The Kid is Obsessed With Me

(꼬맹이가 내게 집착한다)

Im Bona, the youngest daughter of the conglomerate Y Group, possesses looks, figure, and wealth. She's got the whole package. However, she has been pursuing her crush for 14 years. She has diligently maintained her figure by drinking strawberry milk every day due to a promise that they would get married when she grew up. And now, the time to put an end to the one-sided love has finally come. But this man... he still treats me like a child even after 14 years... "Are you going to keep treating me like a child?! Have you ever seen a child with C-cup breasts?! Bona's rated 19 obsession toward her first love Eunho, a model of diligence, sincerity, and thriftiness begins. "B-Bona... is this what you wanted to do with me...?!"

Release year2023
Total views233K
AuthorBaepero | Ssali
Total chapters25


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