Chapter 14

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 14: How Could I Say No to That? (3)

I’m not a pedophile.

I’m fully aware of the fundamental laws that one must obey to live in a society.

And I know how scary the rights of 2D characters are.

I know that in some corners of the world, the rights of 2D characters matter more than crimes that take place in real life.

Pedos must be put to death.

Of course, so many filthy, nasty things still happen despite all that, but I’ve always been wary about keeping myself on the right side of 2D rights.

But this is real life, isn’t it?

I’m alive in this world.

Sure, I’m Louie Permarten right now, but this is still my reality.

Which means…

It may be pedophilic on Earth, but it isn’t pedophilic here!

This is a fantasy world, not real life.

That means this world is governed by a completely different set of laws that may not be understood in Earth’s modern society.


Even if someone calls me Louie Pedomarten, they will not be able to prosecute me, nor will it be a crime!

“Umm… What do you mean by that, Scion?”

“It’s as I said. I want to take you in as one of my people, although we must keep it a secret.”


Winning her over is quite simple.

“I accept you as you are. Even if your curse worsens and you become a succubus, I’ll use my authority to save you.”

You have to accept her as she is, even if she transforms.

I don’t know anything about her personal story, but I’ve read fanfics based on it.

I don’t know too much about her.

But I could see the author’s intent.

Vanilla fanfics have all the answers!

The (male) main character of the fanfic said:

“Are you frightened that you may hurt others after becoming a succubus? Cast your worries aside. I will take full responsibility. I will not kill or cast you aside, even if you become a succubus. I promise as a Permarten… No, I promise you as a man.”

I might have copied the first line from the fanfic, but I meant what I said.

“Help me, and I’ll give you everything.”

“...Are you certain, Scion?”

“What do you mean?”

“You must be aware of how evil succubi are, right? Actually, you must know better than anyone else. The succubi of the Infinite Labyrinth are truly horrible creatures.”

“I’m aware that…”

This game is rated for teens, but it only takes a tiny bit of imagination to realise that there are many sexual implications.

“...Succubi leave their victims withered as if their life got sucked out of them.”

“You don’t just get withered; you get mummified! It’s completely different than getting bit by a vampire.”

In short…

“You die after fucking the succubus.”

“...Yes. Succubi feed on male energy. They seduce men to feed on them.”

“That’s right.”

“And you still want to recruit me?”

She looked at me with solemn eyes.

Her answer will change depending on what I say.

I need to think about this.

I have two options.

First option:

“That’ll never happen! You won’t ever turn into a succubus. I’ll protect you!”

Some heroic stuff that the player character would say.

Tell her that, even though she’s cursed, she hasn’t become a succubus yet, so we’ll just clear the Infinite Labyrinth before she fully transforms.

I could say that.

I remember this because the player character actually said it.

That's probably the right thing to say.


I’m built different.

“I already told you that it doesn’t matter if you turn into a succubus.”

“No, if that happens, I’ll… I’ll be the only man you’ll ever seduce.”

I slowly approached Astarote.

“You must be scared of the future where you’ll become a succubus and attack random men. I’ll take care of you and all of your worries. If you’re afraid of attacking random men, I’ll ensure you only attack me.”

“But that’s…”

“If you become a succubus and desire male energy, you can rape me.”

It would’ve been more romantic if she was a vampire.

Something like: ‘If you’re overcome with the desire for blood, take mine.’

“If you’re overcome with the desire for male energy, suck my dick.”


“If it’s for someone as talented as you, I can give you my dick.”


Astarote became confused!

I’m telling her I’d give up a part of my body for her, but it would surprise anyone to find out that it’s a dick.

“Why are you so surprised? It’s just a genital.”


“Its function is to produce an heir. I can make an heir with whomever, and you can continue to suck my dick. Of course, that’s if only if you become a succubus.”


“What is it?”

Stay calm.

I must stay calm.

I have to be shameless.

My dick is just a tool for an offspring? Bullshit.

Louie’s dick is everything he has.

If you lined up every man in Permarten in a rank of their dick size, Louie would be the Emperor.

I need her desperately enough to lie to myself about my dick.

“Why are you so taken aback?”

“Oh, it’s just… What do you think about… sex, Scion?”


“Yes, I think sex should be a bit delicate and…”

“You’re thinking about it too much. Sex is just sex.”

You dare try to teach me?

I grew up in the age of computers and smartphones, relentlessly exposed to explicit content by the ill will of many adults. How dare you even try to teach me about sex?

“It’s a process where male and female genitals come together to seed an offspring. What else is there to it?”

On top of that, you’re a virgin.

“Isn’t that what sex is? Animals, insects, and even demons of the Labyrinth have sex to produce children.”

“Oh, Scion…? This may upset you, but… Umm…”

She crumpled the hem of her skirt, looking for my permission.

“Go ahead.”

“...Have you ever had sex?”


I must be bold!

I didn’t lie.

I have never wielded my cock as Louie Permarten.

A wise man once said virginity is composed of body, mind, and spirit.

It doesn’t matter if Louie Permarten has had sex.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve had sex.

I, as the person who overtook Louie Permartens’s body  have never had sex.

Therefore, in terms of astral projection from my past life, I’m a virgin.

“...Scion, sex is…”

“An act to seed an offspring. If I have sex with someone, it means I’m committed to producing an heir to the Permarten house with them.”

I want to be honest with her and tell her that I want to fuck the shit out of her.

I want to use her power to prevent anyone from touching Permarten and thrust my dick inside her until she’s so full of my cum that she’ll have no choice but to have a fat belly for the next ten months.

Asratrote is still a human, but she’ll soon become a succubus.

The curse will progress even if she’s outside of the Labyrinth, so it’s a done deal at this point.

But I can’t stand even the thought of another man beside her.


Louie could pull it off.

Between my theory and Louie’s dick, I’m sure I can handle even a succubus.

“What do you think? Will you join me?”

“I… I need time to think.”

Phew. That’s a relief.

She’s the type of person who’ll say no on the spot if she doesn’t like what she hears.

The fact that she’s asking for time means there’s a good chance she’ll join my knight order.

“Scion Louie, I need to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“You said you never had… sex. What does that mean?”

Is she just curious, or is this some sort of an interrogation?

“It’s as I said it. I haven’t had sex before.”


Her face turned grim out of nowhere.

“...Of course.”

“Of course??”

“Scion Louie Permarten, do you remember…”

She glared at me as if she was looking at a filthy criminal.

“how many times you’ve invoked Droit du seigneur*?”


“From what I’ve heard, it’s over ten times…”

Louie, you trash motherfucker!

Wait, that’s me.



*TL note: ‘Droit du seigneur’, lit. ‘Right of the lord’ was a supposed legal right in medieval Europe, allowing feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women, particularly on the wedding nights of the woman.


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Chapter 14

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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