Forcing the Woman I Despise Into Submission

경멸하는 여자를 굴복시키는 법

192K views 12 chapters

I was once a promising pitcher on the rise until I injured my shoulder because of a woman named 'Seo Ha-eun.' Since then, I lost my ability to play baseball and led a desolate existence, counting the days until my demise. Then, one fateful day, I crossed paths with 'Seo Ha-eun,' the woman who ruined my life, and a burning desire for revenge ignited within me. "I will make you submit to me, Seo Ha-eun!"

Additional info

This is a series produced by Toptoon

This is an adult series.

Author: Baek Seokju, Working Stiff & Haetppi

Release year: 2023

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