Chapter 1

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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Chapter 1: I’ve Become a Shit Character From a Gacha Game (1)

“Such a dogshit RNG game.”

It’s over.
I failed to pull the limited edition character from the gacha that doesn’t have a pity system.

I invested three truckloads of crystals, and yet I still failed.

“Fucking. Shit.”

There’s nothing to be said.

It’s not only because I wasted all that money or pulled all those ‘adventurers’ that became extra gemstones.

It’s because I didn’t pull the limited edition character, the one players refer to as a ‘must-have.’

I’ve also maxed out all of my credit cards.

There’s no way for me to spend any more money on this game unless I start to overdraft from my account… But is it actually worth doing that for a game?

The rerun of this event will be in another year though.


I’m sure I’ll get it on the next pull.

If I don’t get the must-have character, I’ll be kicked out of my clan, which will make me lose my rank, and everything that I’ve spent on this game so far will be for nothing.

Should I just take out a loan?

I’m sure I’ll get it if I overdraft like a thousand bucks.

After spending all that money, I'm sure the character is right around the corner.

(I’ll give my everything to you, adventurer!)

“Yeah. What the hell can I do without the must-have character? I need it for clan wars, raids, and the Infinite Labyrinth exploration.”

Today is the last day of the gacha pickup week.
The must-have character's performance has been proven since the day it dropped, and like me, many of those who haven’t picked up the character have rage quit. 

“...It’s 0.1%. Shouldn’t I get at least 1 if I did a thousand pulls?”

I’ve already got a mountain of gemstones.

You know, the ones you get when you pull characters that you already own? The amount of gemstones I got from trying to get this character is enough to limit-break all the characters I already own, and then some.

“How much time do I…”

One hour.

There’s one hour left until the gacha event ends, and I’ll lose my place in the rankings if I don’t pull this must-have.

Rank 1?

I’m not looking to be among the top rankers, but my pride won’t allow my platinum badge to degrade into a gold badge.

I won’t allow my badge to become piss-stained.

“...I’ll scrape something together.”

Before taking out a loan, I’ll do whatever I can to get a few more pulls.

Where else can I dig up a few more crystals?

Character intimacy quests? Finished them all.

Main story rewards? Substory rewards? I steamrolled through them all before the 1000 pulls I just did.

3-star dungeon clears? Maybe I still have a couple left that I overlooked…

“Fuck, I really worked my ass off on this game.”

How the hell does someone actually 3-star clear every single stage in this game?

This rules out farming pulls by completing missions…



Is there something I can abuse from the achievements section to gain some more crystals?

Something I can do in an hour—

“Yes! There is one!”

(The Scion’s Lecherous Delusions.)

This makes me cringe.

The scion.

The son of the Labyrinth City’s lord where the game takes place. 

He’s a joke of a character with only a 1-star rating and is hated by the entire player community.

The developers obviously tried to fuck with the players who get him. 

Despite being a 1-star character, he has the effects of a 3-star when pulled. 

(The bastard…)

What I gathered from skipping through most of the story was, whilst being the antagonist of the main story, his family is led to ruin and he is eventually executed.

He’s nothing but a story device, a stereotypical ‘bad guy’ who exists to make the player character look better in comparison.

And this character has an unlockable achievement.

(”Clear it for me.” Use the scion and five 5-star female characters to clear the Infinite Labyrinth.)
Reward: 100 crystals.

It’s basically endgame content.

Normally, you’d need 6 fully maxed-out characters to clear the Infinite Labyrinth, so it’s near impossible to clear the mission with a newbie scion.

But it is possible with the must-have.

How ironic. I need the must-have to clear the achievement which I’m doing to get the must-have.

“...I’ll get it done somehow.”

I’ll do literally everything in my power.

It doesn’t feel good that my female adventurers are getting taken away from me to create this scion’s harem party, but that doesn’t matter right now.

“If I succeed… I get three pulls.”

It’s possible—definitely possible.

There have been others who cleared it, so I’m sure it’s possible without the must-have.

I could’ve bought a car with the money I spent on this game. 

Not getting the must-have isn’t an option. 


No more questions.

After a bunch of retries and using all of the skills and tactics at my disposal—

“I did it!!”


All my female characters—wiped out by the final boss. 

The scion barely managed to last-hit the boss with a bomb.

“If I get the must-have, I’ll max you out as well.”

100 gems received.

30 gems per pull.

I have 18 crystals left, and because I lack 2 crystals, I only get 3 pulls.



Character cards fly across my screen with flashing effects.

Since it was only a single pull, all but one were blown off the screen, and it was—

(I’ll be your sword, Boss.
<Alert> Converted to 10 gemstones.)

“Okay, I’m stacking good karma for the next pull.”

Two pulls left.

I tapped on the pull button with trembling fingers.

“Anytime now… Righ— HUH?!”

An iridescent card.

Sparks falling from the sky.

The 3 stars clearly displayed on the corner of the card!

This… This is the one—

(It is I, Cerberus!
<Alert> Converted to 50 gemstones.)

“Fucking whore…!!”

Why the fuck would you come out now?

Seriously, why now of all times?

“...Can’t be.”

Does this mean my next pull will be a 1-star?

No, right?

It can’t be… right…?

“...If I don’t get it, I’ll take out a fucking loan.”

This is a matter of pride.

I’ll eat cup noodles three times a day if that’s what it takes. I’m getting my must-have.

“Did I… get it?!”

The singular card gracefully flutters down from the sky.

For a moment, it’s as white as it can be.


At that moment, the card began bursting into all the colors you could imagine.

The stars that indicate its rarity were gleaming in the corner.

(Hahaha! I, the scion, will graciously accompany you in your travels!!
<Alert> Converted to 1 gemstone.)

It’s over.

I’m done.

While staring at the screen, I was left speechless.

I don’t know what the developers were thinking when they gave him a live 2D animation.


The must-have is now out of reach.

There are only three minutes left in the event.

If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve taken out a loan or something ahead of time.

I’ve already spent all the money I currently have and then some, so the only option now is to break into my savings account.


Bye-bye, my beautiful Gaudi!*

Your logo will forever glow platinum in the depths of Labyrinth City.

“Express transfer~ Express transfer… Huh?!”

[ ㅇㅇ Bank’s systems are currently undergoing maintenance.]


“...Is this really happening?”

The world is falling apart around me. 

The scion on my screen is beaming with a haughty smile as the clock strikes midnight.


What if I just leave the screen like this and pull again tomorrow with the daily reward crystals?

Or maybe the server lagged during the event and we get an extra day?
Who am I kidding?

As I press the face of the scion with my middle finger, I notice the lack of ‘pick up’ notices in the main lobby.



And until the next must-have drops—until the next gacha event—I’ll be the idiot who deals limp-dick damage with the piss-stained gold badge.

“...Fuck this shit.”

The 2-star character that I usually never even look at.

The 3-star traitor that came out instead of the must-have.

And the scion with his damned smile. I hate them all.

“Maybe I should just trade them all in for gemstones.”

I can probably refund everything I spent on this event by abusing the app store policy.

At the very least, I can probably gain back what I earned last month.

However, doing that will get me blacklisted from the game, and all the scraps of data I worked so hard for will be gone for good.


I can’t do anything besides cuss.

Maybe I should just trade everything but the scion for gemstones. At least then I can get the best post on the forums.

“Dogshit game.”

I’m never playing another gacha game.

“The bastards who took away the pity system are the worst.”

This is the dev’s fault.

This is the publisher’s fault.

This is the fault of the asshat producer who created the scion’s pull effects to look like a 3-star’s.

“No must-have? I’ll just get rid of everything~”

Trade in. Trade in. Trade in.

And if I’m getting the best post in the forums anyways…

“5-star scion~ Lesgoo!”

Maxed out level.

Maxed out stats.

And the 10 special, limited items I kept around to give to my favourite character, they’ll all be shoved down the scion’s throat.

“Heh, fuck this broken-ass, dogshit game.”

They say it’s hard to get to the top, but easy to fall off. 

This is exactly what it feels like.

At this point, I’d even dance on the way down.

“...I’ll request a refund tomorrow. Bitch-ass game.”

I threw my phone and collapsed on the bed.

It was getting late and I hoped that my rage-quit-inspired word vomit would become the best post on the forums.


And without my must-have, I closed my eyes.

“Wake up, Scion.”


I’m fucked.


*TLN: Gaudi probably refers to an Audi, the car the MC was saving up for.


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Chapter 1

The Scion of the Labyrinth City


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