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Chapter 4

The Scion of the Labyrinth City

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Chapter 4: I’ve Become a Shit Character From a Gacha Game (4)

PAO is a mobile gacha game.

But the world I’m in isn’t a game.

The evidence?

Status window!

Nothing comes up.

If this world was part of a game and I had stats or whatever, a screen should have popped up as soon as I said that.

Or there should have been a tutorial fairy. 

But that didn’t happen.

The people here speak their own language, which is automatically translated for me, and the characters have the same voice as their voice actors. 

If I were to label this language, I’d name it ‘Weebtin.’

Just as Latin was the standard language for most of Europe, weebs have their form of a universal language. 

Kokoro wo Moyase…!!*

…Obviously, their language here isn’t like anything from my world, but thankfully I can communicate fine. 

Many isekai’d people usually have a hard time learning the language. Thank god I don’t have to go through that. 

It’s a huge relief. 

To suddenly be unable to speak the language or remember anything?

(Something’s up with that bastard. Should we get rid of him and find another to take his place? Amnesia? It’s better to find another Permarten than leave it up to him. You found one? Kill him!)

If I tried to learn the language, Hernandez or Acamond would shank me in my sleep. 

And I’m thankful that’s not the case.


“Y-you want to marry…? Really?”

“Yes. If something happens to me, that’s the end for House Permarten. Not just this house, but everyone who depends on the labyrinth for their livelihood would suffer too.”

The labyrinth is the backbone of Permarten, from which most people make their living.

Actually, not just Permarten either.

The Infinite Labyrinth is the only reliable source in the world for magic stones and other monster items and all its resources are traded throughout the lands. 

It’s not a simple coincidence that the Permarten Earldom holds so much power that neither the Empire nor Kingdom can treat us lightly. 

“As a blood descendant of House Permarten, it is my duty to ensure the existence of the labyrinth.”

“But… I thought you wanted to remain as a Scion because you didn’t want to become the Earl!”

“I’ve had my fun.”

The old Louie is dead.

“Even though I won’t be able to claim the title right now, I intend to find a partner to make my wife in order to make that happen.”


Jennis looked like she had something to say, but chose to keep her guard up while cautiously weighing my words.

“Do I seem different?”

It’s better to tackle things head-on.

“I’m done messing around. Consider me a new man– the old me is dead.”

“...What are you trying to achieve?”

“The continuation of my bloodline.”

The extension of my fate.

“I’m satisfied with my current situation. Even if I accepted my birthright as the Earl, not much would change from my time as Scion. In my generation and the next.”

Permarten City.

Geographically, it’s located within the Kingdom, with only a single mountain separating it from the Empire. 

“The Empire is constantly looking for ways to subjugate Permarten, and despite being an Earldom under the Kingdom for generations, we’re now the central point of tension between the two nations.”

Should Permarten ever consort with the Empire…

There would be war.

And once the war ends, only a single Permarten would be allowed to live. 

“I just wish for Permarten’s continued existence. If anything, I want us to be independent from the Kingdom too.”


“I know what I’m saying is treason. If that were to happen, we’d be invaded by the Empire too. I’m not a fool to start a war on two fronts against such powers. It’s… just an expression of my wishes.”

That’s a lie.

The player uses the Labyrinth in the main story to create a new nation. 

“But there are many ways to become as powerful as the Kingdom. The Labyrinth is full of adventurers after all.”

How would this be possible, you ask?

The player has access to superhumans. 

“Adventurers are strong. They’re almost limitless in potential. You’re aware that adventurers from all over the continent come to our labyrinth to become stronger, right?”

The maxed-out 3-star characters are as strong as ‘sword masters’ in other fantasy titles, and once you limit-break them to become 5-star characters, they might as well be the strongest in the world. 

“Moreover, by utilizing the treasures and magic stones from the labyrinth, we can make any adventurer a lot stronger than they are. Just like the Empire used to do with its emperor.”

And if you manage to find the ‘legendary stone’, you’d have power akin to a god’s. 

“If those adventurers come to work for our household, it’d be possible. Even if we don’t call ourselves a new nation, we’d be able to enjoy all the benefits of one.”

If this world were a game, I, Louie, would have maxed out everything on my stat card, limit-break myself into a 5-star character, and consumed all the legendary stones to become a god. 

“Mother, don’t dwell on it too much. I intend to make Permarten as wealthy and powerful as the Kingdom without becoming part of it. I’m just trying to find more people to be on our side and…

This world isn’t a game.

“If I manage to find a woman who can become the strongest in this world, no, if I can find a woman who can produce a child that would become the strongest, the name Permarten will live on for a thousand more years.”


”Do you know any good women I could seed?”

If I marry a 5-star maxed-out character, I could live in power forever. 


Jennis hurriedly returned to her room.

She probably needed time to think after seeing an entirely different version of a person. 

I would too.

If a scumbag like Louie suddenly told me he wanted to “seed” a woman, I’d also feel disgusted. 

But I’m not Louie.

I have Louie’s dick, but I’m not the Louie who will die on a guillotine. 

I need a fresh look.

Louie wasted his life by meandering, drinking, and breaking things around him. 

To relinquish this garbage image, I’d have to be wary of my actions and find a way to appeal to others. 

A way to show people that I have changed.

How would I do this?

There’s only one thing that comes to mind. 

Tiing Tiiing

I rang the bell. 

It had some enchantment, allowing my servants to hear it through my soundproof walls. 

“Did you summon me?”


It just happened to be Amy. 

Today’s panties were black.

Will she wear a different color tomorrow?

Or will she wear the same ones?

“I’ll be going out to explore the city tomorrow morning.”


“I just want to have a look around. I’m thinking of something new, you see.”

If I see a 3-star character while I’m exploring, I’m taking her with me. 

Do I need gemstones?

I have the ability to open the deep Permarten vaults. 

No matter the price, I have the power to evolve my characters.

“Are you really going out that early? I’ll let the knights know then.”

“Hm, that’s good. Do that. Ah, also…”

There’s one thing I need to take care of before going out. 

“Who’s the best at haircuts among the maids?”

“Th-that would be me.”


“Yes. I could help–”

“Then, I’ll leave it to you.”


I grabbed scissors and started chopping off my hair.

I cut off more than 15 cm just like that but did not stop.

Snip, snip, snip.

With every cut, hair fell to the floor, and Amy stood there with her mouth agape. 


“Bring me some paper and a quill. I’ll show you how I want my hair done.”

My hair was messy and uneven, but all I could do was leave it to the professional. 

“Look at this. I want you to style my hair as close as you can to this.”

Even though this world takes place in a medieval fantasy world, I refuse to wear my hair like those kings and lords. 

“Make it look good.”


At that moment, many passed through the checkpoint at the gates of Permarten, hoping to make it into the inner walls for the night. 

“Hey, you over there. Halt!”

The guards stopped a person wearing a cloaked white robe.

“Remove your hood and show me some identification.”

“Is this okay?”

A resonant female voice responded.

She presented a wooden seal of the ‘Adventurers Guild.’

“An adventurer? Are you new?”


“Any companions?”

“I-I’m trying to recruit some here!”

She brightly replied as she took off her hood. 

“This is Permarten, right? The city of hopes and dreams!”

Her hair was golden like the radiant sun. 

And her eyes, the shade of honey, gleamed with hope as if the stars had descended upon them.


*TLN: Kokoro wo Moyase - “Set your heart ablaze” is THE Popular Rengoku line from Demon Slayer. 


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