Chapter 15

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 15: How Could I Say No to That? (4)

Droit du seigneur.

It is one of the many tyrannies people faced during the medieval times. 

It allows the lord to take the virginity of a newly married wife.

Some say that it actually happened.

Others say that it’s a greatly exaggerated story of an ancient time when sexuality was more open.

Some even say that it was yet another way the lords could extort their people, sending them a message that if they didn’t want to be subjected to droit du seigneur, they better pay their taxes.

Anyway, it wasn’t an actual practice that took place.

If you steal these women’s virginity, it is only a matter of time until their husbands either beat you to death or place you under a guillotine. 

Droit du seigneur is fiction.

An urban legend, a dumb rumour.

I’ve never heard of Louie invoking droit du seigneur, either in game or this world.


Is that why Jennis was so calm?

Is that why she wasn’t as shocked as I thought she would’ve been when I told her I was looking for a woman to seed?

(Louie, that little shit is finally thinking of getting a wife of his own instead of fucking other people’s wives.)

(He wouldn’t risk seeding another man’s wife, so he must’ve gone outside. Thank heavens he finally started thinking with his head, not his dick.)

(I can’t believe the perverted scumbag actually used droit du seigneur. I really thought this was the end of our house.)

…Maybe that’s what she thought.

No, I don’t know that for sure yet.

Astarote is simply claiming that I’ve used droit du seigneur.

If she only heard some baseless rumours about me, then I’ve done nothing wrong.


What if I actually did?

What if Louie was enough of a scumbag to invoke droit du seigneur?

The prologue for a medieval game I played was that the lord used droit du seigneur.

This is driving me crazy.

I can’t tell if she’s telling me the truth.

If it is true…

I’m just going to run with it.

I can’t fold.

I already said what I said. I can’t start spewing half-baked lies now.

“So what?”


“Who cares about droit du seigneur? I was simply seeking a woman of a high enough standing for Permarten. “


And bold.

“The sex I’ve had until now was all fake.”

If I’m already covered in shit, I’ll take it up a notch and become nuclear waste.

“I’ve never had real sex.”


“It was all bullshit. The act of thrusting my cock into a woman’s pussy is only a physical one. It isn’t real sex at all.”

If I’m already trash, I’ll at least be trash with an ideology!

“I want someone real. I’m looking for a woman who’ll become my wife. I’ll pump my seed deep inside her so she and I can have a child together. If such a woman exists, I’ll engage in intercourse and start a family with her. That’s real sex.”

Astarote is confused!

I have no idea what I’m saying either!

“Fucking women is just a physical act. Even if you become a succubus and rape me, it’ll be nothing more than fucking. Just like how a thirsty man desires water, a succubus desires dick. You can have as much dick as you want, but you must work for Permarten in exchange.”

What a crazy motherfucker.

Even though I'm disgusted with what I’ve just said, sometimes being shameless like this is the only way.

Why is that?

Because Louie Permarten is trash.

If she agrees to cooperate with even this heap of human garbage, then…

“I understand your will, Scion.”

I win.

“What do you say?”

“...I need a day’s time.”

“A day… It can be both a long or short amount of time, depending on your perspective.”

One day.

I’ll be on the edge of my seat the entire time.

If she joins my knight order even after seeing what a scumbag I truly am, that might as well be a free pass to bed.

I’m ready to fuck!

If I could fuck Astarote, I’d gladly be called Pedomarten.

I’ve already invoked droit du seigneur. Who cares about being called Pedomarten at this point?

“I’ll send someone tomorrow at this hour. You may come directly to my castle, or send a letter or a messenger on your behalf. I… greatly wish for you to join me.”

“...Why do you want me so badly?”

“Do you need a reason?”

Is it because your ‘sister’ is the Master of the Tower?

Or is it because you’re strong-as-hell 3-star?

Or is it because you’re a succubus?

“It’s simple.”

As I walked out the door, I reached my hand out toward her.

“Permarten needs you.”


Meanwhile, Adventurer’s Guild, Guildmaster’s office.

“Miss Laura, you must understand that Louie Permarten is a dangerous man.”

Guildmaster Bernhardt sat the blonde lady, Laura, down and told her everything about Louie.

“He has basically committed every evil there is besides murder, rape, and drugs. It’s as if he lives to sin.”

“...But, today, he didn’t seem like that at all.”


Bernhardt let out a deep sigh and held his head in his hands.

“To be honest, I should stop you. The Scion I know is a madman and a scumbag. He’d get drunk and cause chaos, and he’d use violence at every chance he got. If…”


“Would you believe it if I said it may be the curse?”


Laura dropped her head with a glum look on her face.

“There were many Permartens over the years, but they were all brutal, just like the demons in the Infinite Labyrinth. Maybe the Permartens have already fallen to the demons. It’s just that… everyone turns a blind eye to it because of the massive profit the Labyrinth makes.”

“You mean…”

“Not a single Permarten has ever tried to fight the curse. But Louie Permarten… is trying to do something about it. I can’t tell you that his new hair is the proof of his resolve, but I trust my intuition.”

“Your intuition…”

Louie Permarten.

Are your despicable acts really because of your curse?

Or are you simply evil to your core?

“...The curse of the Infinite Labyrinth.”

“Well, that’s just my theory. But, Miss Laura, just because—”

“I have something to ask of you, Guildmaster.”

“...Something to ask of me?”


Laura held her head up high.

“...Can you buy me some clothes?”


“I’ve got nothing.”

I’ve been busy all day with nothing to show for it.

Everyone asked for a day to think about everything.

I get it, I get it.

Louie Permarten is a filthy scumbag, after all.

His evil can’t be properly expressed in words.

I should’ve known when Amy showed me her panties without a fuss.

Even for a maid, it was strange to show her panties to her Scion.

Louie Permarten was crazy enough to practice droit du seigneur more than ten times.

He’s a complete piece of shit who has done every malicious thing short of murder, rape, and drugs.

I should’ve studied more about him before I started making my moves.

I knew he was trash, but I didn’t know exactly how trash he was.

Because PAO isn’t a dark fantasy meant for a mature audience but a game rated for teens, I assumed there would be a limit on how bad Louie has been.

Oh, I see.

This is the real world, and the real world fucking sucks.

If so…

“If this world is made for adults, then fine, so be it.”

I’ll show you human trash… No, human nuclear waste.

That’s how Permarten survives.

That’s how I’ll survive.

They said I’ll do everything short of murder, rape, and drugs, right?

“Excuse me, Scion.”

A knock.

I coughed to prevent anyone from overhearing what I’d been muttering to myself as I got up.

“You have a guest.”

“A guest? At this hour?”

It was almost 11 o'clock at night.

“Who is it?”

“You invited her, Scion. Umm…”


“She’s a bunny girl.”


“Did you say a bunny girl?”

“Yes. Should I bring her into your bedroom?”

A bunny girl in the middle of the night?

This has to be Laura.

Which could only mean one thing…


I have to stay calm.

And I’ll make the best decision I can.

“Bring her to my bedroom. I’ll be there shortly after taking a shower.”

Bunny girl outfit, huh?

The noob adventurer Laura?

This has to be it.

“It’s time for sex.”

I, Louie Permarten, never let a chance for sex to pass me by.

“My dick is ready.”

The first blood is mine.


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Chapter 15

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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