this?

I want to take the pantyhose off of her, but she has to take the bunny suit off for me to do that.

No way.

I’m not telling her to take off her bunny suit after she so graciously wore it for me.

That’s unthinkable.

So, the right thing to do is…



I easily ripped her pantyhose open with just my hands.

Between the shredded strands of her pantyhose, her pussy…

Waxed and pretty in pink…? Are all women like this in this world?

You don’t see pussy like this even in porn!

Without even thinking about it, my hand moved towards her pussy.


I could feel her warm breath from under the cushion.

She must be feeling both shy and maybe even embarrassed that a man’s touching her for the first time in her life…

But she’s not refusing my advances.

I gently caressed her skin and slid my index finger inside.


I forgot to clip my fingernails.

If I put my finger inside, I’ll end up scratching her.

She’ll bleed anyway, so maybe it’s better to make her wetter? 

No matter how much I want to, this isn’t what she deserves for her first time.


“Laura, I’m putting it in.”

I should drag on the foreplay for a bit longer and get her a bit wetter first, but getting her tits sucked should be enough for her.

“Yes, Scion…”

She was already soaking wet.

Her thick scent mesmerised me.

She hid her face with a cushion, with just one side of her bunny suit pulled down to show off her breast, while her legs were spread wide open, showing off her most intimate spot.

How could I take the time to clip my fingernails when I’ve got this lewd virgin bunny in front of me?

I have to start fucking her and either use my cum as lube or wait until she’s drenched with her vaginal fluid.

“Aheeung… It’s..!”

“It’s in.”

Just the head.

The head of my dick was drenched as soon as I squeezed it in her tight pussy.

“Heugh… You’re drenched even before I start fucking you?”


Crass wording, sure, but that was the truth.

I skipped foreplay because I was dying to thrust my dick in her, but I guess it wasn’t necessary at all.

“I bet your pussy was leaking in your bunny suit all the way to the castle.”

“N-no, it wasn’t…” She said to me, the man with his cock inside her, in a barely audible, yet bold, tone.

I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to say a word if I took the cushion away from her.

“Did you just say no? I know you wore this just so I would fuck you.”

“I just… wanted to make a good impression…!”

“You did. I’m horny as fuck right now.”

Dishevelled bunny girl.

I’m so horny that I’m tempted to make her wear it all the time.

Seeing the bunny ear poking out from behind the cushion quiver every time my dick rubs against her makes my dick even harder.

“When did you start getting wet? When you entered this room? Or when I started fondling your tits?”

“I won’t answer…!”

“If you won’t answer, I’ll have to force it out of you.”

I held her waist with both of my hands.

Her waist was thin enough to make me feel like I could break her just with my grip.

“Do you know what I call a woman like you, Laura? BOP!”


“Body Optimised for Pregnancy. Look at your hips. I bet you’ll have an easy time giving birth.”



I shoved my cock deeper inside.

“It’s a part of the contract.”

“Is it really…?!”

“Of course. You have to give birth to my child. Or were you just going to use me for my dick? I’m disappointed in you.”

“Um, I…”

It’s just an empty threat.

Getting a girl pregnant before the ending will only make it harder for me to get a good ending.

“We’re about to sign the contract. If you have any doubts, you better say so right now.”


I won’t stop even if she begs me.

What kind of a man could call it quits after putting the tip of his dick inside?

“F-fine, but…”


“You can’t go back on your word after we sign the contract…!”

“That’s a given.”


Laura’s lips appeared from underneath the cushion.

“I don’t want to draw out the pain, so sign it nice and big in one go…”



I thrust my dick inside hard and fast.

She grabbed the cushion so hard that it looked like she was about to tear it open.

At the same time, her pussy squeezed my dick so hard it felt like it was being wrung.

“AHH!!!  Ah… Haeut…”

A painful moan escaped her lips.

Having sex with a virgin for the first time must’ve got me too riled up since it looked like I went way too hard on her—she seemed to be in terrible pain.

“Laura… Are you okay?”

The faint smell of blood.

This wet feeling on my cock must be what I think it is. Laura must be in a lot of pain.

“Ahh… Heugh… Scion, you’re…”


“so kind.”

“...I am??”

“Yes, you are… Could you…”

Laura pulled her cushion up again and whispered even more quietly than before.

“hold me for just a minute until the pain goes away?”

“A minute?”

Like this?

With my dick inside??


“As you wish.”

I bent over to hold Laura.

I put my arms around her, with my face naturally resting on her boobs.

“Haa… Haah…”

Laura’s breath started to calm down.

Her pussy started to relax a bit and loosened its iron grip on my cock.

“What will you do after the minute has passed, Scion?”

“I’ll fuck you like a beast.”

“A beast? But I’m a bunny…?”

“Hah, do you even know how rabbits go at it?”

I stuck my knee under Laura for a better stance.

“They go at it fast as fuck.”

“...Ahh! Ahhht!”

“You’re fucked!”

I buried my face in her tits so she couldn’t get up, and began thrusting with full power.

“Ahhh! Aeung! Euut…!”

As the sound of skin slapping against skin mixed with her moans, Laura tried to hold them in as much as she possibly could.


“This… is sex…<3”

Her pussy clutched onto my cock and refused to let it go.

“Haa, Scion…”

“You don’t have to do anything, Laura.”

After all, it’s the gamer’s job to keep the characters occupied.


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Chapter 17

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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